A Bibliographical Account of the Principal Works Relating to English Topography, Volume 3

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R. and A. Taylor, 1818

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Pagina 1420 - Who quits a world where strong temptations try, And since 'tis hard to combat, learns to fly ! For him no wretches, born to work and weep, Explore the mine, or tempt the...
Pagina 1357 - Eboracum ; or, the History and Antiquities of the City of York, from its Original to the Present Times. Together with the History of the Cathedral Church and the Lives of the Archbishops...
Pagina 1096 - A Companion to the Guide, and a Guide to the Companion; being a complete Supplement to all the Accounts of Oxford hitherto published.
Pagina 1133 - The Oxford Sausage: Or, Select Poetical Pieces, Written by the most Celebrated Wits Of The University of Oxford.
Pagina 1467 - Yet time has seen, that lifts the low, And level lays the lofty brow, Has seen this broken pile complete, Big with the vanity of state; But transient is the smile of fate! A little rule, a little sway, A sunbeam in a winter's day, Is all the proud and mighty have Between the cradle and the grave.
Pagina 1474 - ... •The Bowman's Glory, or Archery Revived ; giving an account of the many signal favours vouchsafed to archers and archery by those renowned monarchs king Henry VIII. James, and Charles I. as by their several gracious commissions here recited may appear.' With a brief relation of the manner of archers' marching on several days of solemnity. Published by William Wood, marshal to the regiment of archers.
Pagina 1279 - Romanorura : being the History and Antiquities of the Parish of Manceter (including the Hamlets of Hartshill, Oldbury, and Atherstone) and also of the adjacent Parish of Ansley, in the County of Warwick. By the late Benjamin Bartlett, Esq. FAS Enlarged and corrected under the inspection of several gentlemen resident upon the spot.
Pagina 1370 - An Accurate Description and History Of The Metropolitan and Cathedral Churches Of Canterbury and York, From their first Foundation to the present Year. Illustrated With One Hundred and Seventeen Copper-Plates, Consisting of Different Views, Plans, Monuments, Antiquities, Arms, &c.
Pagina 1084 - The FOUNDATION of the UNIVERSITIE of OXFORD; with a Catalogue of -the principall Founders and speciall Benefactors of all the Colledges, and total Number of Students, Magistrates, and Officers therein being...
Pagina 1371 - An accurate description and history of the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St. Peter, York.— 2 vols.

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