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Montague, Mrs., her annual dinner to chim- | Niblet, Mr., died 1095.
ney-sweepers, 623.

Nichols, Mr., John, Dr. S. Parr's letter
Montgolfier, Messrs., 1567.

to, on king Richard's well, 1107; respect-
Months, Woolley's curious representation ful notice of him, 1641.

of the, 515; ancient Cornish names of,970. Nicot, Mr., said to have first brought to-
Moody, Joe, 683.

bacco to Europe, 398.
Moon, accounts of lunar rainbows, 1929, Nine men's morris, game called, 983, 1661.

1230; extraordinary lunar halo, 1537; Noah, S., lottery fraud of, 1466.
discoveries in the moon, 1595.

Nonsuch lottery, 1446.
More, sir T., credulity of, 425.

Norfolk, customs in, 1666.
Morecroft, Mr. T., (the Spectator's Will Northampton May garland, engraving of,
Wimble,) died, 897.

Morris, nine men's, game called, 983, 1661. Northumberland, death tokens in, 1019.
-dancing, 792.

Norwich, hoax at, 1139.
-, captain T., died, 221.

Notes, forged, in shop windows, notice of,
Mosely, Dr., a curious criticism of, 143. 1335.
Mother of God, curious address to, 1089. “ Nothing half so sweet in life,” illustrated,
Mountebanks at White Conduit-house in 1335.
1826, 1291.

Nottingham, old general Ben of, 1569.
Mountgoddard-street, London, 1137. Nowell, dean of St. Paul's, and queen Eli-
Mulberries, numerous kinds of, 1069, &c. zabeth, colloquy between, 1367.
Mummers, 1645,&c.

Numbers, lucky, in lotteries, notices of,
Munden, the actor, notice of, 894.

Murder, ludicrous trial of a dog for, 198.
Murphy, Arthur, author, notice of, 797. O'Hara family, the, a tale of, 1013.
Museum, Leverian, engraving and notice Oaks, the haunted oak of Nanneu, 1022 ;
of, 986, &c.

sir Philip Sidney's oak, 1032; Abra-
Music, of a harvest cry, 1171; Canada and ham's oak at Mamre, 1033; name of

America in general, deficient in vocal Berkshire derived from one, 1033 ; lot-
music, 713; notice of the death song of tery called the Royal Oak, 1423, &c.
the swan, 965, 966; lottery for a tine Oaths, forın of the Dunmow oath, 803, 807 ;

at election of mayor of Garrett, 843.
“My son, sir,” ludicrous engraving, 1542. Oddities, Whims and, Mr. Hood's book
Mysteries, old dramas, notice of, 500.

called, notice of, and cuts from, 1537,&c.

Ody, Joe, 1371, 1584.
Nanneu, the haunted oak of, in Wales, 1022. Oil used for stilling waves, 191, 254.
Napoli, in Greece, celebration of Easter in, Old English squires or gentlemen, their

houses and mode of living, 1620, 1621,&c.
Naseby, battle of, original letter of Oliver general Ben, of Nottingham, 1569.
Cromwell about, 911.

Lady, the, picture of, 189.
Nassau, William,(first earl of Rochfort,)1376. Whig, the, newspaper described,
Naturalists' calendar proposed, 25.

Nature and art, 310.

Oldham, Lancashire, hedgehogs abounding
Navy, pressing men in church for, 449. in 1826,939.
Necton, in Norfolk, Whitsuntide festivals Opera arm-chairs, 630.

established in, 669 ; engraving, 671. Optical illusions, 1559.
Nelson, lord, 1343, 1356.

Orders, female order of merit at Paris,
Neptune, personified by sailors, custom of, 696; order of fools, 1287, &c.
1 394.

Orford, lord, his account of archbishop
Nests, attachment of birds to them, 238. Chicheley, 1141; and of a curious or-
New-year's day, 5, &c.

