The General Biographical Dictionary, Volume 25

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Alexander Chalmers
J. Nichols, 1816
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Pagina 511 - Then being asked which way he would lay himself on the block, he answered, " So the heart be right, it is no matter which way the head lies.
Pagina 59 - As soon as it was light again, which was not till the third day after this melancholy accident, his body was found entire, and without any marks of violence upon it, exactly in the same posture that he fell, and looking more like a man asleep than dead.
Pagina 61 - Nothing then was to be heard but the shrieks of women, the screams of children, and the cries of men, some calling for their children, others for their parents, others for their husbands, and only distinguishing each other by their voices ; one lamenting his own fate, another that of his family ; some wishing to die from the very fear of dying; some lifting their hands to the gods ; but the greater part imagining that the last and eternal night was come, which was to destroy the gods and the world...
Pagina 497 - It is not lawful for any man to take upon him the office of public preaching, or ministering the Sacraments in the Congregation, before he be lawfully called, and sent to execute the same. And those we ought to judge lawfully called and sent...
Pagina 141 - His Choice exhibits a system of life adapted to common notions, and equal to common expectations ; such a state as affords plenty and tranquillity, without exclusion of intellectual pleasures. Perhaps no composition in our language has been oftener perused than Pomfret's Choice.
Pagina 58 - ... at the top into a sort of branches ; occasioned, I imagine, either by a sudden gust of air that impelled it, the force of which decreased as it advanced upwards, or the cloud itself, being pressed back again by its own weight, expanded in this manner; it appeared sometimes bright and sometimes dark and spotted, as it was either more or less impregnated with earth and cinders.
Pagina 394 - ELIZABETH. The copious intermixture of contemporary anecdote, tradition, manners, opinions, and the numerous specimens of coeval poetry nowhere else preserved, contribute to form a volume of infinite amusement, curiosity, and value.— Censura Literaria, i.
Pagina 57 - No man ever spent less time in bed ; insomuch that he would sometimes, without retiring from his books, take a short sleep and then pursue his studies. Before daybreak he used to wait upon Vespasian, who likewise chose that season to transact business. When he had finished the affairs which that emperor committed to his charge, he...
Pagina 504 - Devonshire, in 1583, the year of his brother's death, obtained from Queen Elizabeth a Patent for the discovery of a North-west passage to China, to remain in force five years, by the title of " The Colleagues of the Fellowship for the Discovery of the North-west Passage ; " but they accomplished nothing worthy of note.
Pagina 59 - The court which led to his apartment being now almost filled with stones and ashes, if he had continued there any time longer it would have been impossible for him to have made his way out, it was thought proper therefore to awaken him.

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