Records of Buckinghamshire, Or, Papers and Notes on the History, Antiquities, and Architecture of the County, Together with the Proceedings of the Architectural and Archaeological Society for the County of Buckingham, Volume 8

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James Pickburn, 1903
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Pagina 271 - twould a saint provoke," (Were the last words that poor Narcissa spoke ;} " No, let a charming chintz and Brussels lace Wrap my cold limbs, and shade my lifeless face : One would not, sure, be frightful when one's dead — And — Betty — give this cheek a little red.
Pagina 72 - Particularly he loves procession,* and maintains it, because there are contained therein four manifest advantages : first, a blessing of God for the fruits of the field; secondly, justice in the preservation of bounds; thirdly, charity in loving walking and neighbourly accompanying one another, with reconciling of differences at that time, if there be any ; fourthly, mercy in relieving the poor by a liberal distribution and largess...
Pagina 127 - And here it is to be noted, that such Ornaments of the Church and of the Ministers thereof, at all Times of their Ministration, shall be retained, and be in use, as were in this Church of England, by the Authority of Parliament, in the Second Year of the Reign of King Edward the Sixth.
Pagina 188 - I know, O LORD, that thy judgments are right, and that thou in faithfulness hast afflicted me.
Pagina 435 - On such an occasion the author chanced to call to memory a rhyme recording three names of the manors forfeited by the ancestor of the celebrated Hampden, for striking the Black Prince a blow with his racket, when they quarrelled at tennis;— Tring, Wing, and Ivanhoe, For striking of a blow, Hampden did forego, And glad he could escape so.
Pagina 423 - ... yeeres, and after closed up the residue that would remeine, so that they shuld not come out of their places, and took order that no man should come to the houses of women, nor women to the houses of men, but onely to heare their service in the churches ; all religious men that departed, the abbot, or prior to give them for their habite a priestes gowne, and forty shillings of money ; the nuns to have such apparell as secular women weare, and to go wher thei wold.
Pagina 339 - The word port in port-reeve is the Latin ' porta' (not portus"), where the markets were held, and although used for the city generally seems to refer to it specially in its character of a mart or city of merchants.
Pagina 270 - Abbey in 1730, was at her express request dressed "in a very fine Brussels lace headdress, a holland shift with a tucker and double ruffles of the same lace, and a pair of new kid gloves, and was then wrapped in a winding sheet of fine linen.
Pagina 373 - Sable, on a cross engrailed argent a lion passant gules between four leopards...
Pagina 85 - Year of the Reign of His present Majesty King George the Third, intituled ' An Act for raising a Body of Miners in the Counties of Cornwall and Devon, for the Defence of tht Kingdom during the present War...

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