Disability Discourse

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McGraw-Hill Education (UK), 1 feb 1999 - 226 pagine
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This book draws upon personal narratives, rhetoric, material discourse, cultural representation, ethnography and contextual studies, international contributors seek to emphasize the multi-dimensional and multi-functional nature of disability language in an attempt to further inform our understanding of disability and to locate disability more firmly within contemporary mainstream social and cultural theory.

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Chapter 1 Reclaiming discourse in disability studies
Personal narratives
The social creation of disability identity
Cultural discourses
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Mairian Corker is a part-time Senior Research Fellow in Deaf and Disability Studies at the University of Central Lancashire. She is author of numerous publications including Deaf Transitions (Jessica Kingsley Publishers) and Deaf and Disabled or Deafness Disabled? (Open University Press), editor of Deaf Worlds and an Executive Editor of Disability and Society.

Sally French is a part-time Lecturer in the Department of Health Studies at Brunel University. She also works as a freelance writer, researcher and physiotherapist. She has written and edited numerous articles and books relating to Disability Studies, including Disabling Barriers, Enabling Environments (Sage, in association with The Open University) and On Equal Terms (Butterworth-Heinemann).

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