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A Companion volume to M. J. G. Millais's famous work on Rhododen


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drons is announced for immediate publication. The size will be folio and there will be numerous illustrations in colour and in half-tone. The price will be £10 10s. net. The first volume has done so much to popularise this fascinating genus that there is certain to be a large demand for this new volume. We therefore advise our customers to place their order with us as soon as possible so as to make certain of their copy. "COUNTRY LIFE" announces the publication of a new series of Gardening Books for Amateurs. These are written by experts in horticulture -Va 1, and are to be sold at the popular price of 5/- per volume. Besides being, sewed produced with the usual excellence for which "COUNTRY LIFE" books are noted, they will satisfy a long felt want for authoritative works on gardening, written on simple lines with full details about cultivation and situation as well as lists of varieties and species suitable for Toderate sized gardens.

The first three volumes are on:

RHODODENDRONS by E. H. M. Cox (Editor of "The Garden").
HARDY SHRUBS by W. J. BEAN (Curator of the Royal Botanic
Gardens, Kew).
HARDY BULBS by the REV. JOSEPH JACOB, the well known

We shall be glad to receive your order.




To be published in the Spring of 1924. Twelve volumes, Crown 4to.

Each volume of the Series will be complete in itself, surveying the whole of one industry

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Pp 16

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Vol. IX.

Vol. X.




For orders received before March 12 the price will be: For the 12 vols. £5 17s. 6d. Separate
vols. 15s. each except vols. I. and VIII. which are each in 2 parts at 15s. each part.
It must be clearly understood that after March 12th the price will not be less than £7 75. od.
for the set of 12 volumes and not less than £1 Is. od. for individual volumes or parts.

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Agardh (C. A.) Species Algarum. Vol. I., pp. 528, 8vo., half calf, 8/

Gryphiswaldiae, 1821

Vol. I., pars I. and Vol. II., Sect. I., 8vo., sewed, 7/6

1821-28 (J. G.) Algae maris Mediterranei et Adriatici. Pp. 164, 8vo., cut edges, 3/6 1842 Analecta Algologica: Obs. de Speciebus algarum minus cognitis earumque I dispositione. 4 parts, with coloured plates, | 4to., £I 1890-96 Species genera et Ordines Algarum. Vol. I. Algas Fucordeas complectens. 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d. Lundae, 1848 Florideernes Morphologie. 33 colourStockholm, 1879 Another Copy, half morocco, £2 10s. Species Sargassorum Australiae. 31 plates, 4to., sewed, 21/- (Ex. K. S. Vet. Akad. Hand.) Stockholm, 1889 Till Algernes Systematik. IX. Sporochnoideae and Suppt. 3 coloured plates, 4to., 6/6

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ed plates, 4to., 18/


o Ahles (Dr.) Champignons. 30 Gravures en chromolithographie, avec texte explicatif. Folio, boards, 6s. Paris, N.D. Annales de la Societe Phytotogique d'Anvers. Tome I., with Papers on Diatoms, by Van Heurck and Payot. 12mo., half calf, 6/1864 12 Annales Mycologici editi in Notitiam Scientiae Mycologicae Universalis. Herausgegeben von H. Sydow. Vol. XVI. and X., Nos. 1-4, with 6 plates, 8vo., £2 1918 & 22 13 Editio H. Sydow. No. 6 of Vol. 8vo., 3/1906 14 [Anonymous]-The Ferns of Moffat: a collection of the ferns found in the neighbourhood of Moffat. Sm. folio, cloth, 6/


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21 Arnell (H. W.) Die Moose des Sarakgebeietes zweite und dritte abteilung. 8vo., sewed, 5/



Zur Moosflora des Lena-tales. 3 plates, 8vo., sewed, 3/-. (Ex. Arkiv. for Botanik) 1913 23 Atkinson (G. F.) Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms : edible, poisonous, etc. 250 illustrations, 3rd edition, 8vo., cloth, 1 Is. New York, 1911

24 Atlas der Krankheiten und Beschadigungen unserer landwirtschaftlichen Kultur-pflanzen. Herausgegeben von Dr. O. V. Kirchner, und H. Boltshaisser. 6 series, 8vo. Prices for Series 1, 2, 5, and 6, £4 4s. Series 3 and 4 not yet published.



25 Badham (C. D.) A Treatise on the Esculent Funguses. With 17 coloured plates and 3 (uncoloured) of sections, a few with names and localities in pencil, roy. 8vo., cloth, 14/1847 [New Edition], edited by F. Currey. 12 coloured plates, 8vo., cloth, 8/6 1863 27 Bailey (F. M.) Queensland Freshwater Algae. 17 plates, 8vo,, 4/-. (Botany Bulletin XV.) Brisbane, 1898 Traité de Botanique Médicale. Cryptogamique. 370 figures, 8vo., 71889 28 Baker (J. G.) Geographical Distribution of Ferns. Slightly dust soiled, 4to., 3/-. (Linn. Trans.) 1867 29 Bancroft (K.) A Handbook of the Fungus Diseases of West Indian Plants. 6 plates, 8vo., boards, 4/6 Privately Printed, N.D. 30 Barclay (A.) Life History of a Uredine on Rubia cordifolia, plate; and on Jasminum grandiflorum. 2 plates. 2 Papers, 4to., 1890 31 Beddome (R. H.) The Ferns of Southern India: being Descriptions, and 271 plates of the Ferns of the Madras Presidency. Second edition, 4to. cloth, £4 Madras, 1873 Handbook to the Ferns of British India, Ceylon and the Malay Peninsula. With Supplement. 8vo., cloth, (pub. 16/-), 6/1892 33 Belloc (Em.) Les Diatomées de Luchon et des Pyrénées Centrales. Avec planche, 8vo. 6/-. (Ext. de la Revue de Comminges)