River, impurity of water of, 1203 ; at Organ, disposal of a very curious one by
Hornsey, engraving of, 1911; New River lottery, 1451.
eclogue, notice of, 155).

Orsedew, explanation of, 1263.
Newark, customs at, 161, 367.

Osnaburg, lottery in, 1531.
Newbury, Berkshire, customs at, 367, 1045. Oven, heat of, resisted by Monsieur Cha.
Newcastle, extract from common council bert, 772, &c.

book of, 487; house of God, charity at, Owen, Glendower, 1026.

Owl and duck, cruel amusement with, 1403.
Newscriers, London, 1275; a remarkable Ox, Durham, complaint of, 1547.

Oxford, gazette first published at, 1384.
Newspapers, an old one for 1736, de-

scribed, 1301; an apology for not giving | Paddington, customs at, 449, 577; notice of
the news in one, 1362.

the old church at, 1369

organ, 1453.

gan, 1451.

one, ib,

Paisley, Hallow-eve fires, 1259.'

Pictures in churches, curious colloquy on
Palamede, a fish highly valued, 648.

PALM SUNDAY, pageants on, 390, 392. Pigs, the first in Scotland, humorous no-
Palmer worm, notice of, 1128.

tice of, 1113.
Pancakes, 1561.

Pilate, tradition concerning, 431.
Pancras, Roman station at, 1345, 1566. Piper, John, notice of, 925.
Pandolfo Attonito, or lord Galloway's la- Plants, machine for determining their daily
mentation, 632.

increase, 185.
Pantomimes, 500.

Plate, lotteries for, 1409,&c.
Panyer Alley, engraving of an effigy on a Play-bills, one announcing Garrick's first
stone in, 1 135.

appearance in London, 1336; apparatus
Papeguay, French amusement of shooting for printing, 72.
at, 289, 875.

Plays, first attendance at one described,
Paris, festival of cobblers at, 1054.

Parish beadle, 1553.

Ploughing, a miser's plan for,'1 194.
Parker, John, curious caligraphy by, 1215. Plumtree, Miss, her account of supersti-
Parkinson, Mr., obtains the Leverian mu tions of Brittany, 972, &c.
seum by lottery, 997, &c.

Poetry, establishment at Toulouse for en-
Parkyns, sir T., notice of, 874.

couraging, 602.
Parliaments, the only one within memory, Poisons, singular case of experimenting on,
expiring hy efflux of time, 249.

635; taken, or pretended to be so, in
Parr, Dr. S., letter from, on king Rich large quantities, with impunity, 771.
ard's well, 1107.

Pol de Leon, St., account of, 974.
Parrots, engraving of a street image of Polkinhorne, the Cornish champion in

one, 311 ; amusement of shooting at a wrestling, 109.

stuffed one, called papeguay, 289, 375. Pollard's land, in Durham, tenure of, 1044.
Passing Bell, origin of, 185.

Pomfret, earl of, 1376.
Passion Wednesday, celebration of, at | Pony, remarkable feat of one, 682.
Seville, 401.

Poor man's home, 563, 564.
Patch, alias Price, Charles, lottery office- | Porters, fellowship, notice of, 876.

keeper, curious memoirs of, 1470. Portland, duke of, 1374.
Paths, field, 903.

Porto Bello, capture of, 1392.
Paul Pry, letter from, 49.

Ports and Havens, first lottery for repairing,
Paul's Cathedral,notice of ball and cross on, 1410.

1096; dialogue between queen Elizabeth Pope, Morris, a champion at single-stick,
and the dean, 1367; lottery drawn in the 1400.
church-yard, 1410.

Posset at bed-time, notice of, 1623.
Cross, history of, 414.

Post, the walking, 1593.
Pauntley, agricultural custom in, 28. Pottage, Christmas, 1643.
Peak of Derbyshire, custom of, 451; pecu- | Potteries, the, a summer scene in,"994.

liar rights of marriage claimed in, 637, Pounteney, Mrs., accomplice of Price, the
Peerages, now existing, prior to Henry forger, 1478, &c.
VII., 1109.

