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Abagail, father of joy (masc.).
Abominations, going against God's will.
Abijah, same as Adonis, my father is Jehovah.
Adultery, studying with many schools.
AI, heap of ruins, symbol of the fourth root race.
Ahinoam, brother of delight (masc.).
Amen, in the light of two countenances, that of God above and that of the God

Amraphel, keeper of the Gods.
Amonite, mountaineer (spiritual).
Angel, messenger, or the higher self.
Animals, ass, bear, mule, lion and others mean the animal nature.
Aaron, lofty teacher.
Arm, power:
Armor, equipment of character.
Armor bearer, the heart.
Arioch, venerable, King of Ellasar, Oak.
Arrows, words, teachings; Shafts have the same meaning.
Aryeh, Hebrew for Lion; Judah, the lion's whelp.
Aryan (aryeh), fifth root race.
Asses, common people, particularly the common people of the fourth root race.
Babes, inexperienced, those who had taken the first great Initiation.
Babylon, gate of God, or gate of Initiation, symbolically.
Baptism, the second great Initiation.
Bath-Sheba, well of the oath or daughter of the oath, or well of seven.
Beasts, animal propensities, or cruel people, people on the animal plane.
Bera, son of evil, king of Sodom.
Bethel, Temple of God (Ye are the Temples of the Living God).
Beth-peor, house of the cleft.
Bethuel, dweller in God.
Bethlehem, house of bread (spiritual bread).
Birth, first Initiation.
Birsha, son of godlessness, King of Gomorah.
Body, an organized living system, as a church or community.
Bow, strength.
Blood, natural descent. Symbolically life, “The blood is the life thereof."
Brass, judgment.
Bread, food on any plane.

Briars, or thorns, perverse or injurious persons or things.
Bride, the manifestation of the H, the creative love wisdom manifestation of

God on the four lower planes.
Brimstone and fire, great suffering on both Physical and Astral planes, some-

times destruction. Bulls, furious strong foes, or simply strong animal nature. Caanan, low-lying land. Calf, physical creative energy. Cedars, great men. Cedars of Lebanon, kings and great men. Top branches, princes and nobility.

Men of learning, godliness, and strength of character. Chaff, worthless persons. Chedorloamer, servant of justice. Chain, bondage, affliction. Christ, Messiah, the anointed one, also a degree of consciousness of the Intui

tional Plane. Circumcision, purification. Cities, races, or the extent of consciousness of a people, especially the wall of

a city, which defines the extent of the consciousness of the people.
Clean teeth, hunger.
Consort, associate with.
Copper, judgment.
Cornerstone, the basic truth of a system.
Cross, the fleshly body or a burden of any kind.
Crown (kether), an honor, or the streams of God's power that play upon man.
Cup, according to the contents, either blessings or otherwise.

Damnation, condemnation.
Darkness, inharmony, sin, ignorance.
Darkness of the sun, and moon, losing sight of Christ and Lord Jehovah.
Daughter, city, community or class in Mystery work.
David, beloved.
Day, period of time, light order, harmony.
Death, separation from God, worldliness, buried in the physical.
Dew, divine influence.
Dogs, those outside of the order spoken of, sometimes wicked people.
Door (open), opportunity.
Drunken, spiritual ecstasy.
Dust, mental matter.
Dust and ashes, human disappointment.

Eagle, great leader, high aspirations.
East, intellectuality.
Earthquake, political or spiritual revolutions.
Egypt, Physical Plane, black land, land of Cush.
Elizabeth, the oath of God.
Ephraim, double fruitfulness.

Esau, unbalanced force; sometimes the fourth and a half root race. A mon

grel race neither the one nor the other. Eye, moral or spiritual discernment. Eye of God. God has but one eye, because with Him all things are right. He

has no left side, symbolically. Face or countenance of God, the great face. Face (little face), God in the heart of man. Famine, symbol of lack of truth. Fig tree, symbol of creative force. Fire and brimstone, spiritual and physical forces. Fire, spirituality. Flood, overwhelmed. Fornication, studying foreign systems of thought. Four, complete physical, foundation. Fox, quiet unassuming teacher. Fruit, results of actions. Furnace, severe testing afflictions. Galilee, circuit. Garments, sometimes bodies, sometimes arguments. Gates, seats of power. Gates of death, peril of life. Girdle, tightened, preparation for energetic action. Transferred to another

symbol of transferred authority. Girgashites, dwellers on clay. Goats, perverse people of the Aryan stock. God's face, mercy. Face of the Son, wisdom and love. Face of the earth,

God swore, means that God lifted His hand with the sign of power.
Gold, God's wisdom, and righteousness.
Gommorah, submerged.
Grass, weak humanity.
Growth, increase in righteousness.
H. Hevah, translated Eve, Second Person of the Trinity. No matter upon

which plane it manifests.
Hail, hardened material forces.
Hagar, bondage of ignorance.
Hair, streams of God's creative energy.
Hand, power; right hand, might, place of honor.
Harlot, school of broad wisdom.
Harvest, season of privilege.
Heaven, state of consciousness of

the Intuitional Plane. Kingdom of Heaven means sometimes the Great White Lodge. Hebrews, those who have crossed over (into the new race). Heifer, physical creative activity. Hell, from root meaning to hide, hidden unseen, symbolically depths of ruin or despair.

