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G. Bell, 1900 - 143 pagine
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Pagina 148 - A cheap, very comely, and altogether desirable edition.. -Westminster Gazette. But a few years ago such volumes would have been deemed worthy to be considered editions de luxe. To-day, the low price at which they are offered to the public alone prevents them being so regarded..— Studio.
Pagina 152 - A Biographical and Critical Dictionary of Painters and Engravers. With a List of Ciphers, Monograms, and Marks. By MICHAEL BRYAN.
Pagina 148 - What we like about these elegant booklets is the attention that has been paid to the paper, as well as to the print and decoration ; such stout laid paper will last for ages. On this account alone, the Chiswick ' should easily be first among pocket Shakespeares.
Pagina 152 - DIDRON'S Christian Iconography: a History of Christian Art in the Middle Ages. Translated by EJ Millington and completed by Margaret Stokes. With 240 Illustrations. 2 vols. 5-.-. each. DIOGENES LAERTIUS. Lives and Opinions of the Ancient Philosophers. Translated by Prof. CD Yonge, M,A. 5*.
Pagina 152 - BELL (Sir Charles). The Anatomy and Philosophy of Expression, as Connected with the Fine Arts.
Pagina 149 - Housman. ^5, 5^. net. REMBRANDT VAN RIJN AND HIS WORK. By MALCOLM BELL. With 8 Photogravure Plates, and 74 other Illustrations. Containing also very complete lists of the known works of the Artist, including his Etchings, and giving all particulars of date, size, exhibition, etc. Small colombier 8vo. 25^. net. FRENCH PAINTERS OF THE i8ra CENTURY.
Pagina 152 - FAIRHOLT'S COSTUME IN ENGLAND. A History of Dress to the End of the Eighteenth Century. Third Edition, revised, by VISCOUNT DILLON, VPSA With above 700 Engravings. 2 vols., 5*. each. ANATOMICAL DIAGRAMS FOR THE USE OF ART STUDENTS. Arranged with Analytical Notes and drawn out by JAMES M. DUNLOP, ARCA, Antique and Life Class Master, and Lecturer on Artistic Anatomy in the Glasgow School of Art.
Pagina 150 - RAPHAEL'S MADONNAS, AND OTHER GREAT PICTURES. By KARL KA"ROLY. With 9 Photogravures and 44 other Illustrations. Small colombier 8vo. 2is. net. MASTERPIECES OF THE GREAT ARTISTS, AD 14001700. By MRS ARTHUR BELL (N. D'ANVERS). With 43 Illustrations, including 8 Photogravures. Small colombier 8vo.
Pagina 148 - Handy in shape and size, wonderfully cheap, beautifully printed from the Cambridge text, and illustrated quaintly yet admirably by Mr. Byam Shaw, we have nothing but praise for it. No one who wants a good and convenient Shakespeare — without excursuses, discursuses, or even top many notes — can do better, in our opinion, than subscribe to this issue : which is saying a good deal in these days of cheap reprints.
Pagina 148 - CHISWICK SHAKESPEARE. Illustrated by BYAM SHAW. WITH INTRODUCTIONS AND GLOSSARIES BY JOHN DENNIS. This Edition of the Works of Shakespeare is being issued in single plays, each containing six full-page Illustrations by Mr. BYAM SHAW, as well as head and tailpieces. The volumes are printed at the Chiswick Press, price is.

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