Being One: Finding Our Self in Relationship

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Sentient Publications, 2002 - 133 pagine
A new paperback edition of a book that offers us a path through the pain of problematic relationships to the love that is already ours. Harrison reminds us that we are already in relationship with everyone and everything; our problem is that we think we are separate and, in fact, are addicted to our separation. He does not suggest one more 'better way to relate', but points out that the clutter of solutions to relationship problems simply adds to the burden. We spend our lives looking for something that is right in front of us -- our inherent oneness, our sense of connection and love. Giving up the attempt to construct relationship through any traditional maneuver reveals the fact of unity -- and allow us to find our Self in relationship. Harrison sheds light on the meaning of our quest for love and relationship in all aspects of human life: marriage, family, work, and more.

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Steven Harrison has studied a wide variety of meditation and spiritual practices and is an international speaker on spirituality and the conscious life. He is a founder of All Together Now International, a charitable organisation that provides aid to street children and the destitute in South Asia, and The Living School, a learning community in Boulder, Colorado.

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