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Miscellaneous Tracts. 1 vol. 8vo. containing, 1. True and Surprising Account of a Natural Sleep-Walker. Read before the Philosophical Society of Lausanne. From the French. .

Edin. 1792 2. Bell's (M. le Docteur) Principles of Animal Electricity and Magnetism, &c.

1792 3. Villars's (Abbé de) Count de Gabalis ; being a diverting History of the Rosicrucian doctrine of Spirits,

&c. With Bayle's Account of the Work, and of the Sect of Rosicrucians. . . Lond. 1714 Foot's (Jesse) Lives of A. Robinson Bowes, Esq. and the Countess of Strathmore. 8vo.

ib. Substance of the Trials of Skelton, Sutherland, M‘Donald, Macintosh, Napier, Grotto, &c. for

Murder and Robbing on the Streets of Edinburgh, 31st December, 1811 and 1st January 1812. 12mo.

.. . Leith, 1812

See Life, vol. ii. p. 391. Life of Dick England and Captain England, of Turf memory. 2d edit. 800. Lond. 1792 Memoirs of Mrs. Billington, &c. Containing a variety of matter, ludicrous, theatrical, musical, &c. 8vo. . . . .

ib. 1792 Account of the Life, Trial, and Execution of James Bolland, executed March 1772, for · Forgery. 800. . .


. . . ib. 1772 Life of John Metcalf, commonly called Blind Jack of Knaresborough, &c. With particulars relating to the expedition against the Rebels in 1745. 5th edit. 12mo.

ib. See Note to Redgauntlet. Webster's (David) Scotch Haggis ; consisting of Anecdotes, Jests, curious and rare Articles

of Literature, Epitaphs and Inscriptions. 8vo. . . . Edin. 1822 Melton's (John) Astrologaster, or, the Figure-Caster; rather the Arraignment of Artlesse

Astrologers and Fortune-tellers, once again brought to the Barre, &c. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 8m. 4to. .

. . Lond. 1620 Life and Character of Mrs. Mary Moders, alias Stedman, alias Carleton, alias Mary — the

famous German Princess. Being an Historical Relation of her Birth and Fortunes, &c. Together with her Tragical Fall at Tyburn, January 22, 1678, 2d edit. 8ro. ib.

Lancre, (Pierre de) Tableau de l'Inconstance des Mauvais Anges et Démons. Où il est am-

plement traicté des Sorciers et de la Sorcellerie. Avec la Procedure à 53 Magiciens, &c. à Logrogne, le 9 Nov. 1610. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 4to. . Paris, 1613 - L'Incrédulité' et Mescréance du Sortilège plainement convaincue ; où il est traicté, &c. du Sortilège, de la Fascination, de l' Attouchement, du Scopélisme, de la Divination, de la Ligature Magique, des Apparitions, &c. 4to.

. . . ib. 1622 See Letters on Demonology, p. 201. Frommann, (J. C.) Tractatus de Fascinatione, &c. in que Fascinatio Vulgaris profligatur, Na

turalis confirmatur, Magica examinatur, &c. 4to. . . . Norimb. 1675 Thyraei (Pat. Petri) de Apparitionibus Spirituum Tractatus duo. &c. 4to. Col. Agripp. 1605

Thyraei (Pat. Petri) Dæmoniaci, h. e. De Obsessis a Spiritibus Dæmoniorum Hominibus, Liber

unus. &c. edit. 2da.—Loca Infesta, h. e. De Infestis, ob molestantes Dæmoniorum et defunctorum Hominum Spiritus, Locis, Liber unus. &c. Accessit ejusdem Libellus de Terriculamentis nocturnis, &c. 4to.

· Col. Agripp. 1598 See POETICAL WORKs, vol. iii. p. 245. Auctores de Stigmatibus. 1 tom. 4to. containing, 1. Estermanni (Petri) Comment. Jurid. ad S. Stigmata. C. de Fabricensibus, 12 sectionibus dist. et plurimis jucundis historiis, &c. illustratus.

