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Pagina 280 - the ideas; they were feeble and indistinct. One recollection of terms, however, presented itself: and with the most intense belief and prophetic manner I exclaimed to Dr. Kinglake, '' Nothing exists but thoughts ; the universe is composed of impressions, ideas, pleasures, and pains.
Pagina 251 - The workmen often enter it at a temperature of 340°, walking over the iron floor with wooden clogs, which are of course charred on the surface. On one occasion Mr. Chantry, accompanied by five or six of his friends, entered the furnace, and, after remaining two minutes, they brought out a thermometer which stood at
Pagina 71 - invited one Vincenzio Romoli, who was my intimate acquaintance: he brought with him a native of Pistoia, who cultivated the black art himself. We repaired to the Colosseo, and the priest, according to the custom of necromancers, began to draw circles upon the ground, with the most impressive ceremonies imaginable: he likewise brought hither
Pagina 72 - and burning a great quantity of precious perfumes.' I, by the directions of the necromancer, again desired to be in the company . of my Angelica. The former thereupon turning to .'me, said, 'Know, they have declared that in the . .space of a month YOU shall be in her company
Pagina 73 - In this condition we staid till the bell rang' for morning prayers. The boy again told us that there remained but few devils, and these were at a great distance. When the magician had performed the rest of his ceremonies, he stripped off his gown, and took up a wallet full
Pagina 73 - is just falling upon us.' So covering his eyes with his hands, he again exclaimed, ' that destruction was inevitable, and desired to see no more.' The necromancer entreated me to have a good heart, and take care to burn proper perfumes ; upon which I turned to Romoli, and
Pagina 198 - The difficult air of the iced mountain's top, Where the birds dare not build, nor insect's wing Flit o'er the herbless granite, he would experience little difficulty in
Pagina 74 - love affairs were mere follies, from whence no good could be expected, I answered, ' That I would readily have accepted his proposal, if I understood Latin.' He redoubled his persuasions, assuring me that the knowledge of the Latin language was by no means material. He added, that he could have Latin scholars enough if he had
Pagina 49 - She described it as having all the vivid colouring and apparent reality of life; and for some hours preceding this and other visions, she experienced a peculiar sensation in her eyes, which seemed to be relieved when the vision had ceased. 8. On the 5th October, between one and two o'clock in the
Pagina 37 - however, remained in his memory, and with other subsequent observations, led him to the knowledge of his defect. He observed also that, when young, other children could discern cherries on a tree by some pretended difference of colour, though he could only distinguish them from the leaves by their difference of size and

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