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that your intentions have been pure, and your hearts upright before the Lord. In this view I congratulate you on the good confession which you have this day made before many witnesses. You have given your hearts to him who redeemed you from the wrath to come: and I have authority to assure you, that

you will never have cause to repent.

. Henceforth you belong to the family of Jesus. . Your Lord now says to you, “ I call you not servants, “ but friends." The blessings which he bequeaths to his friends who have sat with him at his tabte, are summed up in those precious and expressiye words which he spoke to his disciples at the first institution of the Sacrament,-“ Peace I leave with you, my

peace I give unto you; riot as the world giveth;

give I unto you. I will see you again, and your “ hearts shall rejoice, and your joy no man tak“eth from you-ask, and ye shall receive, that your " joy may be full.” These are the words of life; and have in them a power to give comfort to the mind in life and death, in time, and through eternity.

Yet, my brethren, draw nigh, and give ear to me. It is only to those who have prepared themselves according to the preparation of the sanctuary, who have washed their hands in innocence before they approached to the altar of the Most High, that these blessings are promised. It is to be feared, that with many persons on such occasions as this, and perhaps at this very time, the performance of the solemn duty has been rather a matter of form, than of true devotion. To such I must say, The bread is not the bread of life, nor the cup the cup of blessing. Their hearts may have burned for a time within them ; but this fame will soon be extinguished. Were I endowed with the power of looking into futurity, and of beholding the after lives of this assembly, what might I företel? But without pretending to such a power, I may predict, from the experience of ages past, that not a few will break their sacramental vows, and profane that holy name by which they are called': that by


secret sins, and open wickedness, they will crucify the Son of God afresh, and put him to open shame : that he will be wounded in the house of his friends: that perhaps before the sun shall have ended his course, in the heavens, ---that perhaps before the cock shall have crowed twice, the best resolutions will be forgotten ; that one man shall prefer the gains of iniquity, another the cup of drunkenness, and all their darling sins to the tender mercies of the God of Peace, and the dying love of a crucified Redeemer! - O Jerusalem, Jerusalem,” (it may be said still); " thou who stonedst the prophets, and killest theiú “ who are sent unto thee, how often would the bless“ ed Jesus gather thee under his wings, as a hen ga“ thereth her brood, and ye will not ?"

But, my friends, we hope better things of you, though we thus speak. Many, it is to be hoped, (and fain would I say, all,) who have sat with Jesus this day, will sit again with him in his father's kingdom. And for your encouragement,--He will be al. ways with you. Over the future there hangs a dark cloud, which the eye of Providence only can pierce. In the world you shall have tribulation. But let not your souls be troubled : You believe in God, believe also in Christ.

When you go through the will be with you. Ainidst all the changes of this fleeting and turbulent scene, you will have one friend and him mighty to save, who will never fail you : You will have a city which cannot be shaken, a kingdom which cannot be moved, and a crown that fadeth


not away.

• For you the joys which accompany religion are preparing. Light is sown for the righteous and gladness for the upright in heart. Walk then as becoineth the children of the resurrection, and the heirs of glory. Keep yourselves unspotted from the world, and let your conversation be in heaven, from whence you look for the Saviour. And when your hearts fail, you have an Advocate with the Father, even Jesus Christ



the righteous, the propitiation for your souls. Let us pray:

PRAYER. “We come now, O God, from the table of thy Son, with grateful and with joyful hearts, to prostrate ourselves before thy throne. Blessed, for ever blessed be the Lord ! that our eyes have seen this day of the Son of man : We will for ever remember it as one of the days of the right hand of the Most High. We have seen the King in his beauty : We have seen the Messiah's reign, which, of old, thou didst keep hid from prophets, and from princes, and from righteous

Thou hast made all thy goodness to pass before us : Thou hast opened the fountain of life and hast poured the treasures of heaven upon earth. Thou hast this day put into our hands the dearest pledges of thy love: Thou hast permitted us to sit down with Jesus, and partake of that feast through which we hope for eternal life.

