The Rivals: Tracy's Ambition, Volume 1

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J. & J. Harper, 1830

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Pagina 86 - I do not want to speak to you at all," the bishop | answered. This was very bad ; — almost anything would be better than this. He was sitting now over the fire, with his elbows on his knees, and his face buried in his hands. She...
Pagina 142 - Since every Jack became a gentleman, There's many a gentle person made a Jack. Q. Eliz. Come, come, we know your meaning, brother Gloster ; You envy my advancement, and my friends' ; God grant we never may have need of you ! Glo.
Pagina 72 - So he laves you to guess what a passion she is in, when he makes her lave an infinitive mood without any thing to govern it. You can't attribute it to ignorance, for it would be a dhroll thing in airnest, if Juno the queen of all the gods didn't know a common rule in syntax, so that you have nothing for it but to say that she must be the very moral of a jury. Such, boys, is the art o' poets, an' the janius o
Pagina 72 - Dido was askin' ^Eneas concernin' where he come from, an' where he was born ? He makes answer : " ' Est locus Hesperiam Graii cognomine dicunt Terra antiqua, potens armis atque ubere glebse Hue cursus fuit:' An' there the line stops short, as much as to say, just as I cut this line short in spakin' to you just so our coorse was cut, in going" to Italy. The same way, when Juno is vexed in talkin...
Pagina 69 - This was Mr. Lenigan's classical assistant; for to himself the volumes of ancient literature were a fountain sealed. Five or six stout young men, all of whom were intended for learned professions, were the only portion of Mr. Lenigan's scholars that aspired to those lofty sources of information.
Pagina 137 - I long not to leave it, for that were a shame and crime. They bear to the churchyard the youth in their health away, I know where a fruit hangs more ripe for the grave than they ; But I wish not for death, for my spirit is all resigned, And the hope that stays with me gives peace to my aged mind. My darling, my darling, God gave to my feeble age, A prop for my faint heart, a stay in my pilgrimage ; My darling, my darling, God takes back his gift again — And my heart may be broken, but ne'er shall...
Pagina 74 - For the present however the delinquents are saved by the entrance of a fresh character upon the scene. " The new-comer was a handsome young woman who carried a pet child in her arms and held another by the hand. The sensation of pleasure which ran among the young culprits at her appearance showed her to be their 'great Captain's Captain,' the beloved and loving helpmate of Mr.
Pagina 101 - nointed myself with infant's fat, The fiends have been my slaves, From sleeping babes I have suck'd the breath, And breaking by charms the sleep of death, I have call'd the dead from their graves. ' And the Devil will fetch me now in fire, My witchcrafts to atone; And I who have troubled the dead man's grave Shall never have rest in my own.
Pagina 72 - Mutandae sedes. Non haec tibi litora suasit Delius aut Cretae jussit considere Apollo. Est locus, Hesperiam Graii cognomine dicunt, Terra antiqua, potens armis atque ubere glaebae ; Oenotri coluere viri ; nunc fama minores 165 Italiam dixisse ducis de nomine gentem : Hae nobis propriae sedes ; hiñe Dardanus ortus, lasiusque pater, genus a quo principe nostrum.
Pagina 69 - ... poet, who, could he have looked into this Irish academy, from that part of the infernal regions in which he had been placed by his pupil Dante, might have been tempted to exclaim, in the pathetic words of his own hero : " ' Sunt hie etiam sna praemia laudi, Snnt lachryma rerum et muntem mortal!

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