The Established Church of England: How Does it Work?

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Society for the Liberation of Religion from State-Patronage and Control, 1829 - 8 pagine
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Pagina 9 - A | Journal | of the ] Proceedings | in The Detection of the Conspiracy | Formed by | Some White People, in Conjunction with Negro and other Slaves, | For Burning the City of New- York...
Pagina 312 - London In Luster: projecting many bright Beams of Triumph : disposed into several Representations of Scenes and Pageants. Performed with great Splendor on Wednesday, October 29, 1679, at the Initiation and Instalment of the Right Honourable Sir Robert Clayton, Knight, Lord Mayor of the City of London. Dignified with divers delightful Varieties of Presenters, with Speeches, Songs, and Actions, properly and punctually described.
Pagina 140 - The Copie of a Letter Sent from the Roaring Boyes in Elizium ; To the two arrant Knights of the Grape, in Limbo, Alderman Abel and M. Kilvert, the two great Projectors for wine : And to the rest of the worshipfull Brotherhood of that Patent.
Pagina 159 - Triumphant Passage (from the Tower) through his Honourable Citie (and Chamber) of London, being the 15. of March, 1603.
Pagina 189 - Fodinae regales; or the history laws and places of the chief mines and mineral works in England and Wales.
Pagina 287 - The White Devil, or, the Tragedy of Paulo Giordano Ursini, Duke of Brachiano, with the Life and Death of Vittoria Corombona, the famous Venetian Curtizan.
Pagina 267 - The Decades of the newe worlde or west India, Conteynyng the nauigations and conquestes of the Spanyardes, with the particular description of the most ryche and large landes and Ilandes lately founde in the west Ocean perteynyng to the inheritaunce of the kinges of Spayne.
Pagina 225 - Anglicanae: or an essay towards deducing a regular succession of all the principal dignitaries in each cathedral, collegiate church or chapel (now in being) in those parts of Great Britain called England and Wales, from the first erection thereof, to this present year 1715.
Pagina 277 - Mercurius Rusticus, or the Countries Complaint of the barbarous Out-rages committed by the Sectaries of this late flourishing Kingdome.
Pagina 206 - The Magnificent Entertainment given to King James, Queen Anne, his wife, and Henry Frederick, the Prince, upon the day of his...

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