A companion to Killarney, by mr. and mrs. S.C. Hall

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Pagina 82 - Thou know'st it well, — nor fen, nor sedge, Pollute the pure lake's crystal edge ; Abrupt, and sheer, the mountains sink At once upon the level brink ; And just a trace of silver sand Marks where the water meets the land. Far in the mirror, bright and blue, Each hill's huge outline you may view ; Shaggy with heath, but lonely bare, Nor tree, nor bush, nor brake is there, Save where, of land, yon slender line Bears thwart the lake the scatter'd pine.
Pagina 62 - On Lough Neagh's bank as the fisherman strays, When the clear, cold eve's declining, He sees the round towers of other days, In the wave beneath him shining! Thus shall memory often, in dreams sublime, Catch a glimpse of the days that are over, Thus, sighing, look through the waves of time For the long-faded glories they cover!
Pagina 95 - May, shine thou for me ; For still, when thy earliest beams arise, That youth who beneath the blue lake lies, Sweet May, returns to me. Of all the bright haunts where daylight leaves Its lingering smile on golden eves, Fair lake, thou 'rt dearest to me ; For when the last April sun grows dim, Thy Naiads prepare his steed for him Who dwells, bright lake, in thee.
Pagina 13 - ROYAL and saintly Cashel! I would gaze Upon the wreck of thy departed powers, Not in the dewy light of matin hours, Nor the meridian pomp of summer's blaze, But at the close of dim autumnal days, When the sun's parting glance, through slanting showers, Sheds o'er thy rock-throned battlements and towers Such awful gleams as brighten o'er Decay's Prophetic cheek. At such a time, methinks, There breathes from thy lone courts and voiceless aisles A melancholy moral, such as sinks On the lone traveller's...
Pagina 20 - Bandon crown'd with many a wood ; The spreading Lee that, like an island fair, Encloseth Cork with his divided flood; And baleful Oure late stain'd with English blood : With many more whose names no tongue can tell.
Pagina 84 - ... landed, advanced a few steps, and placed the instrument to his lips : the effect was MAGICAL — the word conveys a poor idea of its effect. First he played a single note — it was caught up and repeated, loudly, softly, — again loudly, again softly, and then, as if by a hundred instruments, each a thousand times more musical than that which gave its rivals birth, twirling and twisting around the mountain, running up from its foot to its summit, then rolling above it, and at length dying away...
Pagina 60 - Mucross, and Aghadoe were at one time crowded. The lakes are formed and supplied by numerous minor lakes that exist in the surrounding mountains, and may be described as an immense reservoir for the several rivers that also flow into them, having received on their way the waters of innumerable tributary streams. The only outlet for the waters thus collected is the narrow and rapid river Laune, a channel along which they proceed to the Atlantic through the beautiful bay of Dingle. The origin of these...
Pagina 29 - ... or arbutus growing among them. At every step advance seems impossible : some huge rock jutting out into the path ; and, on sweeping round it, seeming to conduct only to some barrier still more insurmountable ; while from all sides rush down the
Pagina 19 - When or how the stone obtained its singular reputation, it is difficult to determine; the exact position among the ruins of the castle is also a matter of doubt; the peasant-guides...

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