. Col. Agr. 1629 2. Jordanaei (Joan.) Disputatio, &c. de Proba Stigmatica, utrum sc. ea licita sit, necne. &c. ib. 1630 3. Laymann, (Paul.) Processus Juridicus contra Sagas et Veneficos. (in German). . ib. 1629

4. Defensio Probae Stigmaticae et Magistratuum. . · · · wants title. Godelmanni (J. G.) Tractatus de Magis, Veneficis, et Lamiis, deque his recte cognoscendis et puniendis. Libris III. 4to. . .

. . : Francof. 1601 Historia Deorum Fatidicorum, vatum Sybillarum, Phæbadum, apud priscos illustrium: cum

eorum Iconibus. Praep. est Dissert. de Divinatione et Oraculis. 4to. . ib. 1680 Torreblanca, (Franc.) Dæmonologia : sive de Magia Naturali, Dæmoniaca, licita et illicita,

deque aperta et occulta interventione et invocatione Dæmonis. 4to. Mogunt. 1623 Bodin, (Jean) De la Démonomanie des Sorciers, (avec Refutation des Opinions de Jean Vvier.) 4to.

. Paris, 1580 See Letters on Demonology. Museum Hermeticum, &c. Continens Tractatus Chymicos novem praestantissimos, &c. de

Benedicto Lapide Sapientum. 4to. . . . . . Francof. 1625 Billy, (Jacques de) Le Tombeau de l’ Astrologie Judiciaire. 4to.

Paris, 1657 Mitchell's (W. A.) Essay on Capacity and Genius, to prove that there is no original mental

superiority between the most illiterate and learned of Mankind; and that no genius, whether individual or national, is innate, but solely produced by, and dependent on circum

stances. Also, an Enquiry into the nature of Ghosts, &c. royal 800. Newcastle, Hamilton's (Mrs. Eliz.) Series of Popular Essays, &c. on the Improvement of the Understanding, the Imagination, and the Heart. 2 vols. 800. .

. Edin. 1813 Knight's (Richard Payne) Analytical Inquiry into the Principles of Taste. 4th edit. 8vo.

Lond. 1818 Leslie's (Prof. John) Philosophy of Arithmetic, exhibiting a Progressive View of the Theory and Practice of Calculation. 8vo. . .

Edin. 1817

Webster's (John) Displaying of Supposed Witchcraft; wherein is afirmed that there are

many sorts of Deceivers and Impostors, &c. But that there is a Corporeal League made betwixt the Devil and the Witch, &c. &c. is utterly denied and disproved, &c. fol. .

Lond. 1677 See PoeticaL WORKS, vol. ü. pp. 303-5; Notes to Fortunes of Nigel ; Letters on Demonlogy, ge.

Gadbury's (John) Tevɛorschoyra, or, the Doctrine of Nativities ; containing the whole Art, &c.

whereby any Man, &c. may be enabled to discover the most remarkable and occult Accidents of his Life, &c. fol. . .

. . Lond. 1661

See Letters on Demonology, p. 336. Reynolds's (John) Triumphs of God's Revenge against the crying and execrable Sinne of (wilfull

and premeditated) Murther. With his miraculous Discoveries and severe Punishments

thereof. In 30 severall Tragicall Histories, &c. 2d edit. fol. . . ib. 1640 Johnson's (Capt. Charles) History of the Lives and Actions of the most famous Highwaymen, Murderers, Street-Robbers, Pirates, &c. fol.

. ib. 1742 Clavell’s (R.) General Catalogue of Books printed in England since the dreadful Fire of Lon

don, 1666, to the end of Trinity Term, 1680; and 2 Supplements to Hilary Term, 1681.Catalogus Librorum Latinorum in diversis Europae partibus impressorum, ab anno 1670 usque ad annum 1680. fol. . .

. . .

ib. 1680-1 Strutt's (Joseph) Horda-Angel-Cynnan, or Complete View of the Manners, Customs, Arms,

Habits, &c. of the Inhabitants of England, from the Arrival of the Saxons till the Reign of Henry VIII. 3 vols. 4to. . . .

