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When the male is joined with the female they both form one complete body." P. 334, “Kabbalah."

The path of the bride 'H' is called the land of Canaan wherein Joshua found giants." (It is in the lower planes where the wisdom creative outflow makes bodies and creates forms of all kinds.) P. 334, "Kabbalah." .

When the inferior man descendeth into this world, like unto the Supernal form, in himself there are found two Spirits. Man is formed from two sides, from the right and from the left. P. 91, “Kabbalah.'

“With respect unto the right side he had the Holy Intelligences; with respect to the left side, the animal soul.” Here is the animal that man is commanded to sacrifice.

Page 316, paragraph 565: “Hence it is written (Gen. VIII, 21). And IHVH smelled a sweet savor. It is not written, He smells the odor of sacrifice. What is sweet save rest? Assuredly the Spirit at rest is the mitigation of the Lords of judgment. When therefore it is said that IHVH smelled the odor of rest, most certainly the odor of the sacrificed victim is not meant; but the odor of those mitigations of severity which are referred to the nose of “Microprosopus” (Man).

“From the nose of Microprosopus (Man) proceedeth from the one nostril smoke and fire, and from the other peace and beneficient Spirits. From the Kabbalah as translated by S. L. Mac Gregor Mathers in "Kabbalah Unveiled."

To quote a few lines of the “Kabbalah" as translated by Dr. Wilson: “The 'Most Holy Ancient One' is found to have three heads, which are contained in one head. (His manifestation is triune.) And he Himself is that only highest Supreme Head."

“And since He the Most Holy Ancient One is thus symbolized in the triad all other lights which shine are included in triads."

Moreover the Most Holy Ancient One is symbolized by the duad (positive and negative), 80 also all the remaining lights are mystically divided into duads."

“Furthermore the ‘Most Holy Ancient One’ is symbolized and concealed under the conception of unity, for He Himself is One and all things are one.

So Moses said to the people, “Hear, Oh Israel, There is one God; Him only shalt thou worship.” He wanted to inculcate in

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them the understanding of the unity that it is the destiny of the Aryan race to understand.

The Hindoo loved deep metaphysical speculation, but the Aryan race was to live an active life, and the great secrets of the beginning of things are given in a few terse words in Genesis. First, the perfect thought form of Elohim is given in Ch. I, then in Ch. II, beginning with fourth verse, we see the great Lord Jehovah starting humanity on its evolutionary path on this planet, by which it may attain the perfection foreseen in the first chapter when God saw it and it was Good.

The Theosophists tell us that our humanity evolved up to the human form upon the Moon chain, and the Bible shows that the egos were human, because the Lord Jehovah made a body for Man. He was already man and the Lord Jehovah makes him a body of the dust, or finer, etheric, particles of the lower planes, or mental matter.

This will be brought out more fully in other chapters, but the first glimpse given us is so very brief, that one must turn to other Scriptures to get a full conception of the depth of meaning of the cryptic phrases. A deep study, however, shows that they contradict no scientific fact that has been proven, nor do they contradict other Scriptural accounts. It is all there, but it is evidently not the work of the Aryan race to dwell upon that great beginning so much as to consider the path he is to take to attain to the greatest degree of usefulness. The typical steps of the race in their progress is well marked out, and, if we study the symbolic meaning of the allegories we will find a clear story of the great plan of the Infinite for our salvation, which is a story of evolution; and the hopeful part of it is, that we are given time enough to accomplish it.

In this entirely inadequate review the writer has endeavored to give the reader a few of the facts that throw light upon the inner meaning of the Scriptures of the Hebrew (those who have crossed over), and in the succeeding chapters will bring out other points that will help, as the interpretation of passages call for them.

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Although many of these points are brought out in some of the other chapters, perhaps it would be wise to give a connected account of the creation in as few words as possible, as it reads symbolically, as so many have had serious trouble with these first few chapters of our Bible.

All translators seem to agree that there are two accounts of the creation given in Genesis, and that the one in the second chapter seems to be by far the older of the two. It seems very probable that the first chapter was not written until the Great Ones met in Babylon in the time of Ezra to compile the Scripture for the new Aryan race. As was fitting in a work of that kind, in a few terse sentences the origin of things was shown.

From occult sources we learn that all things that appear upon the Physical Plane must first appear upon the Mental Plane. To make the statement so plain that it may be readily grasped by a mind that has not studied along these lines, no house, or anything else, can be built until it has been clearly planned in the mind of the architect. As he conceives of this plan and perfects it in his mind he builds it upon the Mental Plane. God's thoughts are supposed to rest upon the Cosmic Mental Plane. When the Builder needs them we are told that He brings them down.

