Fiction, Literature and Media

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Mary Kooy, Tanja Janssen, Ken D. Watson
Amsterdam University Press, 1999 - 95 pagine
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This book examines mother tongue language education and the changing face of the texts that characterise them. In increasingly complex, diverse and media-saturated social contexts, the authors challenge mother tongue teachers and teacher educators to consider and stretch textual horizons to include oral, written, visual, and virtual texts in their teaching and learning.

The book is divided into three sections: fictions and literary theory, fictions and (multi)media texts, and crossing borders: fictions, integration and language. Each chapter offers ways of integrating a diverse range of texts into mother tongue classes in larger, bolder strokes. Challenges - particularly to conventional understanding of the literary canon - emerge in elaborate, extensive, and inclusive considerations of broadly defined written, visual, and virtual texts and their place in mother tongue education classes. This book will challenge educators to review and reconstruct their literary practices in a broader textual environment.

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