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Is it, once more, the mysterious beauté,
Like a woman inhibiting passion -
In solace?—

The multiform beauty, sinking in night wind,
Quick to be gone, yet never
Quite going!

She will leap back from the swift constellations,
As they enter the place of their western

II Ce qu'il faut, c'est reconnaitre l'amour et la beauté triomphante de toute violence. (22 octobre)


The streets contain a crowd
Of blind men tapping their way
By inches—
This man to complain to the grocer
Of yesterday's cheese,
This man to visit a woman,
This man to take the air.
Am I to pick my way
Through these crickets?—
I, that have a head

In the bag
Slung over my shoulder!
I have secrets

That prick

Like a heart full of pins.

Permit me, gentlemen,

I have killed the mayor

And am escaping from you.

Get out of the way !
(The blind men strike him down tvith their sticks.)

III Jusqu'à présent j'ai possédé une sagesse de renoncement, mais maintenant je veux une sagesse qui accepte tout, en s'orientant vers l'action future. (3 I octobre)


And so France feels. A menace that impends,
Too long, is like a bayonet that bends.

IV Si tu voyais la sécurité des petits animaux des bois-souris, mulots / L'autre jour, dans notre abri de feuillage, je suivais les évolutions de ces petits bêtes. Elles étaient jolies

comme une estampe japonaise, avec l'intérieur de leurs oreilles rose comme un coquillage. (7 novembre)


Here I keep thinking of the Primitives-
The sensitive and conscientious schemes

Of mountain pallors ebbing into air;

And I remember sharp Japonica—
The driving rain, the willows in the rain,
The birds that wait out rain in willow trees.

Although life seems a goblin mummery,
These images return and are increased,
As for a child in an oblivion:

Even by mice—these scamper and are still.
They cock small ears, more glistening and pale
Than fragile volutes in a rose sea-shell.


J’ai la ferme espérance; mais surtout j'ai confiance en la - - a - 2 - o justice éternelle, quelque surprise qu’elle cause à l’humaine idée que nous en avons. (26 novembre)


The palais de justice of chambermaids
Tops the horizon with its colonnades.

If it were lost in Uebermenschlichkeit,
Perhaps our wretched state would soon come right.

For somehow the brave dicta of its kings
Make more awry our faulty human things.


Bien chere mere aimée, . . . Pour ce qui est de ton caeur, j'ai tellement confiance en ton courage, qu'à l'heure actuelle cette certitude est mon grand réconfort. Je sais que ma mère a atteint à cette liberté d'âme qui permet de contempler le spectacle universel. (7 décembre)

There is another mother whom I love,
O chère maman, another, who, in turn,
Is mother to the two of us, and more,
In whose hard service both of us endure
Our petty portion in the sacrifice.
Not France! France also serves the invincible eye,
That, from her helmet terrible and bright,
Commands the armies; the relentless arm,
- Devising proud, majestic issuance.
Wait now; have no rememberings of hope,
Poor penury. There will be voluble hymns
Come swelling, when, regardless of my end,
The mightier mother raises up her cry:
And little will or wish, that day, for tears.


La seule sanction pour moi est ma conscience. Il faut nous confier a une justice impersonelle, indépendante de tout facteur humain; et à une destinée utile et harmonieuse malgré toute horreur de forme. (15 janvier)


Hi! The creator too is blind,
Struggling toward his harmonious whole,
Rejecting intermediate parts—
Horrors and falsities and wrongs;
Incapable master of all force,
Too vague idealist, overwhelmed
By an afflatus that persists.
For this, then, we endure brief lives,
The evanescent symmetries
From that meticulous potter's thumb.



Hier soir, rentrant dans ma grange, ivresse, rixes, cris,

chants, et hurlements. Voilà la vie/ (4 février)

John Smith and his son John Smith,
And his son's son John, and-a-one
And-a-two and-a-three
And-a-rum-tum-tum, and-a
Lean John, and his son, lean John,
And his lean son's John, and-a-one
And-a-two and-a-three
And-a-drum-rum-rum, and a
Rich John, and his son, rich John,
And his rich son's John, and-a-one
And-a-two and-a-three


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