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the whole object of life to be the purifying of the vehicles for the purpose of attaining the higher consciousness for the advancement of self, must be made to realize that this training was of use only as it made of man a tender-hearted sympathizing elder brother ready to extend a helping hand to the younger brethren. So David taught, even as he did in his later incarnation, that by loving service will the purification and the higher consciousness be developed through the universal love vibration, more quickly than by all the mortification of the body that can be practiced. Flesh must be conquered by Spirit, true; but the quicker and more perfect way is by forgetting self in loving service of others. The bodily control is just as truly achieved by this course, and the Buddhic faculties more surely built up, and he becomes a sweet magnetic force for real good in the world.

David, it will be remembered, ate the shew bread in the temple, symbolic of the fact that he should henceforth stand before God continually as High Priest for the people, an "High Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek” (Buddha). Who but Christ occupies this place?

In Amos ix, 9: "For lo I will command, and I will sift the House of Israel" (the fifth root race) "among all nations, like as grain is sifted, yet shall not the least kernel fall to the earth" (none shall be lost). “All the sinners of My people shall die” (be conquered) “by the sword” (by truth) “who say the evil shall not overtake us, or meet us” (who deny that an effect follows a cause, or the law of just compensation, called by the Hindoo Karma'').

II. “In that day will I raise up the tabernacle” (body) of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof” (all of His vehicles will be connected to the physical again), “and I will build it as in the days of old” (He will be in the flesh among us as of old), "and they shall possess the remnant of Edom and all the nations that are called by my name, saith Jehovah that doeth this. Behold the day shall come, saith Jehovah, that the plowman shall overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes him that soweth the seed. That is, Christ will again come among us, and under this impulse the younger races will catch up with the older ones, and all shall dwell together in harmony in the promised land of extended consciousness; that is the birthright of the whole of humanity. And David, the King, shall rule, and shall gather the material for the temple, and Solomon, Harmony, beloved of God, shall build the Temple of the Living God without the sound of a hammer or tool or any such thing. The Temple of the Living God, in which each of us may be a stone, bound together by the mortar of the universal love of the Christ within, that the Christ without has taught us to develop.

So we see the same dominant note in Jacob, the first Patriarch of the race; in Aaron, the first High Priest for the fifth root race; in Samson, the first great Judge; and in David, the first great King, that we find in the great Master of Compassion that used the body of Jesus two thousand years ago. The same great unselfish love, the same sweet and gentle compassion, the same unselfish service of others, the same unusual wisdom, the same simple, grandly heroic character going about among men only to do them good. Truly no other character in history can claim these virtues to the same degree as this One Great Ego.

Mr. Leadbeater tells us that he finds “Surya" (our Christ) thirty thousand years ago on the akasic records, and at that remote period He was even then teaching His doctrine of universal love. Two thousand years ago He came to definitely inculcate this teaching in His religious work, and mankind has slowly learned a very small part of the lesson. Some few of us have learned the meaning of unselfish love in connection with our own; possibly in some few cases we may be able to extend it even to our neighbors, but few, very few, know what true universal love means. We have learned the lesson of the lower love; it remains for us to get the conception of the higher love, the love that animates Him. Oh, the magnitude of the conception, the grandeur of the destiny ! Truly, as Jeremiah says, “Jacob is the former of all things, and Israel” (the regenerate of the race) "is the tribe of His inheritance: Jehovah of Hosts" (the God in the heart of each man) “is his name." Jer. 51-19; also Jer. 10-16.

As we gain this conception of our at-one-ment with all, then will the teachings of the dear Elder Brother be understood, and we will enter into our inheritance of the promised land of extended consciousness, that will include all planes, and the power that will be ours by right of the victories won, by right of our Sonship with the Eternal Christ our Great Elder Brother, we

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the many brethern, are all sons of the same Living God, Eternal in the heavens.

