The New Hymn Book: Designed for Universalist Societies

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Whittemore, 1836 - 416 pagine

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Pagina 257 - ' That saw the Lord arise ! Welcome to this reviving breast, And these rejoicing eyes ! 2 The King himself comes near, And feasts his saints to-day ; Here we may sit, and see him here, And love, and praise, and pray.
Pagina 230 - So shall my walk be close with God, Calm and serene my frame ; So purer light shall mark the road That leads me to the Lamb.
Pagina 106 - THIS is the day the Lord hath made, He calls the hours his own ; Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad, And praise surround the throne. 2 To-day he rose, and left the dead, And Satan's empire fell; To-day the saints his triumph spread, And all his wonders tell. 3 Hosanna to th' anointed King, To David's holy Son ; Help us, O Lord, — descend, and bring Salvation from thy throne.
Pagina 73 - Israel keep when dangers rise. 3 No burning heats by day, Nor blasts of evening air, Shall take my health away, If God be with me there : Thou art my Sun, and thou my Shade, To guard my head by night or noon.
Pagina 11 - Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take, The clouds ye so much dread Are big with mercy, and shall break In blessings on your head.
Pagina 120 - People and realms of every tongue Dwell on his love with sweetest song, And infant voices shall proclaim Their early blessings on his name. Blessings abound where'er he reigns; The prisoner leaps to loose his chains, The weary find eternal rest, And all the sons of want are blest.
Pagina 351 - THE Lord descended from above, And bowed the heavens most high ; And underneath his feet he cast The darkness of the sky. 2 On cherub and on cherubim, Full royally he rode ; And on the wings of mighty winds Came flying all abroad.
Pagina 48 - Thine eye commands, with piercing view, My rising and my resting hours. My heart and flesh, with all their powers. 2 My thoughts, before they are my own, Are to my God distinctly known ; He knows the words I mean to speak, Ere from my opening lips they break. 3 Within thy circling power I stand ; On every side I find thy hand ; Awake, asleep, at home, abroad, I am surrounded still with God.
Pagina 29 - Till death and glory raise the song. u 2 The wings of every hour shall bear Some thankful tribute to thine ear ; And every setting sun shall see New works of duty, done for thee.
Pagina 15 - T'HE Lord Jehovah reigns; -*- His throne is built on high : The garments He assumes, Are light and majesty : His glories shine with beams so bright, No mortal eye can bear the sight. 2 The thunders of His hand Keep the wide world in awe : His wrath and justice stand To guard His holy law : And where His love resolves to bless, His truth confirms and seals the grace. 3...

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