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Biblioteca di ISE CNRRisultati 81-90 di 194

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Organic Contaminants in Waste Water, Sludge, and Sediment: Occurrence, Fate ...

D. Quaghebeur, Ingrid Temmerman, G. Angeletti - 1989 - Anteprima non disponibile
Proceedings of a workshop held in Brussels, Belgium, 26-27 October 1988, under the auspices of COST European Cooperation in Scientific and Technology Research - COST 641 and 681.
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Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach

Markus Neteler, Helena Mitasova - 2004 - Anteprima non disponibile
With this third edition of Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach, Third Edition we enter the new era of GRASS6, the first release that includes substantial new code developed by the International GRASS Development Team. The dramatic growth in ...
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Encyclopedia of Hydrological Sciences, Volume 1

M. G. Anderson - 2005 - Visualizzazione frammento
With the increasing pressures on the availability and exploitation of fresh water resources through population increase, pollution and degradation of resources, and variations in distribution from regional and global change in the climate ...
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Machine Learning Methods for Ecological Applications

Alan Fielding - 1999 - Anteprima limitata
The final chapter reviews 'real learning', offering the potential for greater dialogue between the biological and machine learning communities."--Jacket.
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Catalogo delle biblioteche d'Italia: Piemonte, Volume 3

Catalogo delle biblioteche d'Italia - Piemonte: 3

Maria Luisa Garroni - 1993 - Visualizzazione frammento
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Catalogo delle biblioteche d'Italia: Emilia-Romagna, Volume 1

Anna Maria Mandillo, Istituto per i beni artistici, culturali, naturali della Regione Emilia-Romagna. Soprintendenza per i beni librari e documentari - 2003 - Visualizzazione frammento
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Chemical Pesticides Mode of Action and Toxicology

Jørgen Stenersen - 2004 - Anteprima limitata
Environmental-friendliness, issues of public health, and the pros and cons of genetically-modified crops all receive regular coverage in the world's media. This, in turn, has led to increased questioning and investigation of chemical pesticides ...
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Applied Groundwater Modeling: Simulation of Flow and Advective ..., Volume 4

Mary P. Anderson, William W. Woessner - 1992 - Anteprima non disponibile
Creating numerical groundwater models of field problems requires careful attention to describing the problem domain, selecting boundary conditions, assigning model parameters, and calibrating the model. This unique text describes the science and ...
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