. ib. 1775-6 - Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of England; containing the Representations of all the English Monarchs, from Edward the Confessor to Henry VIII. new edit. With Supplement. 4to. . . . . . . . . ib. 1793 — Chronicle of England, (from Arrival of Cæsar to the Conquest.) 2 vols. 4to. ib. 1777-8

- Complete View of the Dress and Habits of the People of England, from the Establishment of the Saxons in Britain to the present time. 2 vols. 4to.

ib. 1796 - Sports and Pastimes of the People of England, including the Rural and Domestic Recreations, May-Games, Mummeries, Pageants, Processions, and Pompous Spectacles, from the earliest period to the present time. 4to. .

. ib. 1801 - The same. 2d edit. With the Plates coloured. 4to.

. ib. 1810 See Introduction to Waverley Novels, vol. i. - Biographical Dictionary of Engravers, from the earliest period of the Art of Engraving

to the present time, and a List of their most esteemed works. 2 vols. 4to. ib. 1785-6 - Test of Guilt, or Traits of Ancient Superstition, a Dramatic Tale. sm. 4to. ib. 1808



WORKS ON BRITISH ANTIQUITIES. SHELF I. Chaucer's (Geffrey) Works. fol. B. L. wants title, fc. [Lond. Jhon Wight, 1561] - Works. Newly printed. (With six pieces, not in the former impression.) Edited by

See POETICAL W. ; : ib. Ad. Islip. 1602

- Works.

B. L. fol. See POŠTICAL

Chaucer's (Geffrey) Canterbury Tales. To which are added, an Essay on his Language and

Versification, and an Introductory Discourse ; together with Notes and a Glossary. By the

late Thomas Tyrwhitt, Esq. 2d edit. 2 vols. 4to. . . . Oxford, 1798 Drayton's (Michael) Polyolbion. A Chorographical Description, &c. of this renowned Isle of Great Britain. Digested into a Poem. fol. . . . . Lond. 1622

Garricks Copy, with his autograph memorandum. The same, the first Eighteen Books. 18t edit. fol. .

. ib. 1613 See POETICAL WORKS, vol. vi. note 2 G. Boswell's (Sir Alex.) Woo-Creel, or the Bill o' Bashan, a Tale. 4to. Auchinleck, 1816 - Songs of the Justiciary Opera. Composed fifty years ago by C— M— and B— J. C.C. 4to. . .

. . . . . ib. 1816 - Frondes Caducae. Dialogi Duo, &c. quorum prior continet Colloquium inter Deum et

Euam (ut ferunt) eiusque liberos ; posterior Salomonis et Marcolphi jucundiss. Decertationem proponit. Argent. 4to. . . . . . . ib. 1816 - The Buke of ye Chess. Script per manu Jhois Sloane. 4to.

. ib. 1818 Dolarny's Primerose, or the First Part of the Passionate Hermit, &c. Written by a Prac

titioner in Poesie, &c. Lond. 1606. Reprinted by Bulmer for Sir Francis Freeling.

(Roxburgh Club-Book.) 4to. . . . . . Lond. 1816 Tusser's (Thomas) Hundreth good Points of Husbandrie. Reprinted from first edition of 1557. 4to.

. . . . ib. Triphook, 1810 See Note to The Pirate. The Five Hundred Points of Husbandrie, eighth edition, 1599, are reprinted in

Somers' Tracts, vol. ij. Rokesby's (Geo. of Newcastle,) Lay of the Reed-Water Minstrel. Illustrated with notes, &c. 4to. With MS. note by Sir W. S., and the Ballad of Parcy Reed at the end. Neroc. 1809

See POETICAL WORKS, vol. ix. p. 55.
First Fruits of Australian Poetry. Printed for private distribution. 4to.

Sydney, New South Wales, 1819 Carey's (Patrick, brother of Lord Falkland,) Poems, from a Manuscript written in the time of Oliver Cromwell. 4to.