Poverty, reflections on, 563, 564.
Peers, king William's, notices of, 1374. Powder Plot, November 5, celebrations
Penderill family, anecdote of, 257.

of, 1378, &c.
Penny lottery, 1421.

Prayers desired in a church for luck in
Pentonville, Roman remajns at, 1197, 1566. a lottery, 1461.
Peppard revel, advertisement of, 678. Presents, hiding of, in shoes and slippers,
Pepys', Mr., notice of gathering May-dew, 1598.

Pressing for the navy in church, in reign of
Però, harvest customs in, 1162.

queen Elizabeth, 449.
Peter, the Lombard, immaculate conception Preston, Lancashire, singular collision of
suggested by, 1609.

flocks of birds near, 1139.

Pretorium, supposed, of Suetonius, at Pen-
Peter's, St., at Rome, celebration of Easter tonville, 1 198, 1566.
in, 451.

Price alias Patch, lottery-office keeper, no-
Petrarch, his notice of the cavern of Sainte tice and engravings of, 1470.
Beaume, 1006.

Prince of Thieves, Robin Hood the, 1637.,
Phillips, sir R., his description of Garrett, Printers, their May festival, 627; printers

devils, 1239.
Phrenological illustrations by Cruikshank, Printing, mystery of, picture of, 1240 ;
notice of, 1121, &c.

calicoes, a chemical black for, 269.
Physicians, the wonderful one, 477."

--press at St. James's, notices con-
Piccadilly, origin of, 381.

cerning, 231.

--penny, 1319.

Prisoners under sentence of death, prayers | Roman remains, at Pentonville and Pan-
for, 1378.

cras, 1197, 1199, 1345, 1566.
Prize-fighting, a challenge given and ac Romans, lotteries among, 1529, 1530.
cepted in 1726, 780.

Rook, supposed poem on “ The Rook" by
Prizes in the lottery, 1410,&c.

lord Erskine, 1139.
Processions, a burlesque one of freema- Roses for shoes, 1354.

sons, 523; of the chimney-sweepers, in Ross, Mr., actor, curious anecdote of,
lieu of their old May dances, 619; of

the camel at Beziers, in France, 641.

Rotherham, Yorkshire, account of swal-
Prophecies, some relating to Easter, &c., lows at, 1295.

455 ; lord Bacon's remarks on, 457. Rouen, in France, pageant of the assump-
Protestants and Catholics, mutual interest tion in, 1092.
of, 1370.

Roŭsey, John, aged 138, died, 731.
Provençal poetry, public encouragement Rowing for Dogget's coat and badge,
of, at Toulouse, 602.

Puffs, lottery, engravings and notices touch- Royal debts, notice of, 1355.
ing, 1503, &c.

Royal Oak lottery, the, notice of, 1423, &c.
Pulpits, 1544.

Růdkins, a remarkable thief, 1242.
Pump with two spouts, 492.

Rules, for servants, 226; for preserving
Punch in the puppet-show, 500.

health, 1615.
Puppet-shows, fatal fire at one, 1225. Rupert, prince, lottery for his jewels,
Purton, Wiltshire; customs at, 1207, 1379. 1445.

Russell, house of, 1376.
Quainton, Buckinghamshire, 1611.
Quakers, their address at birth of George Rutland, earl of, two of his children sup-

Russia, St. George much revered in, 546.
IV., 1087.
Queen, (harvest,) 1155, 1161.

posed bewitched, 370.
Quirinalia, the Roman, 487.

Sadler's Wells, curious invitation to, 41;
Racing, early date of horse-racing, 539 ; horse-racing at, 1561.

women riders at Ripon, 1060; a sudden Sagittarius, charm against the influence of,
and lively foot-race at Brighton, 1257.

Raffling lottery, notice of, 1444.

