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Mr. John Gould Fletcher, author of Irradiations and Goblins and Pagodas (Houghton Mifflin Co.), is well known to our readers. A native of Arkansas and a cosmopolite by travel and training, he is living at present in England. Mr. Ford Madox Hueffer, who is now in the British army, is the author of numerous novels and other works in prose, and of Collected Poems (Max Goschen), Antwerp (Poetry Bookshop) and the beautiful poem On Heaven, which has never been reprinted from PoETRY of June, 1914. (We still have copies of this number, which may be ordered at the original price.) Violet Hunt, who is Mrs. Hueffer, has also appeared in PoETRY. Mr. Clement Wood, of New York, is the author of Glad of Earth (Lawrence Gomme). f Sara Teasdale (Mrs. Ernst Filsinger), now resident in New York, is the author of a number of books of verse, among them Rivers to the Sea and the recently published Love Songs (Macmillan Co.). Marjorie Allen Seiffert (Mrs. Otto S.), \of Moline, Ill., has not yet published a volume. Ditto Mr. Richard Hunt, of Boston. Both have contributed verse to PoETRY and other magazines. Two poets are new to our readers: Miss Rose Henderson, a native of Iowa, divides her time between New York and Silver City, N. M., writing for a number of magazines and newspapers. Miss Isabel McKinney is a member of the faculty of the Eastern Illinois State Normal School, at Charleston, Ill. The poems by the editor were written a year ago during a sojourn at Tryon, N. C., where the spring came in with more abundant color and a greater variety of foliage and flowers than had ever before entered into her experience.

We are disposing of our surplus stock of back numbers of PoETRY. Of certain numbers we have quite a large excess, of others none beyond our reserve. We are sending sets of such numbers as we can spare—nearly forty in all—to the various soldiers' and sailors' camps, encouraged by a number of letters from young men in the army here and abroad expressing their need and love of modern poetry and of the magazine.

We have a few such sets left which we are willing to give away—so long as they last—to any poet in our “accepted” list, or any library or club group, who will send us one dollar to pay for expressage and packing. We are now prepared to sell any back number of PoETRY at the regular price, except the following: Nov., 1912: a few copies left at fifty cents each. Dec., 1915, Jan., 1916, Jan., 1917, and Nov., 1917, are now twentyfive cents each, but will soon be fifty.


ORIGINAL VERSE: The Unseen House and Other Poems, by Sylvester Baxter. Four Seas Co. Hill-Tracks, by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson. Macmillan Co. Poems, by Edward Thomas (Edward Eastaway). Henry Holt & Co. Heart Songs, by Henry Weston Frost. Gorham Press. China Inland Mission. November: Poems in War Time, by Henry Bryan Binns. Dodd, Mead & Co. My Ireland, by Francis Carlin. The Wolfe Tone Co., New York. Sonnets of Spinsterhood, by Snow Longley. Paul Elder & Co., San Francisco. City Pastorals and Other Poems, by William Griffith. James T. White & Co. From Dream to Dream, by Edith Willis Linn. James T. White & Co. A Cycle of Sonnets, by Edith Willis Linn. James T. White & Co. The Final Star, by Marion Couthouy Smith. James T. White & Co. The Divine Image—A Book of Lyrics, by Caroline Giltinan. Cornhill Co., Boston. Fifty Years and Other Poems, by James Weldon Johnson. Cornhill C


Children of the Sun—Rhapsodies and Poems, by Wallace Gould.

Cornhill Co.
Airs and Ballads, by John McClure. Alfred A. Knopf.
The Collected Poems of William H. Davies. Alfred A. Knopf.

Others—An Anthology of the New Verse, edited by Alfred Kreym-

borg. Alfred A. Knopf.

DRAMA: A Modern Phenix, by Gervé Baronti. Cornhill Co.

PROSE: Per Amica Silentia Lunae, by William Butler Yeats. Macmillan Co.

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Poems on a French Soldier's
Letters from the Front /

by Wallace Stevens

Poems of Peace and War
by Haniel Long, Viola
Paradise and others

A Dog Poem by Orrick Johns

543 Cass Street. Chicago

s2.oo per Year Single Numbers 20t

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OMBATTRE avec ses frères, à sa place, à son rang, avec des yeux dessillés, sans espoir de la gloire et de profit, et simplement parceque telle est la loi, voilà le commandement que donne le dieu au guerrier Arjuna, quand celui-ci doute s'il doit se détourner de l'absolu pour le cauchemar humain de la bataille. . . .. Simplement qu'Arjuna bande son arc avec les autres Kshettryas/ (Préface d'André Chevrillon.) I Jamais la majesté de la nuit ne m'apporta autant de consolation qu'en cette accumulation d'épreuves. Vénus, étincelante, m'est une amie. (27 septembre)

The spirit wakes in the night wind-is naked.
What is it that hides in the night wind
Near by it ? -

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