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36 Berkeley (Rev. M. J.) Handbook of British Mosses, knownto be natives of the British Isles, 24 coloured plates, 8vo., cloth, 12/6 1863 37 and Broome-On Some Species of the Genus Agaricus from Ceylon. 2 coloured plates, 4to., 2/6. (Trans. Linn. Soc.)



List of Fungi from Brisbane. 3 parts, with 7 plates, 4to., 7/6. (Linn. Trans.) 1883-87 39 Bernard (Ch.) Sur quelques Algues Unicellulaires d'eau douce récoltées dans le domaine Malais. 3 plates, 8vo., 6/Buitenzorg, 1909 40 Bernet (H.) Catalogue des Hépatiques de Sud-Ouest de la Suisse. 4 plates, 8vo., half cloth, 4/

1888 41 Bescherelle (Em.) Catalogue des Mousses observées en Algerie. 8vo., 2/- 1882 42 Bewley (W. F.) Diseases of Glasshouse Plants, with a Foreword by Sir John Russell. 47 illustrations, 8vo., cloth, 12/6 1923

43 Bigeard (R.) Flore des Champignons supérieurs du Département de Saone-etLoire. 12mo., plain cloth, 4/6 1898 44 Blatter (E.) and d'Almeida (J. F.) The Ferns of Bombay. With 2 coloured and 15 black-and-white plates, and 43 text figures, cr. 8vo., cloth, 10/6 Bombay, 1922

Both authors are Professors of Botany at St. Xavier's College, Bombay. 45 Boistel (A.) Nouvelle Flore des Lichens.. Avec 1,178 figures inédites representant toutes les especes de France. Nouvelle edition, 12mo., wrappers, 8/6



46 Bolton (James), of Halifax.-Filices Britannice : a history of the British Proper Ferns, with Appendix. With 45 plates, should be 46-No. 37 is missing, 1-31 are in brown, 32-46 are fully coloured, 4to., half calf (shabby), RARE, £2 25. 1790 Part I. only. With 31 coloured plates, 4to., half calf (1 cover detached), untrimmed edges £2 2s. Leeds, 1785 An History of the Fungusses growing about Halifax . . . from the first appearance to the Utter Decay of the Plant; with the Time when they were gathered; the soil and Situation in which they grew their Duration, etc. 182 plates, uncoloured, 3 vols., and Appendix, bound in 2 vols., 4to., half calf (one cover detached), £2 12s. 6d. 1788-90


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53 Boulay (l'Abbé) Flore Cryptogamique de l'Est Muscinees (Mousses, Sphaignes, Hepatiques). 8vo., half roan, 8/6 1872

54 Bourcart (Em.) Les Maladies des Plantes : leur traitement raisonné et efficace en Agriculture et en horticulture. Avec figures dans le texte, 8vo., sewed, 8/6 Paris, 1910 55 Bourquelot (E.) Les Fermentations. 21 figures, 8vo., 6/1889 56 Bouvet (G.) Muscinées du département de Marne-et-Loire. 8vo., sewed, 4/6 1896 Studies in the Morphology of Sporeproducing Members: Esquisetineae and Lycopodineae-Ophioglossaceae, Marattiaceae, and the Leptosporangiate Ferns. Plates, 4 pts., 4to., sewed, £1 7s. 6d. 1893-1899








I. Equisetineae and Lycopodineae; II. Ophioglossaceae. 20 plates, 2 pts., 4to., sewed, 17/6. (Phil. Trans.) 1894-96

Medullation in the Pteridophyta. I plate, (Ex. Ann. Bot.), 2/6 1911 Studies in the Phylogeny of the Filicales, II. 7 plates, (Ex. Ann. Bot.), 8vo., 3/


Notes on the Morphology of Ophioglossum (Cheiroglossa) palmatum L. pits.. 8vo., 2/6 (am Bot.)

3 1911

The Ferns (Filicales). Vol. I., Analytical Examination of the Criteria of comparison. 307 illustrations, roy. 8vo., cloth, I IOS. 1923

An inquiry by the inductive method into the inter-relationship of the various species of the class of Filicales as represented all over the Globe to-day, and also, by Fossils, in earlier Ages.

A second-hand copy

25164 Braithwaite (R.) The British Moss Flora. 3 vols. Vols 1 and 2 Acrocarpi, with 84 plates; Vol. 3 Pleurocarpi, with 44 plates. Roy. 8vo., cloth, £4 10s.