Sailors, on shore, 65 ; custom of, on cross-
Rain, Peiresc's explanation of bloody ing the Line, 1394 ; anecdote of one,

rain, 1128; astonishing fall of, at Inve 1470.
rary, 1215; most fertilizing in thunder Saint Ives, Cornwall, celebration of athletic
storms, 1131.

games near, 1010.
Rainbow lunar, accounts of, 1229, 1230. Sainte Beaume, near Marseilles, notices of,
Raleigh, Nottinghamshire, custom at, 1649. 1002, &c.
Ramsgate, custom of, 1642

Salamander, the human, M. Chabert, 771.
Ratzburg, Christmas out of doors at, 114. Salisbury Plain, indolence of shepherds
Ravens, attachment of, to their nests, 238. there, 984.
Reading, a lottery at, 141).

Salle, Mademoiselle, Order of Merit insti-
Recorders of London, a spring diversion of tuted by, at Paris, 696.

“ Sally Brown," &c. a popular ballad,
Refreshment, (seasonable) engraving of, 59. 1549.
Relics, of the crucifixion, account of, 426; Salt, great age of a man who never used

in churches, curious colloquy on, 1367.
Revolution, curious one in fishes, 769.

cellar, its importance in arranging
Rhinoceros, a remarkable female one, 1605.

guests, 1622.
Riddles, one by Cleobulus, 26.

Sannazaro, 580.
Riding, extraordinary, 1293 ; riding the Scandiscope, (machine for cleaning chim-
fair, a local custom, 1664, 1665.

neys,) engraving of, 617.
Ringing of bells. See Bells.

Scarborough, earl of, 1376.
Ripon, Yorkshire, customs at, 866, 1059. Schism, intended bill against, notice of,
Rivers, Brindley's answer about the use of, 1061.

Schomberg, Marshal, 1375.
Robin Hood, memoir of, 1635.

Schoolmasters, tradition of a boy murdered
Robinson, G., fraud of, 1450.

by one, 1371.
Rochford, Essex, Lawless court at, 1286. Science, poetry called the Gay Science,
Rochfort, first earl of, 1375.

and a college for encouraging it at Tou-
Rodd, Mr. T., bookseller, integrity and louse, 602; science outdoes juggling,
judgment of, 1126.

Rogue in grain, acknowledgment of one, Scorpions, continued and appalling visions

about, 1578.

one, 532.

any, 1214.

one, 1113.

Scotland, curious political drama acted be- | Shropshire, crying the mare n. 1163.

fore the court of; 15; superstitions in, Shrove Monday, and peas ani pork, 282.
684; humorous account of the first pigs

Tuesday, notice and customs of
in, 1113.

196, 256.
Scottish songs, essay on, 713; list of, 717. Sidney, sir Philip, notice of his oak, 1033.
Scriplure, application of, 1320; curious no Signs on alehouses, 789.

tice about inscriptions in churches, 1367. Singlestick or backsword, 1341, 1999.
Sea, stilling its waves by oil, 192, 254; Sisters, the Biddenden, engraving and ac.
reflections on the sea, 1258.

count of, 442, &c.
Sealing-wax, account of, 263.

Sistine Chapel at Rome, grand religious
Seals, engravings of seals of London, 258, pageants in, 396, 435.

Sixpence, anecdote of a lost one, 1575.
Sebastian, Don, belief of the Portuguese in Skaith Saw, or gruel against witchcraft,
his coming, 87.

still made and sold at Falkirk, 688.
Sedan-chairs, notice of, 901.

Skating, earliest notice of in England, 116;
Sedgemoor, battle of, 910.

people of Edinburgh skilled in, 117.
Sele, Howel, notice of, 1027, 1028.

Skeleton, a curious present of one, 15€0.
Sermons, a singular one on 30th January, Sky island, custom of, 866.

149; preaching of at Paul's Cross, 414, Slaves in West Indies in 1736, 1904.

