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Lord, George Lord, Ivory Lord, Mrs. Sarah C. Low, Francis Low, John J. Low, Mrs. Rachel Lombard, Ammi C. Loring, William J. Loring, J. May, Joseph May, Samuel Marsh, Ephraim Manley, John R. Manley, Miss Mary Manley, Mrs. Abigail Mellen, Michael *Metcalf, E. W. Miles, Mrs. Henry A. Morgan, Charles W. Morton, Ichabod Munson, Israel Newell, J. R. Nichols, Charles C. Nichols, Miss. C. K. Olmsted, Charles H. Orne, William W. Osborn, Kendall Osgood, Isaac Otis, Harrison G. Owen, John Parker, Daniel P. Parsons, Thomas Parsons, William Parkman, George *Parkman, Mrs. Sarah Peabody, Joseph Peabody, Mrs. W. B.O. *Peele, Willard

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VOL. 1.

Cents. No. 1. The Faith once delivered to the Saints. By H. Ware,

Jr. . . . .
No. 2. One Hundred Scriptural Arguments for the Unitarian

Faith. . . . . . . .
No. 3. On Human Depravity. By Edmund Q. Sewall, 5
No. 4. Omniscience the Attribute of the Father only. By

Joseph Hutton.
No. 5. On Religious Phraseology. By Orville Dewey. .
No. 6. A Letter on the Principles of the Missionary Enter-

prise. By Joseph Tuckerman. . . . No. 7. The Unitarian's Answer. By Orville Dewey. . No. 8. A Discourse on the Evidences of Revealed Religion.

By William E. Channing. . . .. No. 9. Cause of the Progress of Liberal Christianity in New

England. By James Walker. . . . . No. 10. Remarks on a Popular Error respecting the Lord's

Supper. By F. W. P. Greenwood. . . No. 11. Unitarianism Vindicated against the Charge of not going far enough. By James Walker. . .

Vol. II.
No. 12. A Dialogue on Providence, Faith and Prayer.
No. 13. A Discourse on being Born again. By Mrs. Bar-

bauld. . . . . . . No. 14. On Experimental Religion. By Converse Francis. No. 15. The Doctrine of Pronouns applied to Christ's Testi

mony of himself. By Noah Worcester, . No. 16. On some Corruptions of Scripture. By Joseph Allen. 5


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No. 17. On Tests of True Religion. By Orville Dewey.
No. 18. On the Evidence necessary to establish the Doctrine

of the Trinity. By Samuel C. Thatcher. . No. 19. The Apostle Paul a Unitarian. By Caleb Stetson. No. 20. On the Doctrine of Two Natures in Jesus Christ. By

Aivan Lamson. . . . . .
No. 21. A Dialogue on some of the Causes of Infidelity.
No. 22. Excuses for the Neglect of the Communion consider-

ed. By Samuel Barrett. . . .
No. 23. A Dialogue between a Christian and a Deist. .
No. 24. Divine Revelation advocated and illustrated.
No. 25. The Divine Authority of the Christian Revelation

acknowledged. . . . . .

Vol. III.
No. 26. On the Original Text of the New Testament. .
No. 27. The Power of Unitarianism over the affections. By

John Brazer.
John Brom

. . . . . No. 28. The Doctrine of Religious Experience explained and

enforced. By Samuel Barrett. . No. 29. Unitarian Christianity free from objectionable Ex

tremes. By Samuel Gilman. . No. 30. On the New Testament conformed to Griesbach's

Text. By F. W. P. Greenwood. . . . No. 31. The Danger of Delay. By William Ware. , No. 32. The Theology of the Cambridge Divinity School. By

F. W. P. Greenwood. . . . . No. 33. On Christian Salvation. By Bernard Whitman. . No. 34. The Divinity of Jesus Christ. By George Ripley. No. 35. The Genius of Christianity. By William H. Furness. No. 36. Evangelical Unitarianism adapted to the Poor and

Unlearned. By Alexander Young. . . No. 37. Practical Infidelity briefly considered in reference to

the Present Times. . . . . No. 38. Thoughts on Vital Religion.

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VOL. IV. No. 39. On the Exclusive System. By James Walker. ..5 No. 40. The Importance and Method of Early Religious Edu

cation. By Henry Montgomery. . . 6 No. 41. On Prejudice. By Samuel J. May. . . No. 42. The Prospects and Claims of Pure Christianity. By

John G. Palfrey. . . No. 43. The Beneficial Tendency of Unitarianism. By Lant

Carpenter. . . . . . 4 No. 44. An Explanation of the Words, “ By nature Children

of Wrath,” found in Ephesians ii. 3. By F. A.

Farley. .
No. 45. An Essay for the Understanding of St. Paul's Epis-

tles. By John Locke. No. 46. On Piety at Home. By Caleb Stetson. . . 2 No. 47. The Antiquity and Revival of Unitarian Christianity.

By William Ware. . . . . .
No. 48. Mr. Tuckerman's Seventh Semi-annual Report of his

Service as a Minister at Large in Boston.
No. 49. The Reports of the American Unitarian Association,

prepared for the Sixth Anniversary, May, 24, 1831. 5

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Vol. V.
No. 50. A Comparison of the Good and Evil of Revivals. By

E. S. Gannett. ..
No. 51. An Answer to the Question, Why are you a Christ-

ian? By John Clarke. . . . . No. 52. The Scripture Doctrine of Redemption by Jesus

Christ, By Lant Carpenter. . . .
No. 53. On Change of Heart. By Cazneau Palfrey. .
No. 54. Mr. Tuckerman's Eighth Semi-annual Report.
No. 55. The Apostle Peter a Unitarian. By Samuel Barrett.
No. 56. On Substitutes for Religion. By John Pierpont. .
No. 57. On Zeal. By Joseph Field. . . .
No. 58. An Outline of the Testimony of Scripture against the

Trinity. By Henry Ware, Jr. , . ,
No. 59. What is it to be a Unitarian? By Edward B. Hall.
No. 60. Mr. Tuckerman's Ninth Semi-annual Report.

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