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brightest intelligences, the purest characters, to take birth in the forms he is evolving. When he had established the type of his race, he led them southward to Central Asia, and there another age-long halt was made from which in the course of ages several streams issued. Of these emigrations we will speak in another chapter.'

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Let us look at the two covenants of Abram and see what we find in the symbolic reading. Remember we do not for one moment assume that Abram was not a real personage, for we know that he was, and believe that in him we identify the Master Moro that to the Theosophist means so much. But the allegories have spiritual meanings that bring out definite stages in the development of the race as well as the development of the individual of whom it was primarily written.

Noah (if we are right), being the great seed Manu of the fifth root race, and Abraham the coming Manu of the sixth root race, serving under his great leader, then the stories of Abram stand out with startling clearness.

The reader will remember that Abram has just returned from rescuing Lot from his captivity in the mountain. Undoubtedly from the meaning of the names used, this was a great religious struggle, and Lot had gone into retirement upon spiritual heights. The word is brought to Abram as he is dwelling with the "oaks, or strong teachers of “Mamre.” Now note, he takes 318 men of his household, -318 is the number of Jesus, and indicates purification,-he takes as his allies Mamre (manly), Eschol (courage), Aner (youth). So he takes purity (318), manliness, courage and youth, and he divides his forces at night, or leaves his physical body and goes out in his astral body to Lot to plead for his return to the lower plane people. All through the ages we see the Manu in his love for the common people pleading for the great spiritual leaders not to hide themselves in monasteries, but to stay among the people for teachers. He prevails and brings Lot back to the cities. When the king of Sodom, or the Physical Plane, tries to reward him he uses a figure of speech that Roberts tells us is still


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commonly used in India today, which shows the locality from which the story is derived: “I will not take a thread or a shoelatchet,' or the price of a worn sandal thong. But he wants due reward given to youth, bravery and manliness, which is the real cause of the spiritual opportunity being given them.

On the way back he meets Melchizedek, “King of Righteousness,

Prince of Peace. The ancient Jews claimed that Mel. chizedek was a son of Shem. A reincarnation of a person is sometimes spoken of as a son. Undoubtedly Melchizedek was an incarnation of Shem, or of the Buddha, while he was serving as the Bodhisattva, or the Christ, of the fourth root race. Abraham offers tithes to this Great One, who is spoken of as being a High Priest forever, without beginning of life or end of days, and of whom it was spoken when it was said of our Christ, “He shall be an High Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek." Mel. chizedek blesses Abraham in the name of El Elion (God the Mighty One), and Abram speaks of his protector being the Lord Jehovah; that is, he is a Manu and he bows before the Christ.

While he is with the great teachers he has a vision in which the Lord Jehovah appears to him and promises him all the land, or all the physical world, for his seed, and the people to cover it. The reader will notice that at this covenant the slain bodies of animals are used to signify that it is a Physical Plane contract, and that his animal nature must be offered up to God, (Heiffer); his rebellious sins (goat); and work in harmony with the Christ (ram), the lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world; to transmute the lower nature into the higher spiritual, as symbolized by the turtle dove (IH, creative wisdom of higher planes); and pigeon (the symbol of creative energy of lower planes, VH.)

It is really a covenant to conquer his lower nature and assist man to reach the point where he will look to the Christ for assistance to reach the goal of victory over the flesh.

His heirs, or his great fellow laborer, or laborers, ultimately shall come from his line, Isaac (an incarnation or a type of Him who is afterwards known as Jesus), and Jacob (afterwards known as the Christ). Here is the Trinity of the Great Ones who are to assist humanity through its long journey on the way to its eternal destiny, the Manu of the sixth root race; Jesus, a type of the Masters (the

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help of Jehovah); and Christ the Bodhissattva (Messiah) of the fifth root race. At the time of this covenant the Great Manu of the fifth root race is in charge of things of the VH degree of work, and the Buddha is filling the office of the Christ in the H degree.

This prophecy is brought out in verse 13, “Know of a surety that thy seed shall be sojourners in a land that is not theirs”; that is, shall live in the land of the fifth root race for a time, for four hundred years, or through four sub-races, will the sixth root race be living among the fifth race people who will not understand or will afflict them, but they will come out of the fifth root race with great substance (great wisdom), “And in the fourth generation they shall come hither again." That is, the sixth root race will begin to differentiate from the fifth root race in the fifth sub-race, and they will stay among the fifth root race until the first sub-race of the sixth root race is completed, then that will bring them up to the point of development in the new race that you Abraham represent now. And a smoking furnace, symbolic of the physical, and a flaming torch, symbolic of the spiritual, passed between the pieces, consummating the covenant after the ancient fashion. Now comes another promise and another covenant; this time it is not the material things that Jehovah sees, but because of all that this covenant implies He foresees that the true inheritance of the seed of Abraham will be all the land, or planes of consciousness between the river of Egypt, or the river of wisdom on the Physical Plane, and the great and abounding river, the river Euphrates, the wisdom of the Buddhic Plane. In other words, they shall ultimately conquer all of the planes of consciousness. It is the destiny of the fifth root race to fully develop the mental faculties, destined for this round, but the sixth root race will develop the higher mental and Buddhic faculties.

Sarai (my princess) is yet in the bondage of the flesh, so of her handmaid Hagar is born Ishmael, the child of the flesh, destined not to be circumcised, or to begin purifying his vehicles till the race reaches puberty; but his time will also come, so that his hand will no longer be turned against every man and every man's hand against him, because his mother, or his race, at once starts for the well of wisdom in the wilderness of ignorance, and “Jehovah seeth, yea and Jehovah careth for them, and will truly bring them forth into the promised land in due season. (They will also be brought into full consciousness of all the planes in due time.)

Ishmael was born when Abraham was four-score, perfected quarternary, symbolic of the perfected physical, and six, symbolic of physical but balanced karma. But when he was ninety years old and nine, here the triplicities are suggested in the age, three threes, and three threes, suggesting complete development of the triune nature; at this time he has another vision. This time it is El Shaddai, the Almighty God, the God of the higher planes, who speaks. Abraham is old, therefore symbolically pure. He has conquered the animal propensities, and is here given a second Initiation, for he receives his new name. Abram becomes Abraham, and Sarai becomes Sarah. “Be thou perfect" is the command. The Great One will give him the “land of his sojourning," the land of Canaan, or the four planes of consciousness for his inheritance. His covenant is to be an everlasting covenant, and the sign of this covenant is not slain animals but circumcision, a sign of purification.

Abram exalted Father becomes Abraham the father of multitudes; Sarai becomes Sarah, free princess, a princess no longer bound by the physical, but free to bring forth the child of the Spirit, the happy, laughing Isaac; happy because of the prospect of the happy upward tendency of the race. He is happy because he can be of service to the race. He, the help of Jehovah, is to train the race to develop the purity of life that will enable them to give birth to the Christ Child in the cave of their hearts. Happy, laughing Isaac, ultimately to become the scapegoat of the race in the most literal manner. I am assuming, of course, that Isaac was an incarnation of the entity whom we call Jesus. To my mind this is plainly indicated by the fact that Abraham circumcised 318 men in his household, the number of Jesus. Isaac, Jesus is the Spiritual son of Abraham, and Jacob (Christ), of Jesus. The Manu, or Abraham, is the manifestation of IHVH in the flesh, in the VH department of work; Jesus develops the H, or the higher creative energy, or wisdom; and Christ brings the father I, God into the Trinity of Manifestations, making the perfect whole, IHVH, Jehovah, the perfected Christ, the Messiah. God limited Himself to manifest. In Christ he has conquered

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