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216. MODERN PHYSICS [Neville]; The Divine Govern-
ment, and Defence of Fundamental Truth [McCosh]; The

hh Works of William Paley, 4 vols., Lond. 1825; and others.

20 vols.


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213. MILNES (RICHARD M.-Lord Houghton). Poeti-
cal Works of. Portrait. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. Lond. 1876


214. MILTON'S Poetical Works; Casquet of Gems; A

Poet's Harvest Home, by Wm. B. Scott; and others.

25 vols.

220. NAUNTON'S Fragmenta Regalia: the Court of
Queen Elizabeth. With Additions by Jas. Caulfield. 7 por-
traits (should be 21). Small 4to, half calf. Lond. 1814

Bound with Naunton's Memoirs, with some of his posthumous
writings never before printed, 1814. Portrait.

[Adams], colored plates, 1871; The Naturalist in Siluria
[Reid], illust., 1890; Gardening for Profit [Henderson],

illust., 1891. 3 vols. post 8vo, cloth.


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ARTHUR BROWNE. 8vo, calf gilt, gilt top edges, ENTIRELY
UNCUT (rather spotted). Portsmouth: Daniel Fowle [1758]
Presentation copy from the author to Captain Joseph Mead.
See item by the same author below.

224. NEW ENGLAND IMPRINT. Browne (Arthur). The Doctrine of Election fairly stated in a Sermon preached at Portsmouth, in New Hampshire. 8vo, calf gilt, gilt top edges, entirely uncut. Portsmouth: Daniel Fowle, 1757

Presentation copy from the author to Captain Joseph Mead, with inscription on title. The author was an Episcopal clergyman of Portsmouth, and the father of Marmaduke Browne, Rector of Trinity Church, Newport, R. I.

225. NEW ENGLAND MISSIONS. A Sermon preached before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, at their Anniversary Meeting, Feb. 20, 1735. By John Lynch. 8vo, calf gilt, gilt top edges, entirely uncut. FINE COPY. Lond. 1736


227. Innes.

The "Proceedings" include reports from missionaries at North Groton, Stratford, New-Town, Reading, Scituate, New London, Windham, Newport, Boston, Portsmouth, Long Island, Staten Island, etc.

226. NEW YORK CITY. The Mysteries and Miseries of the Great Metropolis. By "A. P." Illusts. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1874

New Amsterdam and its People.
With maps, plans, views. 8vo, cloth.

By J. H. ✓ N. Y. 1902

228. Brief History of the Lotos Club. By John Elderkin. Illusts., with numerous portraits inserted. Crown 8vo, morocco, gilt edges. N. Y. [1895]

229. New York by Sunlight and Gaslight: a work descriptive of the Great American Metropolis. By Jas. D. McCabe. Numerous illusts. Thick 8vo, cloth. Phil. [recent]

230. NEW YORK STATE. Documentary History of the State of New-York: arranged under the direction of the Hon. Christopher Morgan. By Dr. E. B. O'Callaghan. Folding maps and other illusts. 4 vols. 8vo, original cloth (backs of 2 vols. damaged). Albany, 1849-51

231. NORRIS (FRANK). The Pit, FIRST EDN.; The Responsibilities of the Novelist, front. portrait; A Deal in Wheat, illust. 3 vols. post 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1903

232. NORWAY. The Naturalist in; or, Notes on the Wild Animals, Birds, Fishes and Plants of that Country. By Rev. J. Bowden. Full-page colored plates. cloth, uncut.

Post 8vo, Lond. 1869

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233. OBELISKS. Egyptian Obelisks. By Henry H.

Gorringe. Richly illust. with over 100 illusts., 51 of which are full-page. Folio, original cloth. N. Y. 1882 Fine copy of the Large Paper edition. With accounts of the ancient methods of quarrying, transporting and erecting, etc.