Peat-Mosses Sphagnaceae or Europe and N. America. 29 coloured plates, roy. 8vo., cloth, 18/

Uncoloured, 12/

67 Braun (A.) Algarum Unicellularium genera nova et minus cognita. 6 plates, 4to., sewed, 4/6 1855

68 Brefeld (O.) Untersuchungen aus dem gesammtgebiete der Mykologie, IX. Heft. Die Hemiasci und die Ascomyceten... von Dr. F. von Tavel... in den Untersuchungen über Ascoidea und Endomyces mit Dr. G. Lindau. 4 plates, 4to., 12/Munster, 1891 69 Brightwell (T.) On the genus Triceratium. Plate, 8vo., 1/6 (Q. J. M. S.) 1853 70 British Mycological Society Transactions. Vol. III., pt. 2; IV., pt. 1 ; Vol. V., no title. 8vo., 15/

1901, 1908, and 1914

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(J. Jackson) Protists and Disease.
Vegetable Protists; Algae and Fungi, in-
cluding Chytriduneae, various Plassomyx-
ineae, the Causes of Molluscum contagio-
sum, small-pox, syphilis, cancer, and
hydrophobia; together with the Myce-
tozoa and allied groups. Frontispiece and
59 illustrations, square 8vo., cloth, 15/- 1922
105 Clements (F. E.) The Genera of Fungi :
Keys to Orders and Families, Genera, and
Spore Section. Guide to the Volumes of
Saccard's Sylloge Fungorum, and Index to
Saccard's Sylloge and Rehm's Discomy-
cetes. Glossary of Latin and English
Terms. 8vo., cloth, 13/6 Minneapolis, 1909

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113 Connold (E. T.) British Vegetable Galls: an introduction to their study. With 130 full-page plates and 37 smaller drawings, sm. 4to., cloth, 145.



British Oak Galls. With 68 fullpage plates, 21 insets, and 17 small drawings, 8vo., cloth, 10s. 6d. 1908 115 Cook (M. T.) The Diseases of Tropical Plants. 85 illustrations, 8vo., cloth, 10/6 1913

The Author is Professor of Plant Pathology at Rutger's College, U.S.A. 116 Cooke (M. C.) Handbook of British Fungi, with full Descriptions of all the Species, 7 plates (1 coloured) and 401 engravings, 2 vols., 8vo., publisher's cloth, £2 5s. 1871 Another Copy, 2 vols., slightly used


half calf £2

Another Copy, 2 vols., cr. 8vo., new binder's cloth, £2 1871



I 20



2nd edition, pp. 398, 8vo.,

half calf, 16;1883 Mycographia, seu Icones Fungorum. Vol. 1 (all published), Discomycetes. Pp. 272, with 113 coloured plates, roy. 8vo., cloth, £3 15s. 1875-79 Part I., with 40 coloured plates (157 figures), roy. 8vo., £1 Is. 1875 British Freshwater Algae exclusive of Desmidiae and Diatomaceae. 130 coloured plates, 2 vols., 8vo., half morocco, £6 6s. 1882-84 British Desmids. With 66 coloured plates, Svo., half calf, £1 58. 1887 Handbook of Australian Fungi. 36 coloured plates, 8vo., cloth, £1 10s. 1892 125 Plain and easy account of British Fungi. 20 coloured plates, cr. 8vo., cloth, 1904 1884





Another Copy, 4/

327 Introduction 0 the Study of Fungi their organography, classification, and distribution. 141 illustrations, 8vo., cloth, 10/




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Plants. Cr. 8vo., cloth, 3/138 Cooke and Quelet.-Clavis synoptica Hymenomycetum Europaeorum. 12mo., cloth, 4/1878

139 Corda (A. J.) Die Wurzelfarren und Lebermoose. I. Heft, 7 plates, 4to., 3/6 Prag, 1830

140 Correvon (H.) Les Fougères Rustiques. Avec figures, sm. 8vo., three-quarter roan, or cloth, 4/Paris, 1890 141 Costantin (J.) Etude comparée des tiges aériennes et soulteraines des Dicotylédones (Thése). 8 coloured plates, 8vo., 6- 1883 142 Atlas des Champignons Comestibles et Veneneux. 228 figures en couleurs, post 8vo., cloth, 5/

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146 Crombie (Rev. J. M.) Lichenes Britannici seu Lichenum in Anglia, Scotia, et Hibernia Vigentum enumeratio. 12mo., cloth, 3/

1870 147 Crouan (P. L. and H. M.) Florule du Finistère. Contenant les descriptions de 360 espèces nouvelles de Sporogames de nombreuses observations et une Synonymie des Plantes Cellulaires et Vasculaires. 31 plates, 8vo., sewed, £1 15S. Paris, 1857 148 Cunningham (D. D.) On Mycoidea parasitica... and the part which it plays in the Formation of certain Lichens. 2 coloured plates, 4to., 3/-. (Linn. Trans.) 1877 149 Currey (F.) On a Collection of Fungi made by Mr. Sulpiz Kurz, Calcutta. 3 coloured plates, 4to., 3/-. (Trans. Linn. Soc.) 1874

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