“ Blessed Jesus ! in obedience to thy commandments, and in commemoration of thy dying love, we have this day joined ourselves unto thee in an everJasting covenant, and vowed, that whether living or dying, in time or through eternity, we will serve thee, be thine, and thine only. In obedience to thy commandments, we have joined ourselves to the Church militant upon earth, and rest in hope of joining the general assembly and church of the first born in heaven,' when we shall be admitted to the presence of God, the merciful Judge of all; to Jesus, the mediator of the New Covenant; to an innumerable company of angels, and spirits of just men made perfect ; to all the host of heaven, who are now sitting on thrones, and singing hosannas to the Highest. With them we join in ascribing praise and blessing to him that sitteth upon the throne, and to the Lainb for ever and

Our souls do magnify the Lord : Our spirits rejoice in God our Saviour.

Pardon, O God, what thy pure eyes may have

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seen amiss in any part of this day's service. Forgive the preparation which has not been the preparation of the sanctuary. Forbid tliat the bread of life should become the means of death. May what our eyes have seen, our ears have heard, and our hands have handled, keep their hold of our hearts : May we feel the transforming power of that death which we have comme: morated, and walk among men as the redeemed of the Lord: May we carry into life the spirit of this day. O grant us aid from above, and the communications of thy grace; to keep alive upon our minds a sense of thy amazing love, to second the good impressions that have been made upon us, and to assist us in performing the solemn vows we have this day made unto the Lord. Let us not think, when the Sacrament is over; that the work is ended. Having begun our journey, let us not wander in the wilderness, and lose sight of the heavenly Canaan. Como fort our hearts under the hardships of our pilgrimage: Cheer our minds in the waste and howling desert :. Bear us up under the swellings of Jordan, and bring us in safety to the promised land. May the Gospel become effectually unto us the glad tidings of great joy, by conveying to us the pardon of all our sins, and peace with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

“ For these purposes, send thy Holy Spirit to abide with us for ever. Sanctify is to thy service; subdue the power of sin in our hearts ; save us in the hour of temptation, and preserve us to thy heavenly kingdom. Let not the suggestions of a carnal mind, nor the solicitations of sensual pleasure, nor the allurements of a corrupted world, seduce us from the path that conducts to glory and immortality. In prosperity may we reflect, that too often a serpent Turks among the flowers : In adversity may we be enabled to see thy mercy shining through the cloud; and be convinced that we are in the hands of infinite Wisdom, who knows what is best for us, and will make all things work for our good. May we fill our stations with integrity; with usefulness, and with

honour, holding fast the testimony of a good conscience.

“ We would humbly offer up our prayers in behalf of these our native lands. Preserve the liberties of the British constitution inviolate to the latest posterity. Othou who art King of kings, and Lord of ords we commend to thy protection, thy servant his Majesty King George. Endow him from on high, with all princely virtues; place wise counsellors around bis throne, men actuated with the fear of God, and with an ardent zeal for the good, the liberty, and the glory of the people. Bless our gracious Queen Charlotte, his Royal Highness George Prince of Wales, and all the other branches of the Royal Family. Bless all in high rank and authority. May they adorn the stations they possess, and by their influence and example, form the manners of the people to virtue. Bless thy servants the ministers of the everlasting Gospel. May they be endued with the Spirit of their Master, and preach the good Word, not from vanity and ostentation, nor to gain the praises of men, but from a regard to the welfare of souls, from the love of truth, of godliness, and of Thee.

“ We humbly offer up our prayers in behalf of this congregation. Let the light of thy countenance be lifted up upon them; and bless all ranks, high and low, rich and poor.

Guide and direct them by thy counsel, while here below; and at last receive them unto thyself, that where thou art, there they may be also, enjoying blessedness at thy right hand for ever

- Grant us all, we beseech Thee, that we may partake of the Spirit of our holy calling, and exercise the virtues of our heavenly state.

Raise our affections from earth to heaven, and may we become followers of those who, by their'taith and patience, are now in- . heriting the promises. Let not an inordinate affection to earthly objects, withdraw our eyes from heavenly things, or dissolve our connection with the joys above ; but may we live on earth as the citizens of heaven ; may we pass through things temporal, so


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