. Lond. Murray, 1771 - Trivial Poems and Triolets, &c. With Introduction and Notes by Sir Walter Scott.

With MS. note by Sir W. S. in reference to the preceding edition, the existence of which was not known to him at the time of this second publication. 4to...

. ib. 1819 See Note to Woodstock ; Life, vol. ii. pp. 30–33. The Original MS., the gift of Mr. Murray, is at p. 107. Breton's (Nicolas) Longing of a Blessed Heart, which, loathing the World, doth long to be

with Christ. With Preface by Sir Egerton Brydges, Bart. 4to. repr. Lee Priory, 1814 - Melancholike Humours. With a Critical Preface by Sir E. Brydges. 4to. ib. 1815 Quillinan's (Edward, Son-in-law of Sir E. Brydges,) Stanzas written on the Baptismal Day of

Jane Grey Brydges. 4to. Hughes's (John, Esq.) Pompeii, a Descriptive Ode. 4to. Bell's (Henry Glassford) Poems. Privately printed. 4to. . . Edin. 1824

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Berguer's (L. Thomas) Stanzas, inscribed to Sir Walter Scott, Esq. With Letter from the Author. 4to. .



in 368-370.

268_970 . . Cain, boty Seventy-one Penny Ballads. Collected by John Bell, Newcastle. oblong. 8vo. Erskine's (Hon. Andrew) Town Eclogues. 4to.

. . Lond. [1797] White's (Thomas, Schoolmaster, Dumfries,) Saint Guerdun's Well, a Poem. 2d edit. 4to.

Dumfries, 1797 Macneill's (Hector) Pastoral, or Lyric Muse of Scotland. In three Cantos. With Letter from the Author. 410. .

· · - See Lips, vol. ii. p. 229.

Edin. 1808 Gillies's (Robert Pierce) Childe Alarique, a Poet's Reverie. 4to. . . ib. 1813

See Life, vol. iii. p. 52. Bochas Tragedies. Translated into English Verse by John Lydgate. B. L. fol. Ceremonies to be observed at the Royal Coronation of His Most Excellent Majesty King George IV. on the 19th July 1821. fol. With the Pass-Tickets given on the occasion to Sir W. Scott.

See Life, vol. v. p. 85. Gayton's (Edmund) Pleasant Notes upon Don Quixote. 8m. fol. . Lond. 1654 D- , (N- ) Choice Songs and Ayres for one Voyce, to sing to a Theorbo Lute or Bass Violin. sm. fol. .

. . . . ib. 1673 The Charms of Melody, or Siren Medley, a Collection of English and Scottish Songs, in 100

Nos. With Index. fol. . . . . . . Dublin, SHELF II. Grose's (Francis) Provincial Glossary. 8vo. .

Lond. 1787 See PortiCAL WORKs, vol. ii. pp. 320-21. - Olio, a Collection of Essays, Dialogues, &c. 2d edit. 800. . . ib. 1796 - Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue. 3d edit. With MS. notes and a curious handbill. 8vo.

. ib. 1796 - Guide to Health, Beauty, Riches, and Honour, (Collection of puffing Advertisements from Newspapers.) Interleaved, with MS. notes by Sir W. S. 800. . . ib. 1785

See Life, vol. i. pp. 123-24. - Advice to Officers of the British Army. 12mo. . .

. ib. 1782 Dyer's (George, Bookseller of Exeter,) Restoration of the Ancient Modes of bestowing names

on the rivers, hills, valleys, plains, and settlements of Britain, &c. 8vo. Exeter, 1805 Owen's (William) Heroic Elegies, and other Pieces of Llywarc Hen, Prince of the Cumbrian Britons; with a literal translation. 8vo.

Lond. 1792 See Poetical Works, vol. ix. pp. 342-44; Introduction to Anne of Geierstein. note. Herrick's (Robert) Works ; consisting of Hesperides, &c. 1648.—Noble Numbers, &c. 1647. With biographical notice by Thomas Maitland, Esq. 2 vols. 4to. . Edin. 1823

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