415; singular title-page of one, 478. Sleep, how to obtain in cold weather, 95;
Serpentine river, skating on, 17.

walking in, cases of, 1296.
Servants, a letter written to one on parling, Sleeper, an extraordinary one, 96.

187; rules for them, 226; periodical Slippers and shoes, hiding presents in,
hirings of them described, 669; treat 1598.

ment of them in harvest. 1 158, 1160. Smart, Mr. G., receives two gold medals
Severndroog castle and tower, 488.

for machines for cleaning chimneys,
Seville, celebration of certain religious ce 623.
remonies in, 392, 405, 421, 436.

Smith, Mr. J., a date in Panyer Alley en-
Sewers, common, notice of a boar lost in graved in wood by, 1134, 1135.

Snails, predicting fortunes by, in Scotland,
Seymour, Arabella, (Arabella Stuart,) no-

tice and autograph of, 730.

Snow, great fall of in 1814, 101; blue and
Shaftesbury, custom at, 61).

pink shades of, 72; accounts of women
Shakerley, aunt, ludicrous picture of, 1515. lost in, 177, 395.
Shakspeare, anecdote concerning, 522. Societies, united one of Master Chimney-
Shaving, on passing the Line, sailors' cus sweepers established in London, 619;
tom of, 1394.

also a Gymnastic Society, 1568 ; Cecilian
Shaw, Hugh, aged 113, notice of, 1007, Society, ib.
Sheep-shearing, notice and engraving of, Soniersetshire, receipt for making Somer-
721, 787.

setshire bacon, 813; custom about lay-
Sheffield, custom at, 1259,

ing out lands in, 917.
Shelley, sir J., laudable practice of, 23. Somnambulism, cases of, 1297.
Shenstone, William, poet, died, 222. Songs, Scottish, essay on, 713.
Shepherds on Salisbury Plain, indolence of, Sops and ale, local custom of, 693.

Sotheby and Leigh, booksellers, notice of,
Sherborne, bells in, notice of, 745, 1255; €96.
Pack-Monday fair in, 1307.

South Downs, custom in, 1562.
Shergold, lottery office-keepers, notices of, Spectator, (The,) ridicule of lotteries in,
1454, 1496.

Sheridan, R. B., 1251.

Spectres. See Apparitions.
Sherwood Forest, scene of Robin Hood's Spider (field) notice and calculation about
adventures, 1637.

its gossanier, 1189, 1332.
Shirts, specimen of pride about, 859. Spilsbury, Mr., notice of, 1486.
Shoemakers, customs among, 471, 901, Spirit's blasted tree, Tbe,” in Wales,
1054, 1055.

notice and engraving of, 1023.
Shoes, notice of shoes and buckles, 1354; Spurzheim and Gall, Drs., notice of, 1192.

hiding presents in shoes and slippers, Squires, old English, their houses and
1598; engraving of a lady's old shoe and mode of living, 1620-1624.
clog, 1635.

Staines (Middlesex) church, singular spec.
Shore, Jane, notice of, 417.

tacle at, 1225.
Showers, supposed of blood, explanation Stationers' Hall, St. Cecilia's feast al, 1567.
of, 1127.

Stee ens, G. A., anecdote of, 224.
Showman, engraving of the German show- Stiles, (field) inconveniences and pleasures
man, 1329.

of, 903.

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Stockings, finding presents in, 1598. Temple Sowerby, Weslinoreland, custom
Stone, (The Martyr's) at Hadleigh, ?12. in, 599.
Stools, shoemakers' amusement with, 901. Tenants, a remarkable one, 1956.
Storms, in 1826, 1130; at Enghien, 1235; Tenures, an annual jocular one, 21.
at Wigton, 1299.

Tetbury, 1561.
Story-telling, custom of, 599; its value in Texts inscribed in churches, 1867,
winter, 1617.

Thames, river, frozen over in 1814, 109.
Strand May-pole, 660.

