Anglers' Evenings, Volume 2

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A. Heywood, 1882 - 276 pagine

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Pagina 11 - Whate'er the theme, the maiden sang As if her song could have no ending; I saw her singing at her work, And o'er the sickle bending; — I listened, motionless and still; And, as I mounted up the hill The music in my heart I bore, Long after it was heard no more.
Pagina 258 - Auld Lang Syne" brings Scotland, one and all, Scotch plaids, Scotch snoods, the blue hills, and clear streams, The Dee, the Don, Balgounie's brig's black wall, All my boy feelings, all my gentler dreams Of what I then dreamt, clothed in their own pall, Like Banquo's offspring: — floating past me seems My childhood, in this childishness of mine: I care not — 'tis a glimpse of "Auld Lang Syne.
Pagina 249 - That wishes her to speed ! I cuist my line in Largo Bay, And fishes I caught nine ; There's three to boil, and three to fry, And three to bait the line. The boatie rows, the boatie rows, The boatie rows indeed ; And happy be the lot of a...
Pagina 215 - Then down the wind came the boom of the great stanchion-gun; and after that sound another sound, louder as it neared; a cry as of all the bells of Cambridge, and all the hounds of Cottesmore; and overhead rushed and whirled the skein of terrified wild-fowl, screaming, piping, clacking, croaking, filling the air with the hoarse rattle of their wings, while clear above all sounded the wild whistle of the curlew, and the trumpet note of the great wild swan.
Pagina 2 - I've ate; but any So good ne'er tasted before! — They're a fish, too, of which I'm remarkably fond. — Go — pop Sir Thomas again in the Pond — Poor dear!— HE'LL CATCH US SOME MORE!!
Pagina 258 - auld town' of Aberdeen, with its one arch and its black deep salmon stream, is in my memory as yesterday. I still remember, though perhaps I may misquote the awful proverb which made me pause to cross it, and yet lean over it with a childish I delight, being an only son, at least by the mother's side.
Pagina 262 - AND ZAIRES are contrivances erected upon rivers in Scotland for the purpose of catching salmon. They are of great antiquity, and consisted of a 'kind of hedge formed by stakes driven into the ground, the interstices being filled with brush, and the mode of capturing salmon being similar to those employed by bac and stake nets ; the earliest statute now in force, the llth of the first parliament of James I. (1424), being entitled, ' Of Cruives, Zaires, and Satterdaies Slop.
Pagina 214 - ... alders ; between the pale-green reeds ; where the coot clanked, and the bittern boomed, and the sedge-bird, not content with its own sweet song, mocked the notes of all the birds around...
Pagina 245 - Diophantus : for the child of toil Is grudged his very sleep by carking cares : Or, if he taste the blessedness of night, Thought for the morrow soon warns slumber off. Two ancient fishers once lay side by side On piled-up sea-wrack in their wattled hut, Its leafy wall their curtain Near them lay The weapons of their trade, basket and rod. Hooks, weed-encumbered nets, and cords and oars, And, propped on rollers, an infirm old boat. Their pillow was a scanty mat, eked out With caps and garments :...

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