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No. 146. Jesus Christ the Chief Corner Stone. By Rev. G.

R. Noyes, D. D.
No. 147. How to Spend a Day. By Henry Ware, Jr., D. D.
No. 148. Life and Character of the Rev. Aaron Bancroft, D.

D. By Rev. Alonzo Hill. . .
No. 149. Atonement. By Rev, Ezra S. Gannett. . . .
No. 150. Thoughts for the New Year on the Duty of Improve-

ment. By Henry Ware, D. D.
No. 151. The Moral Power of Christ's Character. By Rev.

E. Peabody. . . .
No. 152. Christian Views of Human Suffering. By William

E. Channing, D. D. . . . .
No. 153. Watch and Pray. By Rev. Robert C. Waterston. .
No. 154. Practical Goodness the True Religion. By Rev. F.

H. Hedge. . . : . . .
No. 155. The Fifteenth Report of the American Unitarian

Association, with the Proceedings of the Annual
Meeting, May 26, 1840. . . . . .

No. 156. The! Doctrine of the Cross. By Rev. J. W. Thom-

son. . . . . . . No. 157. The One Thing Needful. By Rev. Thomas B. Fox. No. 158. The Scripture Doctrine of Regeneration. By Rev.

C. W. Upham. . . . . . No. 159. The Power of Unitarian Christianity to produce an

Enlightened and Fervent Piety. By W. E.

Channing, D. D. . . . .
No. 160. An Individual Faith. By Rev. George E. Ellis. .
No. 161. How to Spend Holy Time. By Rev. H. Ware, Jr.
No. 162. On the New Birth. By Rev. Frederick T. Gray.
No. 163. On Prayer. By Rev. John H. Morrison. .
No. 164. Reasons Offered by Samuel Eddy, LL. D., Late

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Rhode
Island, for his Opinions to the First Baptist Church
in Providence, from which he was compelled to

withdraw for Heterodoxy. . . . . No. 165. Man born upright. By Rev. A. B. Muzzey. .

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No. 166. Unitarianism Defined and Defended; being Extracts

from Lectures delivered at Liverpool in 1839, by
three Unitarian Ministers, in Answer to Lectures
against Unitarianism, by thirteen Clergymen of

the Episcopal Sect. . .
No. 167. The Sixteenth Report of the American Unitarian

Association, with the Proceedings of the Annual
Meeting, May 25, 1941. . . . .

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Vol. XV.
No. 168. The Death of Christ. By Rev. George G. Ingersoll.
No. 169. Unitarianism, a Devotional Faith. By Rev. J. Scott

Porter, of Belfast, Ireland. . .
No. 170. The Coming of Christ. By Rev. A. P. Peabody. .
No. 171. Short Prayers for the Morning and Evening of every

day in the week, with occasional Prayers and

. . . . No. 172. On the Uses of the Communion, and the Propriety

of a General Attendance upon it. By Orville

Dewey, D. D. . . . . .
No. 173. “How is it that ye have no Faith.” By Rev. Henry

A. Miles. .
No. 174. Domestic Worship. By Rev. Caleb Stetson. .
No. 175. The Apparent Darkness of God's Providence. By

John Brazer, D. D. . . . .
No. 176. Sympathy in Congregations. By Rev. Frederick A.

Farley. . . . . . .
No. 177. The Unitarian's Appeal. Three Sermons, Illustra-

tive of the Claim of Unitarians to the Character
of Evangelical Christians, Independent of the
Truth of their Peculiar Opinions. Preached in
the Unitarian Church, Washington City, by S. G.

Bulfinch, Pastor of that Church.
No. 178. Unitarianism a Benevolent Faith. By Rev. J. Scott

Porter, of Belfast, Ireland. . . .
No. 179. The Seventeenth Report of the American Unitarian

Association, with the Proceedings of the Annual
Meeting, May 24, 1842.