Hittites, low people.
Herod, symbol of material power.
Horn, power, wisdom.
Horse, conquering might.
House, body.
Hunger, intense desire.
IHVH, Jehovah, the Trinity of manifestations of the Supreme; first, on the

higher planes; second, Lord Jehovah, the Great One who looks after the material welfare of the race on the Physical Plane; third, Jehovah of

Hosts, the God in the heart of every man. Incense, prayer. Burnt incense, Spiritual prayer. Ish, man; Ishah, woman or the completion of man, or his body. Israel, Aryan race, not the Jews. Also the father of the race. Israel, the prince that prevails with God. Iron, oppression. Jacob, supplanter, Aryan race, as well as the founder of the race. Jebusites, threshers. John, gift of Jehovah, teacher. Joseph, increased consciousness. Jerusalem, peace. Jesus, help of Jehovah. Judah, praised, celebrated, Jews, the sister of Israel. Jehovah, see IHVH. Lord Jehovah is used in the same sense as the Hindoo

Kadmonites, children of the east, or intellectuality.
Keys, authority, knowledge.
Kenites, smiths.
Kenizites, hunters.
Kine, animal nature, sometimes wealthy proud rulers.
Laban, White Brother.
Lamb, Christ, humility, gentleness.
Lambs, younger members of Mystery work; young Initiates.
Lamp or torch, illumination or illuminator, teacher; sometimes royal suecession.
Lawyer, expounder of Mosaic Law.
Leaven, any diffusive influence.
Leaves, outward show.
Let, hinder or prevent.
Lewdness, wickedness of any kind; villainy.
Libertine, child of a freed slave.
Life, union of the soul with God.
Light, order, harmony with God's law, knowledge, purity.
Lion, strength, boldness; sometimes the animal nature, sometimes an astro.

logical sign.
List, desire, will, like.
Locusts, multitudinous wasting enemies.
Loins girded, ready for action.

Mäia, mother Mary, (suggests Sanscrit, Maya, illusion).
Manassah, mental giants.
Manna, food from above.
Manu, father of a race, over lord of the Physical Plane.
Mansions, resting places.
Manger of stable, inmost recesses of man's heart; the inner place in his animal

nature. Marriage, union with God. Meat, food of any kind. Meat offerings consisted of only flour and oil. Mess, dish of any kind of food. Michael, like unto God. Milk, weak food; elementary truths. Mother, H, the love wisdom creative outflow of the higher planes, the mani.

festation of the Second Person of the Trinity. Mountain, Mount of Initiation, or high spiritual elevation. Myrtle, earth. Nazareth, guarded one, a seat of Mystery work. Naked, without possessions, or without bodies, without experience. Nebo, Mount of Initiation in Mysteries of Nebo. Night, darkness of mind, inharmony with God. Numbers: 1, God; 2, positive and negative, symbol of the Second Person of

the Trinity; 3, Trinity as a whole; 4, physical perfection, foundation; 5, symbol of harvest; 6, balanced Karma; 7, perfection, sacred number of completion; 8, double quaternary symbol of completion; 9, triune man, com

plete on the three planes; 10, man complete in his kingdom or aura. 666 Nero, Cæsar written in Hebrew characters. Oaks, strong teachers. Olive, regenerate man, or simply man. Olive fields, communities of men; wild olive, unregenerate man. Over against, east of. Palm tree, fruitfulness of character; sometimes air. Passover, the turning point in man's life, when he definitely turns to God, and

sprinkles the life (blood) of the Christ upon the lintels of the doorposts

of his heart.
Pestilence, purification.
Perizites, important people.
Pillar, support of a structure.
Pomegranate, fruitfulness.
Poison, falsehood, malignity.
Prevent, go before, precede.
Pharaoh, sometimes the great hierophant of Mystery work, sometimes the sym-

bol of material power.
Prophecy, expounding.
Provoke, stimulate to action.
Rachel, God's productive pupil.
Rahab, broad freedom.

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