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Pagina 83 - Peel and cut into very small pieces three onions, three turnips, one carrot, and four potatoes, put them into a stewpan with a quarter of a pound of butter, the same of lean ham, and a bunch of parsley, pass them ten minutes over a sharp...
Pagina 104 - OR A L'ANGLAISE. PROCURE if possible a turbot conveyed by land carriage, of moderate size : the larger fish are never delicate : choose it thick and plump, open it to ascertain that the back bone is free from colour, as when it has a reddish appearance, although perfectly fresh, it is sure to boil of a bad colour. Wash the turbot, wipe it dry, and rub it over with the juice of a lemon, and a little salt; put it into a fit sized turbot-kettle, add a sufficient quantity of spring water to cover the...
Pagina 434 - Pick off the hulls of a box of strawberries, bruise them in a basin with a cup of powdered sugar; rub this through a sieve, and mix with it a pint of whipped cream and one ounce and a half of clarified isinglass or gelatine; pour the cream into a mold, previously oiled.
Pagina 202 - FOK a small entree, eight fine fat quails will suffice, bone these by making an incision in that part of the back nearest the crop, through which all the bones, &c., must be drawn out, so as to give them as much as possible the appearance of being whole. Next, fill each quail with some farce of fat livers (No. 249), and truss them with their legs turned back : be careful that the crop is securely fastened in order to prevent the stuffing from escaping — a large worsted needle and very fine twine...
Pagina 362 - ... these herbs should be previously dried for the purpose : roughly pound the spices, then place the whole of the above ingredients between two sheets of strong white paper, and after the sides have been twisted or folded over tightly, so as to prevent as much as possible the evaporation of the volatile properties of the herbs and spices, place them on a bakingsheet in the...
Pagina 195 - Fasten down the edge by bearing all around with the thumb; and then with the thumb and forefinger twist the edges of the paste over and over so as to give it a corded appearance. This pudding can be set in a steamer and steamed, or boiled. The time required for cooking is about three hours. When done, turn it out carefully on a platter and serve with a rich gravy under it. This is a very good recipe for cooking small birds.
Pagina 351 - ... wiped dry) ; season with mace, pepper-corns, and a little salt, then put the lid on the stewpan, and set the lobster to simmer very gently over a slow fire for about a quarter of an hour. After this, it must be thoroughly pounded in a mortar, rubbed through a sieve, put into small pots, steamed, and when cold, should be pressed down with the bowl of a spoon, and the surface covered with a little clarified butter. 1233. POTTED PRAWNS, OR SHRIMPS.
Pagina 325 - ... thighs, draw it out, and then pass it through the other pinion, and fasten the strings at the back; next, pass the needle through the hollow of the back, just below the thighs, thrust it again through the legs and body, and tie the strings tightly ; this will give it an appearance of plumpness.
Pagina 102 - CHICKEN PANADA. ROAST off a young fowl, take all the white parts and pound them with the crumb of a French roll soaked in broth ; dilute these with a little chicken broth (made from the remains of the roasted fowl) to the consistency of a soft batter or creamy substance ; pass it through a tammy as in preparing any other puree.
Pagina 87 - Procure a scalded calf's head, or as it is sometimes called, a turtle head, bone it in the following manner: Place the calf's head on the table with the front part of the head facing you, draw the sharp point of a knife from the back part of the head right down to the nose, making an incision down to the bone of the skull; then with the knife clear the scalp and cheeks from the bones right and left, always keeping the point of the knife elose to the bone.

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