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No. 1. Objections to Unitarian Christianity Considered. By

William E. Channing. . . . . No. 2. A Serious and Friendly Address to the Anxious In

quirer. . . . . . . No. 3. One God and One Mediator. . No. 4. The Apostles' Creed, as contained in their public Dis

courses. . . . . . . No. 5. Two Objections to the right and duty of Free Enquiry

and Private Judgment answered. By Jonathan

Mayhew. . . . . . .
No. 6. Suggestions respecting the Formation of Auxiliaries

to the A. U. A. . . . . . .
No. 7. Funeral Consolations. By Thomas Emlyn..
No. 8. A Pastoral Letter by a Unitarian Minister. .
No. 9. Ejaculatory Prayer, Daily Use of Scripture. By Jo-

seph Tuckerman. . . . . .
No. 10. On Revivals. By Jonathan Farr. .
No. 11. Twenty Questions to Trinitarians, with Answers from

Scripture. By James Kay. .
No. 12. A Funeral Address. By Rev. Samuel Ripley. .

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Annual Report of the American

Unitarian A. sociation, 241.
Atonement. What is it? 4.
Appeal. The Unitarian's Appeal.

Tract 177, p. 193.
Auxiliary Associations, the num-

ber formed, &c., 253.

faith. II. Again, in Chris-
tendom, among rival sects and
conflicting creeds, we may
know where Christ is by the
same signs. III. Let us give
the question of our Text a
more immediately personal

Councillors of the American

Unitarian Association, 247.
Officers and Committees, 273.


Brazer, Rev. Dr., his Tract on

the apparent darkness of God's
Providence, 163.

Death of Christ, Tract 168, p. 1.
Bulfinch, Rev. S. G., his Tract, Dewey, Rev. Orville, D, D., his

Tract, 109.
Book and Pamphlet Society, 251. Domestic Worship, Tract 174,
Books for the West, 251.

p. 149.
Brownson, Rev. 0. A., his re. Destitute Societies, the number
marks at the Annual Meeting, aided the past year, and the

whole number in New Eng-
land, 253.

. E.
Clarke, Rev. James F., his re.

marks at the Annual Meeting, Executive Committee of the

American Unitarian Associa-
Conant, Rev. Mr., his letter on tion, 246.

the importance of Western Eliot, Rev. Mr., of Saint Louis,
Missions, 256.

Mo., his remarks at the An.
Coming of Christ, Tract 170, p. nual Meeting, 271.
57. ©By Rev. A. P. Peabody.
I. I would take with an infidel
the same course, which Jesus
took to revive John's faltering Faith, why men are deficient in

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it, and the importance of in- Livermore, Rev. Mr., his re-
creasing it. Tract 173, p. 133, marks at the Annual Meeting,
by Rev. Henry A. Miles.

Farley, Rev. Frederick A., his

Tract on Sympathy in Congre-
gations, Tract 176, p. 181. His Miles, Rev. Henry A., his
remarks at the Annual Meet. Tract, 133.
ing, 269.

Moore, Rev. George, Extract

from his letter about the good

done by our Tracts, 250.

Missionary operations, the num-
God's Providence, its apparent ber of Missionaries employed

darkness, Tract 175, p. 163. No- the past year, and the number
thing is very important to us, of places where Missionaries
as immortal and accountable are wanted, 254.
beings, but our moral and
religious characters. I. This
uncertainty and ignorance must
naturally dispose all reflecting Officers of the American Unita-
minds to a habit of constant rian Association, 246.
watchfulness. II. Another im-
portant effect of the uncertainty

. P.
which marks the doings of
Providence, is to teach us to Porter, Rev. J. Scott, of Belfast,
feel habitually our depend Ireland, his Tract, 37.
ence on God. III. The last Peabody, Rev. A. P., his Tract
instruction to which I shall on the coming of Christ, 57.
refer, as enforced by the mys. Progress of Unitarianism, in this
terious Providence of God, is country, Ireland, England,
entire resignation to His will. Switzerland, France, and Hol-

land, 257 and 258.

How is it that ye have no faith.
Tract 173, p. 133.

Report - Seventeenth Report of
Harrington, Joseph, Jr., Extract the American Unitarian Asso-
from his letter on Tracts.

ciation, Tract 179, p. 241,

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Ingersoll, Rev. George G., his Short Prayers for the Morning

Tract on the death of Christ, and Evening of every day in
Tract 168, p. 1.

· the week, with occasional

Prayers and Thanksgivings,

Tract 171, p. 73.

Stetson, Rev. Caleb, his Tract on
Life Members, the number added Domestic Worship, 149.

to the list the past year, and Sympathy in Congregations,
the whole number, 253.

Tract 176, p. 181.

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