234 ODD VOLUMES. Dictionary of National Biography, Vol. 31 [Kenlam]; Beecher's Life of Christ, Vol. 1, N. Y. 1871 (large and small paper copies, cloth and full sheep); The Henry Irving Shakespeare, Vol. 8, cloth; and others. vols.


235. O'KEEFE (JOHN--Eminent Actor). Recollections of his Life. By Himself. Steel portrait 2 vols. 8vo, polished tree calf (slightly rubbed).

Lond. 1826 236. OLD ENGLISH DRAMA. [Mayne (Jasper).] The Amorous Warre: a Tragi-Comedy. 12mo (cut close and interleaved in 4to vol.), half calf (broken).

Lond. 1648 237. OLD ENGLISH DRAMATISTS. Rowe (Nicholas). Plays. With numerous full-page copper-plates. 2 vols. 12mo, old calf. Lond. For J. and R. Tonson, 1736 238. OLD FRIENDS [Andrew Lang], Lond. 1892 (bookplate of R. Le Gallienne, badly pencil-marked in places); Ballads of Books, edited by Brander Matthews, N. Y. 1900; Hawthorn and Lavender, by W. E Henley (bookplate of Elwyn B. Gould), N. Y. 1901. 3 vols. cloth. ✔239. OLD FURNITURE BOOK (THE), with a Sketch of Past Days and Ways. By N. H. Moore. 112 illusts. cloth, gilt.


N. Y. [1903]

✔240. ORNAMENTAL ART. Principles of By F. Edward✓ Hulme, F.L.S. Over 400 illusts. 4to, cloth, gilt (loose in covers).

Lond., n. d.


241. PAR ARABLES FROM NATURE. By Mrs. Alfred Gatty. With Notes on the Natural History. Numerous illusts. by Millais, Holman, Hunt, Tenniel, etc. New edn. 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt edges. Lond. 1867 ✔242. PARABLES OF THE NEW TESTAMENT PRACTICALLY UNFOLDED. By Rev. Wm. B. Stevens. With full-page steel engravings. Square 8vo, stamped leather (slightly rubbed).

Phil. 1855

✔ 243. PARIS. Le Diable à Paris; Paris et les Parisiens; Par MM. Geo. Sand, De Balzac, Theo. Gautier, Alfred


De Musset, etc. Numerous full-page illusts. and vignettes by
Gavarni. 2 vols. imp. 8vo, half morocco. Paris, 1845

244. PARKER (GILBERT). A Lover's Diary (with bookMin. FIRST EDNS. plate of R. Le Gallienne); When Valmond came to Pontiac. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. Chicago, 1894-95

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245. PASQUIER. A History of My Time, Memoirs of Chancellor Pasquier, edited by the Duc d'AudiffretPasquier, transl. by Chas. E. Roche, 1789-1815, 3 vols., portraits, crown 8vo, original cloth, N. Y. 1893; also 2 copies of Vol. 1, and 1 copy of Vol. 2. 6 vols.

246. PATTERSON (CHARLES B.) The Measure of a Man. Post 8vo, cloth. (5 copies.) N. Y. 1904

247. PAYNE (JOHN HOWARD). of Milan: an Opera. Front. after R. cloth.

Clari; or, The Maid✓ CRUIKSHANK. 12mo, Lond. [circa 1830]

✓ 248. PEPYS (SAMUEL). Diary and Correspondence.
with a Life and Notes by Lord Braybrooke. Portraits,
etc. 4 vols. post 8vo, cloth, uncut.
Lond. 1858

249. PERFUMES. The Book of Perfumes. (History, Commercial Development, Anecdotes, etc., etc.) By Eugene Rimmer. Over 250 illusts. Post 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt edges. Fine copy. Lond. Chapman & Hall, 1865 ✔ 250. PHILLIPS (WATTS), Artist and Playwright. By E. Watts Phillips. Portrait and facsimiles. Royal 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1891

251. "PHIZ." Sir Guy de Guy: a Stirring Romaunt. By Rattlebrain. FIRST EDN. Numerous comic vignettes by "Phiz." Square post 8vo, cloth, gilt edges. Lond. 1864

252. PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, illust., Bost. 1889; History of the U. S. [Schouler], 2 vols., Wash. 1880; New Zealand [Reeves], Lond.; and others. 8 vols.

