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Beware! . . . . . . . . Beware!

Hark to the beat! The trampling beat!
Of the satyrs' feet! Galloping feet!
Hark to the sound ! The maddening sound !
They stamp the ground ! They gash the ground!
The long grass tickles their legs, their heels!
They come in clattering swoops and reels!

Beware! . . . . . . . . Beware!

Beware their hoofs! Their pounding hoofs!
Like hail on roofs! On rickety roofs!
They scatter the flowers! The fields of flowers!
In petalling showers! Yellow-red showers!
With crashing hammer and thud and pound
The satyrs leap in a whirling bound!

Beware! . . . . . . . . Beware! Their hoofs will shatter your garden walk! Their pound will smother your cautious talk!

They'll batter your red-geranium pot!
They'll gut your cabbage and onion plot!

Hark from the hill!—the forest hill!
Where trees are still! . . . . . .
Hark to the beat! . . . . . . ]
The laughter beat! The echoing beat
Of hammering feet! In the after heat
Of a clattering run, through miles of sun!

Beware! . . . . . . . . Beware!


White bellied swallows

Skim cañon hollows—
And sheering,

Wild criss-crossing arrows!

Your to-days curve in sweet dips;
On the tilt of your wing-tips
Sun after sun follows!
What of the blue to-morrows? - -
Winifred Waldron ]

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* Gold IN THE DESERT * ~

To the Mountain Sisnajinni

Ho, yo, ho!
Thou holy White Shell!
The Deathless One—
He sendeth the sun's first glow,
The sun's first glow upon Thee,
His holy morning glow.
Dawn-maiden's mountain,
To thee will I go;
Morning-cloud mountain,
To thee will I go;
Holy-browed mountain,
To thee will I go.
Blessings there glow upon me—
Thither I go,
Thither, O soul,
O-ho, yo, yo!


In the Land of the Dacotahs
The voice of a youth crying,
As it were a thin blue smoke
Great Mystery,
... Do thou partake of this food
And still be gracious;

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Make it unto me sinew of flesh,
Sinew of arm and the strong heart!
Thou who paintest the mountains black—
Behold, they stand as flint;
Thou who singest to the four winds—
And lo, they dancing, sing:
Partake of this food and be thou gracious!
O great sheet of blue sky,
See me standing here,
Hear me crying here!
I have heard the voice of my fathers,
I have recited the deeds of my fathers,
I have done the commands of my fathers—
Be thou gracious,
Unto me give the heart of my fathers!
My limbs—they are the deer's—
I have not smoked the fragrant plant;
My limbs—they are the brown deer's—
I have not eaten the broth of weakness;
My limbs—they are the fleet brown deer's—
I have not sung the love song.
O thou holy and great Mystery,
Be thou gracious!— -
Give unto me the heart of flint—
I have spoken with the straight tongue;
Give unto me the heart of deer—
I have spoken with my timber brothers;
Give unto me the heart of flowers—

I have spoken with the sprig of sage.
Thou who hidest the nest of the moon,
Give unto me the heart of eagle:
That my people may find me filled
In my days of fasting; \
That my enemy find me valiant
In my-days of combat;
That thou find me reverent
Before the east wind,
Before the south wind,
Before thee, O sheet of blue sky.
Behold, I stand,
My face uplifted,
My hands up-raised,
My soul in nakedness before thee!

As it were a smoke ascending.


Pine tree, pine hearts, sigh ye;
Pine boughs, bend low, sigh ye, *
Pine tongues sigh ye with me.
Night-long, I have but one dream—

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