Patents for Invention: Abridgements of Specifications Relating to Printing, Including Therein the Production of Copies on All Kinds of Materials, (excepting Felted and Textile Fabrics,) by Means of Types, Stereotype, Blocks, Plates, Stone, Dies, Stencil Plates, Paper Writings, Electrochemicals, and Light

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G.E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode, printers to the Queen's most excellent Majesty, 1859 - 642 pagine
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Pagina 14 - An Inquiry into the Origin and Early History of Engraving upon copper and in wood. With an account of Engravers and their works from the invention of Chalcography by Maso Finiguerra to the time of Marc
Pagina 34 - AN ACCOUNT OF A METHOD OF COPYING PAINTINGS UPON GLASS, and of making Profiles, by the agency of Light upon Nitrate of Silver.
Pagina 83 - An act for the encouragement of learning, by vesting the copies of printed books in the authors or purchasers of such copies...
Pagina 37 - Act, or any part thereof, in nowise extend or be prejudicial of any let, hurt, or impediment to any artificer or merchant stranger, of what nation or country he be or shall be of, for bringing into this realm, or selling by retail or otherwise, of any manner of books written or imprinted.
Pagina 84 - An artificial machine or method for the impressing or transcribing of letters singly or progressively one after another, as in writing, whereby all writings whatsoever may be engrossed in paper or parchment so neat and exact as not to be distinguished from print...
Pagina 129 - Newspaper, which were taken off last night by a mechanical apparatus. A system of machinery, almost organic, has been devised and arranged, which, while it relieves the human frame of its most laborious efforts in printing, far exceeds all human powers in rapidity and despatch.
Pagina 77 - English itself to a clean contrary and different sense, unknown to any but the correspondent, and not to be read or understood by him neither, if opened before it arrive unto him ; so that neither threats, nor hopes of reward, can make him reveal the secret, the letter having been intercepted, and first opened by the enemy.
Pagina 3 - Patents are now so numerous and costly as to render their purchase inconvenient to a large number of inventors and others, to whom they have become indispensable. To obviate this difficulty, short abstracts or abridgments of the Specifications of Patents under each head of invention...
Pagina 11 - Annals of the coinage of Great Britain and its dependencies ; from the earliest period of authentic history to the reign of Victoria.

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