✓ 253. PICTURESQUE AMERICA; or, The Land We✓
Live In. Edited by Wm. C. Bryant. Numerous finely
engraved American views. 2 vols. 4to, full morocco, gilt
edges (one vol. broken).
N. Y. [1872]

254. PLANCHÉ (J. R.) The Extravaganzas. Edited by T. F. Dillon Croke and Stephen Tucker. Testimonial edn. Fronts., with Darlington bookplate. 5 vols. post 8vo, cloth gilt and gilt tops. Lond. 1879 ✔255. PLATONISTS. The Hymns of Orpheus, transl. from the original Greek, with a Preliminary Dissertation on the Life and Theology of Orpheus [by Tom Taylor]. Oval mythological subject engraved in stipple on title. Crown 8vo, half morocco, gilt top edge. Scarce. Lond.: Printed for the Author, and sold by T. Payne, 1792.

256. PLUMMER (MARY W.) Verses. FIRST EDN. With book-label of R. Le Gallienne. 12mo, boards, uncut. Limited to 300 copies. Cleveland, 1896

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257. POOLE (JOSHUA). The English Parnassus; or, A Help to English Poesie. Containing a Collection of all the Choicest Rhythming Monosyllables, Epithets and Phrases, etc. FIRST EDN. With bookplate of R. Le Gallienne. Small 8vo, original calf (rebacked, lacks front., a reproduction of which is inserted). Lond. 1677

Contains selections from all the most eminent books by the Elizabethan poets and dramatists-Jonson, Heywood, Shakespeare, Quarles, Chapman, Carew, Spenser, and many others. Scarce.

✓ 258. POTTERY.

A Guide to Pottery, Porcelain, etc. By Hy. G. Bohn. Numerous plates, some finely colored, and marks and monograms. Post Svo, original cloth.

Lond. 1876

259. The Soft Porcelaine of Sèvres. With an His-✔ torical Introduction by Edouard Garnier. Folio, threequarter morocco. Lond 1892

Superbly illustrated with 50 large full-page colored plates representing 250 subjects, after the originals in the most celebrated private and public collections. The plates are delicate and exquisite in the extreme.

✓ 260. PRINTING. The Literature of Printing. A Cata-
logue of the Library illustrative of the History and the Art
of Typography, Chalcography, and Lithography of Richard
M. Hoe. Front. 12mo, cloth. Lond.: Privately printed, 1877
/ 261.
Printers' Marks. A Chapter in the History of
Typography. By W. Roberts. Over 200 reproductions.
Square post Svo, cloth, gilt, uncut. Lond. Bell, 1893

With author's A. L. S. inserted.
262. PROSE FICTION, A Study of. By Bliss Perry.
Post 8vo, cloth.
Bost. 1902

263. RAPHAEL. Cartoons of, engraved by G. Great-✔ back from the originals at Hampton Court Palace. 7 steel plates (margins of few plates slightly stained). Loose in cloth portfolio. Folio. Lond. and N. Y., n. d.


264. REPRESENTATIVE ACTORS [Clark Russell], Lond. [1872]; Mr. and Mrs. Bancroft, on and off the Stage, Lond. 1889; English Songs [Barry Cornwall], Bost. 1844; An Actor Abroad [Leathes], Lond. 1880; and others. 6 vols.

265. RIDPATH LIBRARY OF UNIVERSAL LITERATURE. Edited by Dr. J. C. Ridpath. Portraits and other illusts. ROYAL EDITION DE LUXE. 25 vols. 8vo, half roan, gilt top edges.

N. Y. 1900


12mo, cloth.



A Defective Santa Claus.
Post 8vo, cloth.

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His Pa's Romance.
Indianapolis, 1903

FIRST EDN. Illust.
Indianapolis, 1904

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