So in the first chapter of Genesis we find the perfected thought form of the Logos (God) in his seven-fold expression, showing the perfected patterns of all the seven great kingdoms of nature, as they will ultimately become when their evolution is complete.

The Kabbalah gives us the key to this in the words “Moses was perfect from the very day of his birth, seeing it is written, Ex. II, 2. “And she saw him that he was good.'” Page 197, paragraph 694. If the mother of Moses pronouncing him good meant that he was perfect from his birth, and Occultists tell us this was

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indeed true, as he was perfected upon the Moon Chain, then how much more certain is it that when God looked upon his creations and pronounced them good it meant that they were present to His mind as they were to become when the whole course of their long evolution shall have been accomplished. Is it not reasonable to suppose that it was the perfected pattern that He pronounced good? We certainly realize that at the present stage there is nothing perfect. All is in a stage of evolution towards perfection.

In “Inner Life,” Vol. II, page 162, Mr. Leadbeater says: “The Logos has thought out the whole life of His system, not only as it is now, but as it has been every moment in the past, and as it will be every moment in the future. And His thought calls into existence that of which He thinks. These thought forms are said to be on the Cosmic Mental Plane,--two whole sets of seven planes above our set of seven. Thus we may say that on the Cosmic Mental Plane the whole system was called into existence simultaneously by that thought, -an act of special creation."

Let us look at that word “Elohim,” the word that is translated God, or Jehovah, according to the version. Elohim is a feminine noun with a masculine plural ending, and might be translated abstractly, power and creative wisdom; or it may mean the great creative agents of the Infinite. At any rate, it is plural.

In the first chapter we find Elohim creating, and in the second chapter it is the Lord Jehovah who is carrying on the work. However the word bârâ (create) is used but three times in the first chapter of Genesis : first as to the origin of matter, second as to the origin of life, and third as to the origin of man's soul. All other things are said to be made (re-formed).

In spite of the most determined efforts the scientists have not been able to prove the stages of creation as given in Genesis i to be erroneous. They practically agree with the nebular hypothesis as worked out scientifically. First, "In the beginning Elohim created."

Science has nothing to say about that beginning. Second, fine gaseous matter, too fine to reflect light; third, gas condenses into liquid; fourth, light, liquid reflects light; fifth, mist rises from the water and a space is left between the water above, and the water below; sixth, great upheavals of land; seventh, grass, herbs, fruit trees; eighth, the mist gets less dense, and the sun, moon, and stars appear; ninth, living creatures begin to swarm in the waters and birds begin to fly; tenth, cattle and beasts of the field; eleventh, Man; twelfth, God. (The Hebrew always begins and ends with God.) This is now generally conceded as the probable sequence of events.

But in reading this inner story forget all about days of twenty-four hours each, and read “evening of inharmony and morning of harmony to God's will, one day, or one period of time. There is no time upon the Plane where these thought forms of Divinity lie. Great periods of time are involved all now know, but how much time can never be known until the end. Science and Occultism have forced the narrow minded to accept the truth in regard to the great periods of time that must have elapsed, to have accomplished so much as has been done, so far, in the great evolutionary march, but it is impossible for the human mind to conceive of the periods involved.

The first chapter ending with the third verse of the second chapter gives us the perfected thought form of the Great Architect of the Universe, complete even to the smallest detail of what the destiny of the planet and all of its multitudinous creatures shall be when they shall have completed their long evolutionary journey.

In the second chapter, beginning with the fourth verse, we find the Great Master Builder, the Lord Jehovah, beginning His work, for to Him was given the great task of starting the evolu. tionary march. The symbol of this Great One is always the Moon. Occultists tell us He was the Regent of the great Moon Chain. “Perfect from His birth,” He is the Seed Manu of the Theosophist.

The Lord Jehovah's first work is to give to man a body in which to manifest. We find the egos of humanity lying upon the

. Buddhic Plane. They are already human, having reached that stage of evolution upon the Moon Chain. The Lord Jehovah builds man a body of the dust (the Kabbalah says “of the finer etheric matter,” evidently of the mental matter). He forms the body out of the atomic matter of the Mental Plane but must call upon the second breath, or Spirit, or the Second Great Outpouring before it can become a “Living Soul,” not a physical body.

The first breath was given when Elohim breathed upon the face of the waters, and impregnated all matter with the Holy Spirit and brought forth the atomic structure of all planes, but no forms can be brought forth without the attractive force of the

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