Cities of Central Italy, Volume 1

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Smith, Elder, & Company, 1884

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Pagina 296 - Insuperable height of loftiest shade, Cedar, and pine, and fir, and branching palm, A sylvan scene; and as the ranks ascend Shade above shade, a woody theatre Of stateliest view.
Pagina 222 - O spirit that man's life left pure, Man's death set free, Not with disdain of days that were Look earthward now ; Let dreams revive the reverend hair, The imperial brow ; Come back in sleep, for in the life Where thou art not We find none like thee. Time and strife And the world's lot Move thee no more ; but love at least And reverent heart May move thee, royal and released, Soul, as thou art.
Pagina 186 - I' vidi per le coste e per lo fondo Piena la pietra livida di fori IV un largo tutti, e ciascuno era tondo. Non mi parien meno ampi nè maggiori Che quei che son nel mio bel san Giovanni Fatti per luogo de
Pagina 280 - Through optic glass the Tuscan artist views At evening from the top of Fesole Or in Valdarno, to descry new lands, Rivers, or mountains, in her spotty globe.
Pagina 108 - There, too, the Goddess loves in stone, and fills * The air around with beauty ; we inhale The ambrosial aspect, which, beheld, instils Part of its immortality ; the veil Of heaven is half undrawn ; within the pale We stand, and in that form and face behold What mind can make, when Nature's self would And to the fond idolaters of old [fail ; Envy the innate flash which such a soul could mould : L.
Pagina 268 - In a villa overhanging the towers of Florence, on the steep slope of that lofty hill crowned by the mother city the ancient Fiesole, in gardens which Tully might have envied, with Ficino, Landino and Politian at his side, he delighted his hours of leisure with the beautiful visions of Platonic philosophy, for which the summer stillness of an Italian sky appears the most congenial accompaniment.
Pagina 316 - Li ruscelletti, che de' verdi colli Del Casentin discendon giuso in Arno, Facendo i lor canali e freddi e molli, Sempre mi stanno innanzi, e non indarno ; Che 1' imagine lor via più m' asciuga, Che il male, ond' io nel volto mi discarno. La rigida giustizia, che mi fruga, Tragge cagion del luogo, ov' io peccai, A metter più gli miei sospiri in fuga.
Pagina 194 - Nor then forget that chamber of the dead, Where the gigantic shapes of Night and Day, Turned into stone, rest everlastingly ; Yet still are breathing, and shed round at noon A twofold influence, — only to be felt — A light, a darkness, mingling each with each ; Both, and yet neither. There, from age to age, Two ghosts arc sitting on their sepulchres.
Pagina 169 - For sovereign hope, which in his help he had : Right faithful true he was in deed and word ; But of his cheer did seem too solemn sad : Yet nothing did he dread, but ever was ydrad.
Pagina 45 - Come un poco di raggio si fu messo Nel doloroso carcere, ed io scorsi Per quattro visi il mio aspetto stesso, Ambo le mani per dolor mi morsi ; E quei, pensando eh...

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