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Ticknor and Fields, 1854 - 189 pagine

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Pagina 48 - Cumae's cavern close, The cheeks with fast and sorrow thin, The rigid front, almost morose, But for the patient hope within, Declare a life whose course hath been Unsullied still, though still severe ; Which, through the wavering days of sin, Kept itself icy-chaste and clear. Not wholly such his haggard look When wandering once, forlorn, he strayed...
Pagina 128 - I may have but a minute to speak to you. My dear, be a good man — be virtuous — be religious — be a good man. Nothing else will give you any comfort when you come to lie here.
Pagina 47 - ON A BUST OF DANTE. SEE, from this counterfeit of him Whom Arno shall remember long, How stern of lineament, how grim, The father was of Tuscan song. There but the burning sense of wrong, Perpetual care and scorn, abide ; Small friendship for the lordly throng ; Distrust of all the world beside. Faithful if this wan image be, No dream his life was — but a fight ; Could any Beatrice see A lover in that anchorite...
Pagina 123 - Oh quante volte, al tacito Morir d'un giorno inerte, Chinati i rai fulminei, Le braccia al sen conserte, Stette, e dei dì che furono L'assalse il sovvenir! E ripensò le mobili Tende, ei percossi valli, E il lampo de' manipoli, E l'onda dei cavalli, E il concitato imperio, E il celere ubbidir.
Pagina 49 - O, Time ! whose verdicts mock our own, The only righteous judge art thou ; That poor, old exile, sad and lone, Is Latium's other VIRGIL now : Before his name the nations bow ; His words are parcel of mankind, Deep in whose hearts, as on his brow, The marks have sunk of DANTE'S mind.
Pagina 123 - Come sul capo al naufrago l'onda s'avvolve e pesa, l'onda su cui del misero, alta pur dianzi e tesa, scorrea la vista a scernere prode remote invan; tal su quell'alma il cumulo delle memorie scese!
Pagina 179 - But for one in my condition This good saint was no physician. Next, in pleasant Normandie, I made a prayer to Saint Denis, In the great cathedral, where All the ancient kings repose ; But, how I was swindled there At tie
Pagina 128 - Sir Walter breathed his last, in the presence of all his children. It was a beautiful day, so warm that every window was wide open, and so perfectly still, that the sound of all others most delicious to his ear, the gentle ripple of the Tweed over its pebbles, was distinctly audible as they knelt round the bed, and his eldest son kissed and closed his eyes.
Pagina 78 - ... o'er the sunny farms had crept, Near the walls the ducal herdsman by the dusty roadside slept ; While his camels, resting round him, half alarmed the sullen ox, Seeing those Arabian monsters pasturing with Etruria's flocks. Then it was, like one who wandered, lately, singing by the Rhine, Strains perchance to maiden's hearing sweeter than this verse of mine, That we bade Imagination lift us on her wing divine, And the days of Pisa's greatness rose from the sepulchral past, When a thousand conquering...
Pagina 125 - Ahi! forse a tanto strazio Cadde lo spirto anelo, E disperò; ma valida Venne una man dal cielo E in più spirabil aere Pietosa il trasportò; E...

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