He will come again, we are told, “in clouds” (of suspicion) "and great glory” (which will be seen only by the psychic, however). Only as we have developed the Christ vibration in our own souls, will we be able to recognize Him when He does come, for be sure, beloved, in the hour that ye least expect will He appear, and unless we have our lamps trimmed and burning we shall not see who the Great One is, that passes by. Watch, beloved, for the day is at hand, and remember that always before He has appeared in the form of some oppressed people. Watch, I say unto you, WATCH, for the day is at hand.



As we glance back into the dim mysteries of the past we are often startled to see a brilliant star shining against the dark background, and almost invariably we find that he who sends forth this unusually strong radiance has the reputation of having been either a seer, a prophet, or perhaps both. We note that the tendency of man in all ages has been to bow in awe before super natural gifts, so much so that the oracles of the different religious systems controlled the affairs of the nations. Kings were crowned or deposed, nations rose or fell as the oracle dictated, and individuals frequently were guided in all of their dealings by the prophecies of the local oracle.

We are inclined to indulge in a smile at this, and attribute it all to pure superstition, but, if as Occultists tell us, great souls came from Venus in such guise to instruct infant humanity at one time, then such a state of things is understandable, and it helps us to fathom the reverence of the Oriental to this day for the dirty holy man that tempts the Westerner to kick him into the sea for a much-needed bath. It is a psychological fact, that the human mind is incapable of originating anything, and receives only what he perceives from experience, or brings through from the higher planes, building after the pattern given him in the Mount (or the higher planes), and this reverence must be the outgrowth of some racial memory. That this memory dealt with facts can hardly be denied, for error dies before long. The sacred books of the earth have come from the hands of individuals, that, in their own age, have impressed the world with their unusual psychic powers, and their real unselfish devotion to the welfare of humanity, and these messages have provided man with food for thought during the ages. To be sure we read of sporadic cases of the lower plane medium making a temporary sensation, yet, as in our own time, such manifestations make no permanent impression upon the race. The records that have stood the test of time, are those that have come from the higher planes, and because of their origin they appeal to the higher nature of man in a way not to be misunderstood.

In Ezekiel we have visions given at various times during a period of twenty-two years. We note, Chapter 1, 1, “Now it came to pass in the thirtieth year, in the fourth month, and the fifth day of the month," that thirty, the spiritual triangle, has been added to the quaternary, the physical, and it takes place in the fifth race. It will be remembered that the triangle stands for the perfect spiritual development, when topping a quaternary, or the perfected physical.

Ezekiel seems to have been one of the captives of Babylon and was stationed on the river Chebar. Whether the bondage was a real physical experience or a symbolic one, the reader may decide for himself. Babylon means “Gate of God," and Chebar means "long," so symbolically it may mean that he was resting beside the long river of wisdom that flows by the Gate of God.

He was a priest of Judah, or of the Jews, and one cannot help wondering whether he understood what he wrote, or whether, like Daniel, he would have exclaimed, “I wrote but I understood not.”

As I turn the pages of these allegories, I feel that there are depths of meaning that I am not sounding, strains of music too delicate for my ears as yet, and I hand you my conceptions in all humility, simplying saying: “It looks so to me.

to me." If you explore you may open vistas that will rival mine as the diamond outshines the quartz crystal in brilliancy; but such as I have I give you. To me it is grand, mysterious, a wonderful testimony of the Master's goodness, that I see so much as I do. As all Scripture has seven distinct meanings suited to guide man upon each of his seven planes of development, it is good for us to use our intuition to discover as much as we can of this hidden meaning. alone will we develop the most wonderful of the faculties that the Trinity has placed in our kingdom.

Let us begin at the eighth Chapter of Ezekiel. Ezekiel sat in his house on the brook, Chebar (long), and the elders of Judah, or the most evolved egos of the Jews, were with him. Ezekiel was a priest of Judah, but you notice that it is not the priests that are

In this way

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