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An Explanation of Words in less frequent use, which occur in this Volume, designed for the assistance of the unlearned Reader. Accents; sounds, words. Phantom; a spectre, or Alloy; baser mixture, vision. abatement.

Philanthropist; a friend of Arduous; difficult.

mankind. Asylum ; refuge.

Portals; gates. Auspicious ; favourable, Preiude: introduction.

giving hopes of success. Prescribed ; ordered. Celestial; heavenly. Radiant; shining. Elate ; lofty.

Ramparts; works, or walls Energy; power.

to defend a place. Fell ; fierce, cruel.

Refulgent; bright. Fiend; evil spirit

Reptiles; creeping things. Furbished; polished. Retribution ; repayment, Herald; messenger, fore. reward.

Revolters; deserters, aposHostile; warlike, belong

taies. ing to an enemy.

Sable; dark. Impotent; weak.

Salubrious; healthful. Impregnable; which can. Scan; to examine carean not be taken.

fully. Incarnate; in the fiesh Sorceress; an enchantress. Infernal; hellish.

Sympathy ; fellow feeling. Insidious; treacherous. System; scheme. Marshal; to arrange, di- Teem ; to produce, to tect.

abound. Meed; reward.

Trophies; proofs, or mongMyriads; great numbers. ments of victory. Palm ; a branch, the to- Unexplored; not searched ken of victory.

out, or known. Pander ; a tool, or provi- Verdant ; green. der.

Vernal ; of the spring Paternal ; fatherly.

Vested ; laid up. Patrimony; an inheritance Viands ; food, from a father,


J. Raw, Printer, Ipswicka


Errors of the Press. II. stands for Hymn, V. for Verse, L. for Line, 1, for ead.

H. V. L. 68--4-2, for views read view, 73–6–4, for (.) r. (?) 75%-4, for (:) r. (1) 142-14%, erase 156-1-1, r, abroad. 17054, for (-) r. (.) 188-4-3, for (.).r. (,) 287, Title, r. indispensable, 288-1--4, for r. (.) 296--2--1, r. ceaseless. 304---5---2, add (:) 303--3---1, r. commands. 309.--4--1, r. forget. 331---2---1, r. heart 320-4--1, r. foes, 387---1---2, r. in for on. 391, Text, in line 16t r. thy ; in line 2nd to the.

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