Annals of Philosophy, Volume 5;Volume 21

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Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1823
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Pagina 157 - Universal Technological Dictionary, or familiar Explanation of the Terms used in all Arts and Sciences ; containing Definitions drawn from original Writers, and illustrated by 60 Plates, and very numerous Wood-Cuts of Diagrams, Arms, &c. By George Crabb, AM. Author of
Pagina 459 - I was led to consider that all the apparently ' anomalous effects produced on a magnetized needle by the action of a galvanic wire, might be explained by the admission of one simple principle ; viz. that every particle of the galvanic fluid in the conducting wire, acts on every particle of the magnetic fluid in a magnetized needle...
Pagina 319 - SYSTEM of CONCHOLOGY, describing the Orders, Genera, and Species of Shells, arranged into Divisions and Families : with a View to facilitate the Student's Attainment of the Science. By JOHN MAWE, In 8vo. with 36 Plates, plain, and coloured Frontispiece. Price 11. 1s., or the whole beautifully coloured, 21. 12s. 6d. Bds. By the same Author, A TREATISE on DIAMONDS and PRECIOUS STONES.
Pagina 319 - An Account of some recent Discoveries in Hieroglyphical Literature and Egyptian Antiquities; including the author's original Alphabet as extended by Mr. Champollion; with a Translation of five unpublished Greek and Egyptian Manu-scripts.
Pagina 139 - Munster coal-district occupies a considerable portion of the counties of Limerick and Kerry, and a large part of the county of Cork. It is by much the most extensive in Ireland ; but as yet there is not sufficient information respecting the number, extent, or thickness of the beds of coal it may contain. ' Coal and culm have been raised for near a century in the neighbourhood of Kanturk, in the county of Cork.
Pagina 77 - Expedition undertaken by Order of the French Government. In a Series of Letters to a Friend, by J. Arago, Draftsman to the Expedition.
Pagina 342 - For the harmony of a science, supporting each part the other, is and ought to be the true and brief confutation and suppression of all the smaller sort of objections.
Pagina 158 - Faithhorn on Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System, comprehending those various, extensive, and often complicated Disorders of the Digestive, Internal Organs, and Nervous System, originating from these Sources. The Fifth Edition. With an Appendix of Cases, illustrative of the Principles of Treatment.
Pagina 389 - Mention has been made above of small plates of clay. They are formed by extending a white refractory clay by blows with the hammer, between the fold of a piece of paper, like gold between skins. The clay and paper, are then cut together with scissars into pieces about 4-10ths of an inch long, and 2^-10ths of an inch wide, and hardened in the fire in a tobacco-pipe.
Pagina 120 - After the charge is run down, and there is a good heat on the furnace, the front door is taken down, and the slags skimmed off. An assay is then taken out by the refiner with a small ladle, and broken in the vice ; and from the general appearance of the metal in and out of the furnace, the state of the fire, &c...

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