When Love Meets Fear: How to Become Defense-less and Resource-full

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Paulist Press, 14 mag 2014 - 129 pagine
This book has been written for all people who want to let go of unreasonable fear or act more creatively in the face of reasonable fear. It examines the roots of fear - the fear of change, of self-disclosure, of giving and receiving, of being alone. Beneath all of these is the greatest fear of all: the fear of love. Psychologist David Richo has charted a path that can free us from the grip of fear. He suggests things to do that will help us to love even when we're afraid. The way to gain power over fear, he says, is first to become defenseless. When, despite our trepidation, we embrace our weakness, we can no longer be wounded, and fear loses its hold over us.

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Review: When Love Meets Fear

Recensione dell'utente  - Ley30uk - Goodreads

This book is fantastic. I'm always dipping into it and recommending it to clients. Uncomfortable reading at times but it could change your life if you let it :-) Leggi recensione completa

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How Fear Works
The Old Story
How Fears Display
Confronting the Void
When Love Meets Fear
Fears of Abandonment and Engulfment
Facing Fear
Simple Steps
Taking an Inventory
Becoming More Courageous
Giving Power Away Because of Fear
Our Rights to Fearlessness
When Fear Meets Safety

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