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Mr. Martin A. Ryerson Hon. John Barton Payne Mr. Thomas D. Jones Mr. Charles Deering Mr. Charles L. Freer Mrs. W. F. Dummer Mr. Arthur Heun Mr. Edward F. Carry Mr. Cyrus H. McCormick (2) Mr. F. Stuyvesant, Peabody Mr. Horace S. Oakle Mr. Eames MacVeag Mr. Charles G. Dawes Miss Kate S. Buckingham *Mrs. Potter Palmer

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Mr. Albert H. Loeb (2) The Misses Skinner

Misses Alice E. and Margaret D.

Moran Miss Mary Rozet Smith Mrs. James B. Waller Mr. John Borden Mrs. H. M. Wilmarth Mrs. Clarence I. Peck Mr. Clarence M. Woolley Mr. John S. Miller Mr. Edward P. Russell Mrs. Frank O. Lowden Miss Helen Louise Birch Mr. Rufus G. Dawes Mr. Gilbert E. Porter Mr. Alfred L. Baker Mr. George A. McKinlock Mrs. Samuel Insull Mr. A. G. Becker Mr. Honoré Palmer Mrs. F. A. Hardy Mr. E. P. Ri Mr. Ernest


.# onald Bowman

Mrs. Roy McWilliams
Mr. Benjamin V. Becker
Mrs. Francis H. Leggett
Mrs. Ernest MacDonald Bowman
Mr. George F. Porter
Mrs. Emanuel Haldeman-Julius
Mrs. Charles A. Chapin
Mr. Arthur J. Eddy
Mr. S. O. Levinson
Miss Dorothy North
Mrs. F. Louis Slade
Mrs. Julius Rosenwald
Mrs. Andrea Hofer Proudfoot
Mrs. Arthur T. Aldis
Mrs. Robert S. Hotz
Mrs. George W. Mixter
Mrs. Walter L. Brewster

Mrs. James L. Houghteling
Mrs. Joseph N. Eisendrath
Mrs. Simeon Ford

Mrs. Thomas W. Lamont
Mrs. Charles Adams
Mr. Henry J. Patten
Mr. Charles H. Dennis

Also, a few lovers of the art who prefer to remain anonymous.

Others besides these floors who testify to their appreciation of the t

magazine by generous gi
Mr. Edward L. Ryerson
Miss Amy Lowell
Mrs. F. ë. Letts

It is with dee

s are:

PoETRY’s earliest and most loyal

Mr. Ernest A. Hamill
Mrs. Byron L. Smith

sorrow that the editor records the death last May of Bertha Honoré Palmer (Mrs. Potter Palmer). Mrs. 1arantors, and always an enthusiastic subscriber to all artistic and philanthropic enterprises in

Palmer was one of

hicago, where she

has long been, as everyone knows, a leader of the city’s civic and social life.

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Dead Men Tell No Tales . . .

A Book on Economics . . . .

The Cause of This I Know Not .

Song . . . . . . . . . .

Star-Dust, The Terror . . . .
Seeger . . . . . . . . .
Lowell, Amy:
Appuldur.combe Park . . . . .
Lyman, Dean B., Jr.:
Pomegranates . . . . . .
McKinney, Isabel:
hen Singing April Came . . .
Millay, Edna St._Vincent:
figs From Thistles:
First Fig, Second Fig .
The Unexplorer . .
Thursday . . . .
The Penitent . . .
Monroe, Harriet:
The Blue Ridge, White
The Oak . . . .
Azaleas . . . .
The Mocking-Bird
The Fringe-Bush . .
The Laurel, My Porch
The Mountaineer’s Wife .
The Rose-Bush . . . . .
The Question, The Meeting .
April–North Carolina -
Paradise, Viola I.:
Thoughts . . . . . . . .
Early Spring Night . .

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