The epicurean

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Pagina 134 - The gay, golden- winged birds that haunt these shores, were, in every direction, skimming along the lake ; while, with a graver consciousness of beauty, the swan and the pelican were seen dressing their white plumage in the mirror of its wave. To add to the animation of the scene, a sweet tinkling of musical instruments...
Pagina 287 - Then said he unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery ? for they say, The Lord seeth us not ; the Lord hath forsaken the earth.
Pagina 25 - ... upon the idea that had long haunted me, and this picture of what I was to be now associated itself constantly with the sunniest aspect of what I was. The memory of the dream now recurred to me more livelily than ever.
Pagina 49 - Babylon, but from cities still farther removed from the festal scene. As I approached the island I could see, glittering through the trees on the bank, the lamps of the pilgrims hastening to the ceremony. Landing in the direction which those lights pointed out, I soon joined the crowd ; and, passing through a long alley of sphinxes, whose spangling...
Pagina 15 - ... rising on the very spots where imagination herself would have called them up; and fountains and lakes, in alternate motion and repose, either wantonly courting the verdure, or calmly sleeping in its embrace —such was the variety of feature that diversified these fair gardens; and, animated as they were on this occasion, by...
Pagina 114 - is written all the knowledge of the antediluvian race, — the decrees of the stars from the beginning of time, the annals of a still earlier world, and all the marvellous secrets, both of heaven and earth, which would have been
Pagina 251 - My days now rolled on in a perfect dream of happiness. Every hour of the morning was welcomed as bringing nearer and nearer the blest time of sunset, when the hermit and Alethe never failed to pay their visit to my now charmed cave, where her smile left a light, at each parting, that lasted till her return.
Pagina 138 - Even the nimble lizards upon the bank seemed to move more languidly, as the light fell upon their gold and azure hues. Overcome as I was with watching, and weary with thought, it was not long before I yielded to the becalming influence of the hour. Looking fixedly at the...
Pagina 136 - ... tamarisks thickened the shade, and, at the very edge of the bank, the willow of Babylon stood bending its graceful branches into the water. Occasionally, out of the depth of these groves, there shone a small temple or...
Pagina 54 - I discover her whom alone I sought. In this state of breathless agitation did I stand for some time — bewildered with the confusion of faces and lights, as well as with the clouds of incense that rolled around me — till, fevered and impatient, I could endure it no longer. Forcing my way out of the vestibule into the cool air, I hurried back through the alley of sphinxes to the shore, and flung myself into my boat.

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