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KNILL, JOHN (only son of Geo. Knill). Collector

of Customs, St. Ives, 1762–82 ; Private Secretary to the Earl of Buckinghamshire, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Feb., 1777. b. Callington, 1 Jan., 173, d. 8, Gray's Inn Square, | L. A. L. London, 29 Mch., 1811. bur. St. Andrew's, On a young lady of Cornwall [Miss Glanville) Holborn. cf. Morning Chronicle, 14 Aug., 1801;

remarkably handsome. Town and Country Mag., Gent. Mag., lxxxi, pt. i, 401, 492, (1811), xl, xv, 494-95, (1783). 139, 481, (1853).

Notice of Mr. John Knill, of Gray's Inn, | L. E. L. 1733–1811. n.p. Or d. [Helston, printed and Į The Mines and Mineral Resources of Great published by R. Cunnack, Market-Place, 1871,] | Britain, by E. L. Christian Miscell., July and 89., pp. 26.

Aug., 1864, pp. 215, 250.
NOTE.--Dated Penrose, July, 1871, and signed
J[ohn] J[ope] R[ogers.]

L. J. H. L. Observations on the Manners and Customs of On the necessity of a divine revelation. By Italy...By a Gentleman authorised to investigate | J. H. L., dated Helstone, June, 1822. Imperial the Commerce of that Country with Great Mag., iv, col. 715–20, (1822). Britain, si.e., N. Brooke, M.D., of Bath.] Bath, printed by R. Cruttwell, 1798, 80., pp. viii and

| L. J. L. i.e., Lakes, Rev. J. 269.

L. L. L. NOTE.-His “most worthy friend John Knill, Esq.", is referred to in pp. 1, 265-66 as rendering him assis. The Sands, Bude. By L. L. With illustration tance in his plans and claims against the Government. / by S. P. Jackson. National Mag., iii, 353, (1858).

A Scheme for preventing the plundering of wrecks in Cornwall. With Abstracts of Acts of

L. R. L. Parliament respecting Shipwrecks. n. p. or d. or L A Fragment. [Verses. By R. L., dated Lostprinter's name. (June, 1792,] 40., pp. 7.—Re- withiel, 29 Dec., 1821. Imperial Mag., iv, col., printed. Bodmin, J. Liddell, Nov. 1792, fol. 533, (1822). NOTE,- This scheme was submitted by J. Knill,

LACH-SZYRMA, REV. WLADISLAW SOMERthrough Lord Eliot, to Mr. Henry Dundas, the Home Secretary. The copy in the Penzance Public Library,

VILLE, M.A. (son of Krystyn Lach-Szyrma); to which there is no title-page, has MSS. alterations Curate of St. Ive, Liskeard, Mch., 1865 to and additions.

3 July, 1868; Curate of St. Paul's, Truro, 4 Account [by J. Knill] of the religion of the

Jan., 1869 to Feb., 1870; V. of Carnmenellis, Koramantyn Negroes. In “Bryan Edwards' 5 May, 1870 to 1 May, 1872. b. Devonport, Hist. of British Colonies of West Indies. (Lond., 25 Dec., 1841. 1793–1801, 3 vols., 80.), ii, 70–72.-In abridg

Hours of Prayer. Anon. Lond., G. J. Palmer, ment of Mr. Edwards' Hist. (Lond., 1794, 8o.), 32. Little Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields. p. 379.

n.d., [186–,] 12o., pp. 8. KNOWLES, JAMES SHERIDAN (son of James

Short Prayers for the hours; with devotions

family and private for various occasions. Anon. Knowles). 6. Anne St., Cork, 12 May, 1784.

| Lond., The Church Press Co., 13, Burleigh St., d. Torquay, 30 Nov., 1862.

Strand, 1869, sm. 89., pp. 48, 4d. The Daughter. A play in five Acts. By J. S. The Bishopric of Cornwall. A Letter to the Knowles. 2nd ed. Lond., E. Moxon, Dover | Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P., (First Lord Street, 1837, 80., pp. 108, 4/-..

of the Treasury, &c.). By the Rev. W. S. LachNote,- The scene is laid on the coast of Cornwall.

Szyrma, M.A. Lond., W. Kent and Co., PaterThe piece was first produced at Drury-Lane, 29 Nov., noster Row; Truro, J. R. Netherton, (printed] 1836.

1869, 80., pp. 22, 6d. KRUGER, FREDERICK DE.

The Bible and the Prayer Book. A sermon

preached in Carnmenellis Church, by the Rev. The Pirate and other Poems, by Frederick de ' W. S. Lach-Szyrma. Redruth, J. S. Doidge, Kruger, Jun., Mariner. Bodmin, printed for the 1871, 80., 6d. author [by Liddell and Son,) and sold by G. B. A Biblical Catechism. Redruth, J. S. Doidge, Whittaker, London, 1829, 120., pp. 90.

1871, 80. NOTE.-Dedicated to “Vice-Admiral Sir C. Penrose,

On the relation of the Slavonians to the other K.C.B., of Ethy House, Cornwall."

Indo-European Nations. [1863–64.] Annual

LACA-SZYRMA, Rev. W. S. (Con.).

LAKES, Rev. Jons. (Con.). Rep. and Trans. of the Plymouth Instit. and D. The Upas Tree. A Lecture deliverd before and C. Nat. Hist. Soc., 1864, pp. 13–35.

the St. James' Temperance Society, Guernsey, The Primitive Races of Devon. Clack. (Ply. by the Rev. J. Lakes. Guernsey, 1869, 80. mouth and London, 1865), pp. 1-40, 87-91, Poem. St. Austell Bridge. By the Rev. J. 138–43.

