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The Macmillan Pedagogical Library


A One Year's Subscription


Written by Prominent American Educators

4700 PAGES

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The books included in this Pedagogical Library have been endorsed by leading educators and newspapers in America and Europe. In sixteen (16) volumes of 4700 pages practically every subject of interest to the modern teacher has been discussed. A careful reading of these books will put teachers abreast of present day educational discussions. The Philosophy of Education, Child Study, School Sani

Send by tation, and Methods of Teaching, are thoroughly treated. Teachers may

Prepaid obtain practical suggestions on every subject pertaining to the Theory

Express the and Practice of Teaching. The Library is complete, practical,

Macmillan Pedsuggestive.

agogical Library

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" I am pleased to say we are highly satisfied with them. Typography, binding, paper, combined, make these volumes almost ideal for class use. Kindly send me a copy of your catalogue so that I may learn what other volumes you publish in the same series.

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Abbé Constantin. HALÉVY.
Abbé Daniel. THEURIET.
Addison's Essays. (Mabie.)
Adventures of a Brownie. MULOCK.
Æsop's Fables.
Age of Chivalry. BULFINCH,
Age of Fable. BULFINCH.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. CARROLL.
Andersen's Fairy Tales.
Arabian Nights. (Selections.)
Attic Philosopher. SOUVESTRE.
Aurora Leigh. Mrs. BROWNING,
Autobiography of Franklin. (DOLE.)
Autocrat. HOLMES.
Bacon's Essays.
Baron Munchausen. Raspe.
Barrack Room Ballads. KIPLING.
Baumbach's Tales.
Beauties of Shakespeare.

2 vols.
Best Hundred American Poems. (Howard.)
Best Hundred English Poems. (GowanS.)
Bible Stories. DAWES.
Black Beauty. SEWELL.
Black Tulip. DUMAS,
Blithedale Romance. HAWTHORNE.
Browning, Mrs. (Selections.)
Browning, Robert. (Selections.)

2 Vols. Bryant's Early Poems. Burns. (Selections.) Byron. (Selections.) Chesterfield's Letters. (Welsh.) Childe Harold. BYRON. Colette. SCHULTZ. Colomba. MÉRIMÉE. Colonial Literature. (TRENT.) Conduct of Life. EMERSON. Conversations on Old Poets. LOWELL. Courtship of Miles Standish. LONGFELLOW. Cranford. Mrs. Gaskell. Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard. FRANCE.

Crown of Wild Olive. RUSKIN.
Cyrano de Bergerac. ROSTAND.
Dream Life. Mitchell..
Eariy Sonnets. TENNYSON.
Ekkehard. SCHEFFEL.

2 vols.
Elements of Drawing. RUSKIN.
Elizabethan Dramatists. (WATROUS.)
Emerson's Early Poems.
Emerson's Essays.

2 vols. English Humorists. THACKERAY. English Traits. EMERSON. Epic of Hades. Morris. Ethics of the Dust. RUSKIN. Evangeline. LONGFELLOW, Excursions. THOREAU. Faber's Hymns. Fadette. SAND. Faience Violin. CHAMPFLEURY. Fairy Book. MULOCK. Fairy Legends. CAREY, Fanshawe. HAWTHORNE. Favorite Poems. Franklin's Essays. (CUTLER.) Fireside Travels. LOWELL. Frondes Agrestes. RUSKIN. Golden Treasury. PALGRAVE. Grandfather's Chair. HAWTHORNE. Greek Heroes. KINGSLEY. Grimm's Fairy Tales. Gulliver's Travels. Swift. Heart. De Amicis. Heidi. SPYRI, Heroes and Hero Worship. CARLYLE. Hiawatha. LONGFELLOW. Holmes's Early Poems. House of Seven Gables. HAWTHORNE. Iceland Fisherman. Loti. Idylls of the King. TENNYSON. Imitation of Christ. KEMPIS (À). In Memoriam. TENNYSON.

