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Johnson Corporation (JOCO) Ltd.
Little Lane
Ilkey, West Yorkshire LS29 8HY
Tel: 09.43 607550, TELEX: 517103
Employees 1-50

Kempster-Holt Ltd.

Unit 1

Astra Centre

Royle Barn Road
Rochdale, Lancashire OLll 3DT
Tel: O706 345599, TELEX: 635558

T. Lund & Son Ltd.

P. O. Box 4
Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16 4JW
Tel: 0274 562301, TELEX: 51519 Walund G.
Employees 70 -

H. E. Messmer Ltd.
144C Offord Road
Islington, London N1 lNS

Miller & Company Ltd.
London Road

Edinburgh EH7 5SX
Tel: 031 661 1371, TELEX: 72315
Employees 100

M. A. I. S. Ltd.
Corder Worthing and New Road
Horsham, Sussex RH13 7AT
Tel : O4 O3 73 O 79.2
Employees 10

Paper Converting Machine Company Ltd.
Southway Drive -
Plymouth, Devon PL6 6EL
Tel: 0752 775881, TELEX: 45274
Employees 400

Parsons-Skillforce. Engineering
Centurion Works

Eton Hill Road
Radcliffe, Manchester M26 9XT

Tel: 061 724 6634, TELEX: 668757
Employees 50


Parsons & Whittemore Lyddon Limited
20-26 Wellesley Road
Croydon CR9 2BT
Tel: 01-686 3399, TELEX: 22491
Employees 75
Note: See Black Clawson

Performance Plactics Ltd.
Todmorden Road
Bacup, Lancashire OL13 9EF
Tel: 0706 8741.71, TELEX: 63461
Employees 90

Peter Brotherhood Ltd.
Manufacturing Special Purpose Machinery Division
Lincoln Road

Peterborough, Cambs
Tel: 0733 7 1321, TELEX: 32154 BRHOOD G.
Employees 420
Note: Subsidiary of Thermo-Electron, Inc.

Phoenix Ironworks Co., Ltd.
Littleborough, Lancs.
Tel : 0.706 78102
Employees 25

Reiss Engineering Co., Ltd.
Dalston Gardens
Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 18.Q
Tel: Ol 204 7.155, TELEX: 935400
Employees 180

Sherman Treaters Ltd.

Dormer Road

Thame Industrial Estate
Thame, Oxon OX9 3UW
Tel: 08.4421 3686, TELEX: 83263 SHERMN G.
Employees 52

Sinclair Products Division
Bielomatik London Ltd.
Cotswold Street
West Norwood, London SE27 ODS
Tel: 01-761 1211, TELEX: 24.995
Employees 2

Spooner Industries Ltd.
Industrial Process Division
Moorland Engineering Works
Ilkey, West Yorkshire LS29 8JB
TEL: O943 609505, TELEX: 51273
Employees 350


Stordy Combustion Engineering Ltd.
Heath Mill Road
Wombourne, Wolverhampton WV5 9 BD
Tel: 09.02 897654, TELEX 33.8538
Employees 90 -

Strachan Henshaw Machinery
Speedwell, Bristol BS5 7UZ
Tel: 0272 517272, TELEX 44300
Employees 1500

Vickerys Ltd.

53 Norman Road

Greenwich, London SE10 90J
Tel: 01-858 5111, TELEX: 25330, FAX: 013 051775
Employees 133

E. D. Warburton & Co., Ltd.
Barnbrook, Bury, Lancs
Tel: 061-764 7445, Telex: 668747
Employees 100

Whitefield Reiss Fabrications Ltd.
32 Kirklees Street

Near Bury, Lancashire BL8 3NJ
Tel: 0204 88 2159, TELEX: 668747
Employees 36

Winterburn Ltd.
P. O. Box 6, Riverside Works
Woodhill Road
Bury, Lancs. BL8 1DF
Tel: 061 764 9111, TELEX: 668727
Employees 27


Appendix B

Given below are definitions of industry related terms used in the
text of this report.

