The Craftsman Extraordinary: Being Remarks on a Late Pamphlet, Intitled, Observations on the Conduct of Great Britain, &c. Published by Caleb D'Anvers, Esq

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Pagina 27 - I'm not so much his friend ; Himself should publish that (the world agree) Before his works, or in the pillory. Let him be black, fair, tall, short, thin, or fat, Dirty or clean, I find no theme in that.
Pagina 27 - If satire charms, strike faults, but spare the man : 'Tis dull to be as witty as you can. Satire recoils whenever charg'd too high ; Round your own fame the fatal splinters fly. As the soft plume gives swiftness to the dart, Good breeding sends the satire to the heart.
Pagina 31 - Letters admit not of a half-renown ; They give you nothing, or they give a crown. No work e'er gain'd true fame, or ever can, But what did honour to the name of man.
Pagina 22 - The purple prelate, or the parish clerk ; The quiet quidnunc, or demanding prig ; The plaintiff tory, or defendant whig ; Rich, poor, male, female, young, old, gay, or...
Pagina 26 - Do boldly what you do, and let your page Smile, if it smiles ; and if it rages, rage. So faintly Lucius censures and commends, That Lucius has no foes, except his friends.
Pagina 28 - Tis printing what was publish'd long before, If nought peculiar through your labours run, They're duplicates, and twenty are but one. Think frequently, think close, read nature, turn Men's manners o'er, and half your volumes burn ; 'To...
Pagina 11 - Heaven stands absolv'd by vengeance on their pen, And marks the murderers of fame from men : Through meagre jaws they draw their venal breath, As ghastly as their brothers in Macbeth Their feet...
Pagina 7 - King James gave way for the Duke to entice others to his will. Two examples I will recite. First, the King entertained Sir John Crofts and his daughter, a beautiful lass, at Newmarket, to sit at the table with the King. This he did then to procure Buckingham the easier to vitiate her. Secondly, Mrs. Dorothy Gawdy, being a rare creature, King James carried Buckingham to Culford to have his will on that beauty : but Sir Nicholas Bacon's sons conveyed her out of a window into a private chamber, over...
Pagina 9 - What Knot can bind him, his Evafion fuch ? One Knot he well deferves, which might do much. • The Flood, Flame, Swine, the Lyon, and the Snake, Thofe fivefold Monfters, modern Authors make.

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