An account of the manners and customs of Italy: with observations on the mistakes of some travellers, with regard to that country, Volume 1

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Pagina 3 - Thus falfhood is palmed for truth upon the credulous, and thus are men confirmed in a narrow way of thinking, and in thofe local prejudices, of which it ought to be the great end of travelling, and books of travels, to cure them.
Pagina 60 - ... and communions generally once a month ; beating their breafts in the fervour of their devout ejaculations ; never breaking lent Or meagre days, if they are well ; and if they are ill, never without afking firft leave for fo doing of their ecclefiaftical fuperiors. Their religion is carried to fuperftition undoubtedly <; but ftjll they are religious.
Pagina vii - I pafs it upon my reader for a complete and fatisfaflory account of that celebrated country, taken in any one of thofe many points of view, under which it may be confidered. I hope no body will fo much miftake the nature of my defign. I had long obferved, with fome indignation, that...
Pagina 61 - ... will fuddenly kindle a good number of them, and make them fall upon one another with their knives. I fay from an equal...
Pagina 64 - Sharp may affirm of the unparalleled indolence and fluggilhnefs of the common people in Italy, a point which he knows in his confcience he never was at the trouble of examining, I may affirm, on the contrary, that it is not...
Pagina 55 - ... who has a tolerable appearance, and .pull off their hats, in the country, whenever a gentleman goes by. Treat them with kindnefs, and call them often by their chriftian names, and you may depend upon their moft fincere attachment.
Pagina 57 - ... conftantly kept in the eyes of the public, you may be fure that the women put always on their modefteft looks ; nor would any married woman be found there, if her hufband were not of the party. This is general. But it is fo hard to fay any thing univerfal of Italy, that I muft fay t 57 en pqffhnt, that dancing on holidays is not permitted, or not common, in the Pope's dominions.
Pagina 56 - ... muft think of having their young maids or footmen at home before night, as they will abfolutely go where there is a dance, generally in fome field or other open place adjacent to their towns or villages ; and there keep their legs in motion in the merrieft manner till funfet. The men, on fuch occafions, pay the fiddles, giving fome money to them before they begin their minuets, furlana's, ciaccona's, OF corrente's.
Pagina 102 - A spirit of gallantry, derived from the ages of chivalry, much heightened and refined by the revival of the Platonic philosophy in Italy about the thirteenth century, and still much cultivated in our universities, and in our numerous poetical academies, has been so long incorporated in our manners, that ahnost every polite individual, in the Southern parts of Italy especially, is actuated by it in some degree.
Pagina 64 - ... and weavers. See them work in the field, or any other place, they will redouble their diligence if they perceive that you mind what they are doing. There is a fpirit of glory, or, if you...

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