Jean Prouvé and Charles and Ray Eames: Constructive Furniture

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Vitra Design Museum GmbH, 31 lug 2013 - 80 pagine
In the fields of design, architecture, and engineering, Jean Prouvé (1901-1984) is widely considered one of the most versatile and innovative designers of the 20th century. Yet surprisingly, only a relatively small number of collectors and cognoscente outside France are familiar with his work. Alongside Charles and Ray Eames, to whose oeuvre Vitra has dedicated itself since 1957, Jean Prouvé can truly be considered the second major "constructor" in 20th century design. The small book delves into the manifest differences between the Eames' work and Prouvé's designs - differences that are quite evidently the product of the respective technological climate in which these marvelous designers were active. For many years now, the Vitra Design Museum collection has focused on Jean Prouvé as well as Charles and Ray Eames.

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