Encyclopędia of Antiquities: And Elements of Archaeology, Classical and Medięval, Volume 2

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J. Nichols and Son, 1825 - 955 pagine

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Pagina 593 - In the city of Gloucester the manner is (as I think it is in other like corporations) that, when players of enterludes come to...
Pagina 578 - They cut a square trench in the ground, leaving the turf in the middle ; on that they make a fire of wood, on which they dress a large caudle of eggs, butter, oatmeal, and milk, and bring, besides the ingredients of the caudle, plenty of beer and whiskey : for each of the company must contribute something.
Pagina 579 - ... particular being, the supposed preserver of their flocks and herds, or to some particular animal, the real destroyer of them: each person then turns his face to the fire, breaks off a knob, and flinging it over his shoulders, says, "This I give to thee, preserve thou my horses; this to thee, preserve thou my sheep; and so on.
Pagina 579 - This I give to thee, O fox ! spare thou my lambs; this to thee, O hooded crow ! this to thee, O eagle !' When the ceremony is over, they dine on the caudle; and after the feast is finished, what is left is hid by two persons deputed for that purpose; but on the next Sunday they re-assemble, and finish the reliques of the first entertainment.
Pagina 513 - And Jacob rose up early in the morning, and took the stone that he had put for his pillows, and set it up for a pillar, and poured oil upon the top of it.
Pagina 595 - At Crawley's Booth, over against the Crown Tavern in Smithfield, during the time of Bartholomew Fair, will be presented a little Opera, called the Old Creation of the World, yet newly revived ; with the addition of Noah's food.
Pagina 593 - Security, wherein was personated a King or some great Prince, with his Courtiers of several kinds, among which three Ladies were in special grace with him, and they, keeping him in delights and pleasures, drew him from his graver Counsellors, hearing of sermons, and listening to good...
Pagina 595 - Also, several fountains playing water during the time of the play. The last scene does present Noah and his family coming out of the Ark, with all the beasts two and two, and all the fowls of the air seen in a prospect sitting upon trees.
Pagina 954 - Berkeley Manuscripts: Abstracts and Extracts of Smyth's Lives of the Berkeleys, illustrative of Ancient Manners and the Constitution, including all the Pedigrees in that ancient Manuscript. To which are annexed, a copious History of the Castle and Parish of Berkeley, consisting of matter never before published ; and Biographical Anecdotes of Dr. Jenner, his Interviews with the Emperor of Russia,
Pagina 593 - ... blow upon the cradle, whereat all the courtiers, with the three ladies and the vizard, all vanished ; and the desolate prince starting up barefaced, and finding...

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