Barker - A machine which removes the bark from pulpwood prior to
chipping or screening. Barkers include hydraulic, disk, and drum

Black Liquor - The intensely Black liquid residue from the pulp
washing process. The substance derives its name from its color and
is noncaustic but highly alkaline.

Broke Box - A box used for storage of broke, paper lost in the
papermaking process. Broke is normally recycled back into the
papermaking process, where it is used as pulp furnish.

Calender - A stack of horizontal chilled-iron rolls, resting
vertically on each other at a point near the end of the paper
machine. Paper is normally passed through the calender to improve
its smoothness or gloss. (See also supercalender.)

Chipper - A machine containing revolving disks with knives which is
used to cut pulpwood into chips of a size suitable for pulping.

Coater - A machine used to apply a mineral substance to paper which
is to be coated.

Couch – The point at which the newly formed paper web is couched, or
picked off the wire on which it is first formed and transferred to
the wet press felt for further dewatering.

Cylinder Machine - One of the two principal types of papermaking
machine (see fourdrinier) now primarily used to make paperboard.
These machines contain one or more wire-covered cylinders, or molds,
on which the paper web is formed. The cylinders May be immersed in
vats or receive the pulp from a headbox. The press section and dry
end of the machine are very similar to other paper machines.

Dandy Roll - A roll used to mark the sheet with a design imprinted
on the surface of the roll.

Digester – A cylindrical or spherical vessel used to treat pulp with
chemicals while under temperature and pressure. This process is
commonly described as "cooking" the pulp. Digesters May be of
either the batch type or continuous type.

Doctor Blade - A thin wood or metal scraper placed along the length
of a roll or cylinder to keep it free of pulp and paper residue.


Dry End - The section of the paper machine forward of the dryer
section, including the calender, and including the attached
equipment, not part of the fourdrinier, such as the reel and winder.

Dryer (also drier) - A series of steam-heated, gear-driven metal
cylinders, varying in number, and of 30 to 60 inch diameter each,
which are arranged in tiers. The wet paper sheet or paperboard are
dried as they pass over or under these cylinders. The section of
the paper machine containing the dryers is known as the dryer

Fourdrinier Machine - The principal type of machine on which paper
is made. It is named for its sponsors, the brothers Harry and Sealy
Fourdrinier. The fourdrinier contains four major sections, the wet
end, the press section, the dryer section, and the calender. A
detailed description of the fourdrinier machine appears in the text.

Fourdrinier Wire - The endless wire belt on which the paper web is

Grinder - A rotating, grooved grindstone (sometimes called a
pulpstone) against which logs are pressed and reduced to pulp. The
grinder is used to make mechanical pulp or groundwood.

Headbox - A flow control chamber which receives the paper stock from
the stock preparation system and by use of baffles and other flow
control devices assures an even flow of the pulp mixture through a
slice onto the fourdrinier wire.

Jordan - The traditional type of pulp refiner, consisting of a
conical plug rotating in a conical shell.

Knotter - A screen, usually incorporated in fine paper Mills, which
follows the chipper and removes oversize or irregular chips, knots,
and shives prior to cooking in the digester.

Kraft Pulp (also sulfate pulp) - derived from a German word meaning
strong, kraft pulp is produced by a process in which the cooking
agent is a mixture of sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide.

Machine Clothing - The fourdrinier wire and felts of a paper
machine. Strapping and other parts May also be included.

Mechanical Pulp - Any woodpulp manufactured in whole or in part by a
mechanical process, including groundwood pulp, chip mechanical pulp,
thermomechanical pulp (TMP), chemithermomechanical pulp (CTMP), and
bleached chemimechanical pulp (BCTMP). (see grinder.)

Nip - The line or point of contact between two rolls such as the
press rolls and the calender rolls.

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