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that symbol of the Christ Man, where it will stay the flood, and so long as that symbol is placed in a prominent place before the people the waters are kept back. Crossing through the bed of the river, twelve rocks (Masters of Compassion) are picked up, or developed by the struggle, and twelve more are found on the other side, just as they came up out of the river. So here are twentyfour Masters of Compassion given in the Bible as being the result of this struggle against the tide of desire.

Before this Moses had gone up into the Mount of God, and he got revelations he could not give to the people because they were not ready, so he established Mystery work and transmitted the Spoken Law to Joshua, who in turn gave it to the forty receivers or elders, and these in turn communicated the same to those who qualified themselves to receive it.

All through the ages has this been done, but after the destruction of the second temple an effort was made to embody this teaching in a set of allegories that should hide while yet telling these truths to the initiated eye. We call this book the “Kabbalah.” It is doubtful if we yet perceive more than a fraction of the meaning hidden there.

So we see these Moses stories are telling us the occult secrets by which we may conquer flesh, and also reveal to us the great fact that loving elder brothers are standing ever ready to assist the race, no matter at what altitude the individual may stand; loving hands are ever ready to assist him, loving hearts ever ready to sympathize with him. The Passover we see is not only a Jewish historical point, but is a point of universal significance, being no less a place than the point when the spirit has definitely and consciously conquered the flesh up to the point of turning its back upon the downward course, and turning its face consciously to the Father who sent it.



Reincarnation is a doctrine little understood in western lands. To the average Christian it means a belief in the return of the human soul into the forms of animals or some of the lower kingdoms. This, however, is not the sense in which it is used by Occultists today.

It is recognized that such things as obsessions do occur sometimes, just as monstrosities are sometimes born, but such cases are abnormal.

The tide of evolution is ever onward and upward. It is not God's law that a decent animal should be polluted by a degenerate human entity.

Science has traced the evolution of the human body up through the lower kingdoms, but, as Mrs. Besant has said, they have not given us the evolution of man when they have given us the evolution of the body, because the body is not the man, it is only the dress he wears; there must also be the evolution of the intellect, and of the soul, before the evolution of man can be said to have been given; this the doctrine of reincarnation supplies.

Reincarnation is found in all of the older religions, the Hebrew and early Christian included, as any one can prove who will take the pains to read the writings of the early Church Fathers. The foolish notions begotten in ignorance, to be found among the lower classes of the Orient today naturally repel the American or the Englishman, but if one will but seek the underlying truth he will at once see the reasonableness of the assumption.

Many of the clergy are today convinced of the truth of this doctrine, but not many dare to state it plainly because of the intolerance of their people. For that reason the writer refrains from quoting many hints that have been dropped by noted clericals that indicate their broad views along these lines. It is unnecessary to make trouble for others to prove our argument.

Science has demonstrated that according to the age he is destined to live, will be the time that it takes an animal to reach maturity. The insect reaches full maturity in an hour, and dies in a day; the dog is full grown in a year, and lives a dozen years or more; the horse matures in three or four years and lives twenty-five or thirty years; the elephant takes many years to mature and lives hundreds of years; so, also, man's physical body falls into line, and uses a proportionate time to prepare for its earthly existence. The law seems to be uniform, and, as above so below; therefore, may we not reason that the soul or mental body must have an opportunity to build the body for the Eternal Spirit to manifest in commensurate with the age to which it is expected to live?

The soul cannot be said to be really immortal, that is, the mental body, for that is what the Hebrew meant by the soul when he spoke of body, soul, and Spirit, and will in time slip off to allow the Spirit to mount higher than it can follow, but so long as the Spirit needs it to manifest in upon the lower planes, it will survive, and that to us, in our present state of evolution, is practically immortality. If this one life is all that we have to look forward to, and if all of our eternal future depends upon the use we make of this one life, then we are “of all men most miserable,” for, with the most of us, about all that we really accomplish is to gain a realization of how far we fall short of the ideal, nor can we see anyone whom we can feel at all sure has attained to the desired point of perfection.

