Fecal Matters in Early Modern Literature and Art: Studies in Scatology

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Jeff Persels, Russell Ganim
Routledge, 2 mar 2017 - 216 pagine
Feces, urine, flatus, phlegm, vomitus - unlike ourselves, our most educated forebears did not disdain these functions, and, further, they employed scatological references in all manner of works. This collection of essays was provoked by what its editors considered to be a curious lacuna: the relative academic neglect of the copious and ubiquitous scatological rhetoric of Early Modern Europe, here broadly defined as the representation of the process and product of elimination of the body's waste products. The contributors to this volume examine the many forms and functions of scatology as literary and artistic trope, and reconsider this last taboo in the context of Early Modern European expression. They address unflinchingly both the objective reality of the scatological as part and parcel of material culture - inescapably a much larger part, a much heavier parcel then than now - and the subjective experience of that reality among contemporaries.

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List of Figures
The Honorable Art of Farting in Continental Renaissance
Some Fortunes
Scatology and Calvinist
Community Commodities and Commodes in the French
A Scandalous Medal of Louis
Foolectomies Fool Enemas and the Renaissance Anatomy
The Pragmatic Context of Scatological
Tamburlaines Urine
Cavalier Scatology
List of Works Cited or Consulted

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Informazioni sull'autore (2017)

Jeff Persels is an Associate Professor at the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures, University of South Carolina, USA and Russell Ganim is Department Chair of the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA.

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