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9. Any amendments of this Constitution shall be proposed at one annual meeting, and may be accepted at the next anniversary, if two-thirds of the members present be in favor of such amendments.

10. There shall also be a Council of the Association consisting of not less than twenty-five, nor more than

members, to be nominated by the presiding officer, and chosen by a hand vote at the annual meeting, whose duty it shall be, whenever it is necessary, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, to consider and determine what further measures may be taken to increase the usefulness of the Association, by what means they may be carried into execution, and in what manner funds can be provided for the purpose. The Council shall hold a stated annual meeting on the Thursday succeeding the annual meeting of the Association, at four o'clock, P. M. The Executive Committee shall call special meetings whenever they shall deem it necessary, or at the request of any five members of the Council; and twelve members shall constitute a quorum. The powers of the Executive Committee with regard to all matters not acted upon by the Council are to remain the same as heretofore.

Vote passed by the Executive Committee, September, 23, 1826, as amended March, 30, 1830.

Resolved, That every member of the Association be entitled to one copy of every tract of the first and second series published by the Association during the year for which his subscription is entered.

Vote of the Executive Committee, passed January 4, 1826.

Voted, That no society be recognized as auxiliary to this Association, the terms of subscription to which are less than those required in the Constitution of this Association.

Vote passed by the Executive Committee, June 20, 1833.

Voted, That the 4th article of the Constitution be so construed, that any one who shall pay thirty dollars for the General Agency of the American Unitarian Association, either at once, or by annual instalments within five years, shall be considered a life member.


The following Clergymen have been made members for life of the American Unitarian Association, by the donation of thirty dollars or more, principally from ladies of their respective societies.

Abbot, Abiel. Alden, Seth. Alger, Horatio. Allen, Joseph. *Andrews, William... Arnold, A. C. L. *Bancroft, Aaron, D. D. Barrett, Samuel. Bartlett, John. Barry, William. *Bascom, Ezekiel L. Bates, Reuben. Bellows, Henry W. Bigelow, Andrew. Brazer, John, D. D. Briggs, Charles. Brooks, Charles. Brooks, Charles T. Brown, Addison. Buckingham, Edgar Burton, Warren Channing, Wm. E., D. D. Clark, Amos. Clarke, Samuel. Cole, Jonathan Colman, Henry. Coolidge, J. I. T. Crosby, J.'

Cunningham, Francis Cutler, Curtis Damon, David Dewey, Orville, D. D. Doggett, Theophilus P. Edes, Henry, D. D. . Edes, Henry F. o Edes, Edward H. Emmons, Henry Everett, 0. C. Ellis, George E. Farley, Frederick A. Field, Joseph *Flint, Jacob Flint, James, D. D. Fox, Thomas B. Frothingham, William Frost, Barzillai: Furness, William H. Gage, Nathaniel Gannett, Ezra S. Gannett, Thomas B. Gray, Frederick T. Greenwood, F. W. P. Hall, Edward B. Hall, Nathaniel Hamilton, Luther · Hedge, F. H.

* Dead.

Hill, Alonzo
Holland, F. W.
Hosmer, George W.
Howe, Moses
Ingersoll, George G.
Johnson, Rufus A.
Kendall, James, D, D.
Lamson, Alvan, D. D.
Lincoln, Calvin
*Little, Robert
Livermore, A. A.
*Loring, Bailey
Lothrop, Samuel K.
May, Samuel, Jr.
Merrick, J. M.
Miles, Henry A.

Moore, Josiah
· Motte, Melish I.
Muzzey, Artemas B.
Newell, William
Nichols, Ichabod, D. D.
Noyes, George R., D. D.
Osgood, Peter
Osgood, Samuel
Palfrey, John G., D. D.
*Parker, Nathan, D, D.
Parker, Theodore
Parkman, Francis, D. D.
Parkman, John
Peabody, Wm. B. 0.
Pierpont, John
*Phipps, H. G.
Putnam, George
*Ripley, Ezra, D. D.