How can God be proven to be just, allowing, as He does, children to be born under all sorts of varying conditions in all sorts of places, with all sorts of parents, if He then stipulates that all must believe exactly the same things or be lost? If one life is all there is, the thing is impossible; but if the child in the slums is there because in some other life he caused others to suffer that very same trouble, and needs to find out how it feels to be treated that way, then one can see the justice of the dealing. If each life is a day in school, and if all have the chance to ultimately pass, if they will but do their part, there is a satisfaction in contemplating the scheme. The grandeur of it grows upon one as he studies it, and a new feeling of brotherhood grows up in one's heart.


Christ showed that He understood the doctrine and did not condemn it, when he asked Peter who men said that He was ? Peter said, Some say Elias, and some say some of the other prophets. But who do you say that I am? Luke ix, 13, 20; Mark viii, 27, 29. “And Peter answering said unto Him, Thou art the Messiah.”

“When talking of John, He said plainly: “This is Elijah, that was to come; he that hath ears to hear let him hear.” Matt. XIV, 13, 16 and xvII, 10, 13. That is, those who understand the

, Mysteries will understand this matter, but He cautions the disciples not to speak of it.

So also is the case of the blind man when the question was asked, “Did this man sin or his parents ?” for of course a man born blind could not have sinned before his birth, unless he had lived before. Had the question been foolish He would not have answered as He did, but He seems to have recognized the justice of the question, and explains that in that case neither had sinned. John ix, 1, 3.

In James III, 6, we read of the “wheel of birth,” some of the versions make it read the “wheel of nature, " but one will usually find "birth" in the margin, when it is put that way.

The resurrection of the body, to suffer the penalty of the sins done in the body, as given in the Christian creed, no doubt refers to this understanding, as it was held in the early church.

Our only object in stating these things is to prepare the mind to see the indications of the proof of this docerine in the allegories as we proceed. Let us see if we can not identify some of the incarnations of the Great Ones that we know best, in these ancient stories.

The writer makes no claim to be able to read the akasic records, and if any one has done so to seek for these lives, she is ignorant of the fact; but she feels impressed with the conviction that she has discovered some incarnations that will stand the test of occult investigation, and perhaps a good many. At any rate, it is interesting to study the indications, whether they be the real incarnations or be used simply as types for our instruction.

We are told that a Great Soul who has incarnated many times to assist mankind, is called by the Hindoos the “Manu, and that in the fifth sub-race of the fourth root race he started to gather the most advanced of the race to start the new fifth

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root race (the Aryan race). In our Bible we find in Genesis, , Lord Jehovah given, and Noah, a "man righteous and perfect in his generation, who walked with God." In Moses, we find a great Law Giver like the Manu of the Hindoo, in Enoch (Initiator) one “who walked with God and was not for God took him” (or who was buried in the inner Mystery work of the time); in Samuel, another Initiator, or anointer, and in Zerrubbable also a great Initiator, his name means one who was born at the gate of God, or at the gate of Initiation. If there is anything in reincarnation then these names have a deeper significance than is apparent from casual reading. May they not all be incarnations of the Manu or his assistants ?

In Shem, in Melchizedek, and in Jonathan there are many indications that remind one of the Buddha.

In Israel, in Aaron, in Samson, and in David we may see our blessed Master Christ. “I am the root (Israel), and the offspring (in Jesus' body) of David, his bright and morning star." (The first of the race to show the star of Initiation.)

"Thus saith Jehovah, if My covenant of night and day stand not, if I have not appointed the ordinances of heaven and earth; then will I also cast away the seed of Jacob, and of David my servant (note, my servant, not my servants), so that I will not take his seed (again the singular, evidently one person is referred to as Jacob” and “David'') to be rulers over the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”

Let us see if we cannot find Jesus in his other incarnations as mentioned in the Bible, as Isaac, as Joshua with Moses, as Joshua the High Priest of Beth Shemish, and as Joshua the High

Priest in Zach. III, 6, 19: “In those days, and at that time I will cause a branch of righteousness to grow up unto David; and he shall execute justice and righteousness in the land. Jer. 23, 5.

A branch to grow up from the Lord Jehovah to David, who fits in here like Jesus, whose name means Jehovah's helper, growing up to David, forming a branch with the Christ?

We are told by Occultists that our Christ is to be succeeded by the Master K. H., who is to act as the Christ of the sixth root race even as Christ succeeded the Buddha. Let us see if we find Master K. H. in Lot, in Joseph, in Eleazar, in Solomon, and in John the Beloved ?

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