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Crowell's Classics for

Schools and Colleges



Jackanapes. Ewing.
Keats. (Selections.)
La Belle Nivernaise. DAUDET.
Lady of the Lake. Scott.
Lalla Rookh. MOORE.
Lectures on Architecture. RUSKIN.
Legends of Charlemagne. BULFINCH.
Life of Nelson. SouthRY.
Light of Asia. ARNOLD.
Little Lame Prince. MULOCK.
Locksley Hall. TENNYSON.
Longfellow's Early Poems.
Lover's Tale and other Poems. TENNYSON.
Lowell's Early Poems.
Macaulay's Historical Essays.
Macaulay's Literary Essays.
Maine Woods. THOREAU.
Marble Faun. 2 vols.

Montaigne's Essays. (Hazlitt.)
Mopsa the Fairy. INGELOW.
Mosses from an Old Manse.

My Uncle and My Curé. LA BRÈTE.
Nature: Addresses, etc. EMERSON.
Oregon Trail. PARKMAN.
Our Old Home. HAWTHORNE.
Past and Present. CARLYLE.
Paul and Virginia. ST. PIERRE.
Pearls for Young Ladies. RUSKIN.
Pilgrim's Progress. BUNYAN.
Pioneer Literature. (TRENT.)
Poems by Two Brothers. TENNYSON.
Poe's Essays and Miscellanies.
Poe's Poems.
Poe's Tales.
Poetical Quotations. Powers.
Poetry of Architecture. RUSKIN.
Precious Thoughts. RUSKIN.
Princess. TENNYSON.
Prince of the House of David. INGRAHAM.
Professor at the Breakfast Table. HOLMES.
Prose Quotations. Powers.
Prue and I.

Queen of the Air. RUSKIN.

2 vols.

Representative Men. EMERSON.
Reveries of a Bachelor. MITCHELL.
Revolutionary Literature. (TRENT.)
Robin Hood. McSPADDEN.
Robinson Crusoe. DeFoe.
Rubaiyát of Omar Khayyam.
Sartor Resartus. CARLYLE.
Scarlet Letter. HAWTHORNE.
Sesame and Lilies. RUSKIN.
Seven Lamps. RUSKIN.
Shakespeare's Songs and Sonnets.
Shelley. (Selections.)
Sheridan's Comedies. (MATTHEWS.)
Snow Image. HAWTHORNE.
Songs from the Dramatists. (MATTHEWS.)
Stevenson's Poems,
Stones of Venice. RUSKIN.
Stories from Dickens. McSPADDEN.
Stories from Homer. CHURCH.
Stories from Plutarch. ROWBOTHAM.
Stories from Scottish History. EDGAR.
Stories from Virgil. CHURCH.
Stories from Wagner. McSPADDEN.
Stories of King Arthur. CUTLER.
Story of a Short Life. EWING.
Swinburne's Poems. (Selections.) Beatty.
Swiss Family Robinson. Wyss.
Tales from Herodotus. HAVELL.
Tales from Shakesçeare. LAMB.
Tales of a Wayside Inn. LONGFELLOW.
Tanglewood Tales. HAWTHORNE.
Tartarin of Tarascon. DAUDET.
Tartarin on the Alps. Daudet.
Through the Looking Glass. CARROLL.
True and Beautiful. RUSKIN.
Twice Told Tales.

2 vols.

Unto this Last. RUSKIN.
Val d'Arno. RUSKIN.
Vicar of Wakefield. GOLDSMITH.
Walden. THORBAU.
Water Babies. KINGSLEY
Week on the Concord. THOREAU.
Whittier's Early Poems.
Wonder Book. HAWTHORNE.
Wordsworth. (Selections.)




426-428 West Broadway, NEW YORK

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URING the three years since its publication, scores of teach

ers have found that Moore & Miner's "ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS PRACTICE” is unsurpassed foi a high school course in the subject.

It provides in an adaptable form the material for a commonsense, correct, and up-to-date training for boys and girls who intend to enter the business world.

A Few Quotations from Teachers who have used the Course:

"I am especially pleased with its features of flexibility and adaptability." “I have thoroughly tested it in the class-room, and it is filling every requirement." "It is a rare text-book-one which teachers can not fail to enjoy and appreciate." "The best result-getting text on the market to-day." “The best text for intermediate work I have seen."

“The most interesting, practical and scientific text-book on bookkeeping that has ever come under my notice."

"Well suited to the requirements of our Regents examinations."


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