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and my heart dancing for very joy, I saw such a meaning in the words, Grace reigns through righteousness unto eternal life, by Jesus Christ our Lord,' as filled me with wonder and great admiration.' Indeed, I was lost in wonder, love, and joy. Grace reigns ! Mercy is on the throne of Omnipotence! Love is exalted,—to do its own will, to follow its own promptings, to give out of a full hand, to bless according to its boundless charity. Grace reigns ! Jesus is enthroned ! He who loved us and gave himself for us, has all power in heaven and on earth, and is ascended to give gifts unto men, and to dispense eternal bliss to his redeemed people. What I saw and felt of Christ's love no tongue can tell. Heaven was begun below. How long I continued feasting on such a feast of fat things and on this 'wine of the kingdom' well refined, I cannot tell. But some hours must have passed, for with the exertion of the spiritual and mental energies nature was all but exhausted. I was just on the point of dozing, when the imagery of Israel singing in the wilderness was presented to me; 'I will give her her vineyards from thence, and the valley of Achor for a door of hope: and she shall sing there, as in the days of her youth, and as in the day when she came up out of the land of Egypt.** I recognised the promise, and, whilst praise swelled upon my lips, melody was made in my heart, and I felt the blessedness of an intimate communion with those who sing the song of Moses and the Lamb.

* Hosea ii. 15.

O glorious hope of perfect love!
It lifts me up to things above;

It bears on eagle wings;
It gives my ravish'd soul a taste,
And makes me for some moments feast

With Jesus' priests and kings.
“ O that I might at once go up !
No more on this side Jordan stop,

But now the land possess :
This moment end my legal years,
Sorrows, and sins, and doubts, and fears,

A howling wilderness!
'Now, O my Joshua, bring me in,
Cast out thy foes ; the inbred sin,

The carnal mind, remove ;
The purchase of thy death divide,
And oh, with all the sanctified

Give me a lot of love!



Yesterday I held a prayer-meeting in the morning with the men; in the evening I read to them one of Mr Wesley's sermons.

Dear Erwin is thirsting after the righteousness which is of God. I am delighted to see his humble and contrite spirit before the Lord. Bless God, he is not far from the kingdom of heaven.

Lennox Harbour, Saturday, January 18.Come to-morrow, Sunday, we shall have been here just a fortnight. Many have been the mercies we have experienced since coming here. utterly helpless state, both boats aground, and the

In our

tide not reaching anything near to them, we day by day verified the gracious and merciful protection of God's providence in keeping the Fuegians unapprised of our situation, and hindering their coming: We did not expect to get off before the return of the next spring-tide, which would be at least ten days; and during this time, of course, there would be many possibilities of our situation being discovered. Jammed as the Pioneer was among the rocks, so that any one bent on doing us an injury could stand right above us; and to this add the weakness of our small party : and to human thinking, no position could present more occasion for apprehension and anxiety. But I believe not one of our party felt either, or if any one of us did, there was at least no indication of it; but our solicitude was hushed into repose by our hope in God. The boats were separated at some distance from each other, and we thus made two parties. It was to me a favorable occasion for pressing on the men the need they had, together with myself, of doubling our diligence to make our calling and election sure ;' and of uniting with them in fervent prayer unto God.

The special presence of the Lord was felt on two occasions, whilst we held prayer-meetings. I have great hope of dear Erwin, that God will make him a blessing to us and to himself. It is this coming to the vital matters, and urging on the soul an immediate consideration of the truth as it is in Jesus; pressing home the conviction, at the same time carrying help to the stricken penitent, encouraging him to seek and helping him to find, according to God's promise, a present salvation,-it is this which makes such a material difference betwixt our Methodistic mode of procedure and that of many other denominations of Christians. Many brands are thus plucked from the burning, who, according to a more formal mode of administering the things of God, might never have been saved.”

Captain Gardiner and Mr Maidment were members of the Church of England, and, in the hope of its being eventually taken up by some Church Society, it was agreed that the Fuegian Mission should be conducted on Church of England principles. This arrangement was with the entire assent of Mr Williams; but it is not wonderful that reminiscences of love-feasts and class-meetings should have mingled with his adopted churchmanship. And having in his three Cornish brethren so many live coals, it was all the easier to set the fire a-burning. His faithfulness and fervor were, we trust, blessed to the salvation of the only member of the expedition who had not yet tasted that the Lord is gracious. In being thus instant in season, Mr Williams set an example to every Christian ; even as the personal urgency which Mr Williams justly claims as a distinction of Wesleyan Methodism, is a lesson to all the churches. But, to return to Lennox Harbour, and our interrupted narrative :

“On the day of our arrival, we saw two fine Fuegian dogs, which led us to expect that the natives were not far off. In the course of the week we saw the dogs again, but still no natives. In the neighbouring cove there was a well-built wigwam, and an enormous pile of mussel-shells, the work, I should think, of many generations. Here, too, not far from the wigwam, we found human remains a skull and bones of the extremities. In the cove

on Sunday last, the 12th, we saw a canoe, and the smoke issuing from a wigwam, but when we looked the next day the natives were gone. We were well pleased to think they had not perceived us.

Day after day we waited patiently for the moon to enlarge her borders and approach to full, that we might by the spring-tide get our boats off. On Wednesday we dug away the sand from under the Speedwell's keel, and tried, by tackles and rollers under her, to get her nearer the sea, that we might make doubly sure of success. However, this was a vain effort, the weight of the iron decks rendering it utterly impracticable. We made greater efforts the next day, turning in a stream of fresh water and damming it up around her, and then using the lever and rollers as before; but with no avail. The Captain thought that the moon was at full that day, and as the tide was still deficient, not more than reaching to the stern of the Speedwell, which was nearest the sea, he considered that we had little

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