Scientology in Popular Culture: Influences and Struggles for Legitimacy

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Stephen A. Kent, Susan Raine
ABC-CLIO, 14 lug 2017 - 373 pagine

For more than 60 years, Scientology has claimed alternative religious status with a significant number of followers, despite its portrayals in popular culture domains as being bizarre. What are the reasons for the vital connections between Scientology and popular culture that help to maintain or challenge it as an influential belief system? This book is the first academic treatment of Scientology that examines the movement in a popular-culture context from the perspective of several Western countries. It documents how the attention paid to Scientology by high-profile celebrities and its mention in movies, television, and print as well as on the Internet results in millions of people being aware of the organization—to the religious organization's benefit and detriment.

The book leads with a background on Scientology and a discussion of science fiction concepts, pulps, and movies. The next section examines Scientology's ongoing relationship with the Hollywood elite, including the group's use of celebrities in its drug rehabilitation program, and explores movies and television shows that contain Scientology themes or comedic references. Readers will learn about how the Internet and the mainstream media of the United States as well as of Australia, Germany, and the UK have regarded Scientology. The final section investigates the music and art of Scientology.


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L Ron Hubbard Scientology and the Quest for Empire
L Ron Hubbards Fiction and the Birth of the Thetan
Knowledge Technology and Power in L R Hubbards Late Novels
4 Scientologys Recruitment Policies Targeting Celebrities
5 Celebrities Keeping Scientology Working
6 Scientologys Celebrity Apostates
7 Hollywood Bites
Interviews with Scientologists
9 Presentations of Scientology in Prominent North American News Series
The Struggles of Contemporary Perception Management
11 Remember the Whole Track? The Hidden Persuaders in Scientology Art
12 L Ron Hubbards Foray into the World of Music
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Stephen A. Kent, PhD, is professor of sociology at the University of Alberta, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on the sociology of religion and the sociology of sectarian groups.

Susan Raine is assistant professor in the Sociology Department at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Canada.

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