Ripley, George Ripley, Samuel Richardson, Joseph Robbins, Samuel D. Robbins, Chandler Robinson, Charles Rogers, T. F. Sanger, Ralph Sears, E. H. Sewall, Charles C. Sewall, Edmund Q. Shackford, C. C. Simmons, George F. Stebbins, Rufus P. Stetson, Caleb Storer, John P. B. Sullivan, Thomas R. Sweet, John D.'' Thayer, Christopher T. *Thayer, Nathaniel, D. D. Thomson, James W. Thomson, James Waite, Josiah K. Walker, James, D. D. Ware, Henry, Jr., D. D. Ware, William Wellington, Charles Wells, George W. *Whitman, Bernard Whitman, Jason Whitman, Nathaniel Williams, George A. Young, Alexander

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Abbot, Samuel Abbot, Miss Abigail Abbot, Ezra Adams, Benjamin T. Adams, James, Jr. Adams, Philip Alger, Cyrus Alger, Francis Ames, Seth Ames, David W. Ames, Mrs. David Andrews, Ebenezer T. Aspinwall, Samuel Atherton, Charles H. Appleton, Nathan Appleton, Charles T. Appleton, Francis Ball, S. S. Bancroft, Mrs. B. D.. Bangs, Josiah Barrett, Nathaniel A. Barker, Joseph A. Baker, Henry F. Bigelow, Alonson Bigelow, John *Bird, John H. Bixby, Miss Keziah Blanchard, Hezekiah Blake, Mrs. Sarah Bliss, Theodore * Bond, George Bond, George W. *Bowditch, Nathaniel Bowles, Samuel

*Bradlee, Joseph P.
Bracket, Samuel E.
Brooks, Peter C.
Brewster, Oliver
Brewster, William
Cartwright, Charles W.
Carew, Joseph
Chapin, Harvey
Chapman, Mrs. Jonathan
Chapman, Mrs. Margaret
Clapp, Joshua
Colton, George
*Cotton, John
Cotton, Joseph, Jr.
Cobb, Elijah
Coffin, George W.
Cooke, Mrs. Mary F.
Coolidge, Joseph
Crocker, James H.
Crocker, George A.
Curtis, Joseph
Cushing, T. P.
Cushman, Henry W.
*Child, Richards
Dascomb, Thomas R.
Dana, Dexter
Danforth, Isaac
Davis, Charles S.
Davis, James
Davis, James, Jr.
Davis, Joseph
Denny, Daniel
Dix, Miss D.
Dorr, Samuel

Dorr, John
Draper, James
Dwight, William
Dwight, George
Dwight, Mrs. Mary
Dwight, Jonathan
Eager, William
Edwards, Elisha
Ellis, David
Ellis, Jonathan, Jr.
Emerson, George B.
Emmons, John L.
Everett, Otis
Fairbanks, Stephen
Fairbanks, Henry P.
Farley, Mrs. Frederick A.
Fearing, Albert
Fitch, Jeremiah
Fisher, Joshua
Foster, Charles W,
Fowle, C. S.
Foster, Charles A.
Foot, Homer
Francis, Eben
Frost, George
Gasset, Henry
Gould, Benjamin A.
Gould, Lewis
Gray, Harrison
Green, Ezra
Hammond, Samuel
Hammond, Daniel
Hall, Jacob
*Hall, Mrs. Edward B.
Hall Sarah B.
Harrington, Joseph, Jr.
Hawes, Prince
Hedge, Barnabas

Hewes, Abraham, Jr. Hewett, H. N. Heath, Charles Hendee, Charles J. Hickling, Charles Howe, Zadock Howe, John Hoar, Samuel Hodges, George Holland, Mrs. F. W. Howard, John Howard, Charles Howard, Abraham Hunt, Nathaniel P. Inches, Henderson Inches, Miss Jackson, Francis Jernegan, Mrs. Mary Johnson, James Jones, Mrs. J. C. *Johnson, Milton Jones, Miss Charlotte *King, Gedney King, Daniel P. King, Samuel B. *Kuhn, George H. *Lawrence, Luther Lawrence, William Lawrence, Amos Lamson, Benjamin Lamson, John Lane, George Lewis, S. S. Lewis, Mrs. S. S. Lincoln, Oliver Lincoln, M. S. Livermore, Isaac Livermore, George

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