Thanet, isle of, custom of, 1643.
Street entertainments, 1319, &c

Thieves, application for licence to kill
Stroud, abundance of earwigs at, in '1755, them, 1189; a remarkable one, 1242 ;

Robin Hood, the Prince of Thieves,
--, sir William, convicted of swindling,


Thompson, J., fraud of, 1450.
Stuart, Arabella, (Arabella Seymour,) no Thorn, the Glastonbury, 1641.
tice and autograph of, 734.

Threekingham, or Laundon, Lincolnshire,
Stubbins, Dr., anecdote concerning, 1392.

notice of, 1246.
Students, curious instance of one, 1068.

Thunder clouds, dreadful one at Java,
Studley, Royal, Yorkshire, description of,


Thunny fishing, 647.
Study, peculiar mode of pursuing, 1267. Thurlow, lord, letter of, 498.
Subscription for relief of distress, notice of, Tickets, lottery, same number twice sold,

1460 ; divided with great minuteness, ib.
Suffolk, customs in, 1165.

See Lottery.
Sugar-cuppers, in Derbyshire, notice of, Times, old, notice of, 1801.

Tissington, Derbyshire, custom of dressing
---hogshead with boys, description and wells in, 636.
engraving of, 1542, 1543.

Toad-stools, singular connection of sub-
Suicide, through lotteries, 1447, 1466,1494; jects with, 518.
reasons against, 1591.

Toast, sugared, at lyings-in, 1333.
Sun, kindling fires in honour of. See Fires. Tobacco, article on. 397.
Sunday, harvesting on, in Scotland, 1156. Todd, James, death of, by a flying machine,
Sunsets in England, 1185.

Surgeon-barbers, curious notice concern Toddingham, sir T., singular letter of the
ing, 758.

famous earl of Warwick to, 1403.
Surrey hills, spring walk on, 557.

Toulouse, establishments or customs at,
Sussex, new year's day in, 23.

600, 602.
Sutton, sir_R., expelled the Commons, Tourant, Michael, aged 98, potice of,

T., founder of the White Conduit, Towers, notice of old London watch tower,

and an engraving, 619; notice of Lam-
the prize-fighter, notice of, 780. mas towers made of sody, 1051.
Sydenham, Mr., land-lottery of, 1446. Tracy, sir W., 382, &c.
Swaffham, in Norfolk, custom of, 222. Tradesmen, emblem for, 1827.
Swallows in 1826, 432; notice of swallow- Trafalgar, battle of, 1313, 1856.

singing or cheldonizing, 1111; swallows | Travelling, in Ireland, 239, &c.; cheap,
at Rotherham, 1295.

curious plan for, 791.
Swan with two necks, explanation of, 958. Trees, engraving of " the Spirit's blasted
Swans, accounts of swanhopping, and order tree” in Wales, 1023 ; revivification of

for the same by the statutes and customs, trees, 283. See Oaks,
914, 958; a vicious swan, 955; their Trial of weights and measures, 127,
power to contend with frost, 965; notice | Trials, ludicrous one of farmer Carter's
of their supposed death-song, 964.

doz, 188; burlesque 0WS, 233; trial of
Swearing at Highgate. See Highgate. the dog of Heriot's hospital, 75%; an

azed witness at, 1802 ; Trial of the
Table Book, The, a work 10 succeed the Royal Oak Lottery,” a satire called,
Every-Day Book, 1664.

Tale-bearing, how punished, 1562. Trigg, Henry, curious will of, 1825.
Tangiers, in Africa, celebration of Easter Turkey.cock, Garrick earnestly imitating

at, 455.
Tanner, Dr., manuscripts lost by, 1617. Turner, Dr. Dawson, his account of the
Tasker, William, died, 212.

pageant of the assumption at Rouen,
Taylor, Dr. Rowland, martyred, 212.

the Whitworth doctor, 477,

Tumstiles, notice of, 905.
Tea-kettle, trick witb, 774.

Turpentine tree, the, notice of, 1031.
VOL II.-106

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obe, 61.



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