Lakes. Privately printed, 1870, 80.

A Sermon on Temperance. Preached in the Note.- Memorial Notices of the Rev. W. S. Lach

parish church, Guernsey, by the Rev. J. Lakes. Szyrma appeared in some of the local papers, on an erroneous report of his death on the 16 Jan., 1871. Guernsey, 1871, 80.

Poems. Signed Tre, si.e., Rev. J. Lakes.] In LAD, John.

Light from the West, 1833-37, 80. “A remembrance of certaine sowndings about

A stoat pursuing a water rat through a pond, Sillye, Ushent and the Seames, with other

signed J. Lakes,] Liskeard Vicarage, 15 Aug.,

1829. J. C. Loudon's Mag. Nat. Hist., iii, 145, necessary rewles very proffitable for travelers by sea,” about the coast of Ireland, &c.; in the

(1831). hand writing of J. Lad, 1586. Bod. Lib., Raw

A white blackbird. ib., iii, 146. linson MSS., class A, 192, art. 6.

Rare Birds in Cornwall. ib., iii, 175-77. See A few rules respecting the sun's declination,

Jackson, Clement. the rising and setting of the moon, the finding LAKES, ROBERT Gould (younger bro. of the preof latitudes, &c. ; with a problem for ascertain ceding). b. St. Austell, 1813. cf. J. Couch's ing the rising and setting of the sun, worked in

Hist. of British Fishes, iv, 367. Scilly, 17 May, 1600. ib., A, 192, art. 11.

Sailing directions for entering the Channel by LAMBARDE, WILLIAM (eld. son of John Lamthe Lizard headed “Sarten notes and instruc barde). b. London, 18 Oct., 1536. d. Westtions set downe for the coming in of and entry combe, near Gravesend, 19 Aug., 1601. by our slefe, with the depths and maner of

Dictionarium Angliæ topographicum et histoground, which shall shew yow one, which side

ricum; an alphabetical account of the chief yow are, and allsoe how far yow are from the

places in England and Wales... By the celebrated Lisard,” 1618. ib., A, 192, art. 14.

Antiquary, William Lambarde...Now first pub

lish'd. Lond., printed for Fletcher Gyles, overLÆLIUS. pseud. i.e.

against Gray's-Inn, Holborne, 1730, 4°., pp. Cornish name of St. Michael's Mount. N. and xiv and 498. Q., 3 S., xi, 522–23, (1867).

Note.-Contains a few references to the county of

Cornwall. LAKE, WILLIAM (son of Samuel Lake). b. Petrockstow, Devon, 17 May, 1836.

LAMPEN, John, of Padreda, in Linkinhorne The Cornish Weekly News and Advertiser.

(son of John Lampen ?). Conducted by W. Lake.] Printed and published

Sheriffs cravings of P. Kelkwich and Jno. by the Proprietor, at his Steam Printing Works,

Lampen, Sheriffs of Cornwall, 1650. Sir T. Princes-street, in the parish of St. Mary, in the

Phillips MSS., 15,629. borough of Truro, in the county of Cornwall.

LAMPEN, REV. ROBERT, M.A. V. of Probus, fol.

21 Apl., 1828 to 1849. d. The Sanctuary, Note.-Appears on Saturday. The first number Probus, 18 Aug., 1849. was brought out in Jan., 1858, it is numbered successively to present time, but is not divided into volumes.

A Sermon [on II Samuel, iii, 38,] preached

in St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth, on WednesLAKES, REV. JOHN (son of Henry Lakes, of day afternoon, Feb. 16, 1820, being the day of

Trevarrick). Curate of Liskeard, 1827-39 ; the Funeral of his late most gracious Majesty. V. of Liskeard, Feb., 1872. b. St. Austell, 10 By R. Lampen, M.A., Lecturer of St. Andrew's. Sept., 1801.

Plymouth, S. and J. B. Rowe, Whimple-Street, The Penny Bank. A Lecture delivered at the

[printed] ; and Baldwin, Cradock and Co.,

| London, 1820, 80., pp. 25, 1/2. Working Men's Institute, Guernsey, by the Rev.

The Christian Duty of relieving the distresses J. Lakes. Guernsey, 1860, 80.

in Ireland. A Sermon son Matthew vii, 12,1 The Penny Bank. By the Rev. J. Lakes.

| preached in St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth, on Andrew, Printer, St. Austell.n.d., [1868,] 80., |

Sunday, 7 July, 1822. By R. Lampen, M.A.,

Lecturer. Plymouth, S. and J. B. Rowe, NOTE.-A reprint of the previous work.

| Whimple-Street, 1822, 8o., pp. 25, 1/- ,

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LANDER, JOHN. (Con.). The obligations of the ministerial character : The Coming Day and other poems. By H. J a sermon (on 2 Tim., i, 13,] preached in the Parish Church of St. Mary's, Truro, at the visitation of the Rt. Rev. William, Lord Bishop of

NOTE.-Contains "A Tribute to the Memory of

J. Lander.” For further details respecting J. Lander See Exeter, July xxvi, MDCCCXXVIII. By R.

Lander, R. L. Lampen, M.A., Vicar of Probus and Minister of St. Andrew's Chapel, Plymouth ... Lond.,

LANDER, RICHARD LEMON (elder bro. of the printed for C. and J. Rivington...E. Heard,

preceding). b. Truro, 8 Feb., 1804. bopt. 29 Truro, and J. B. Rowe, Plymouth, 1828, 80.,

Feb. d. Fernando Po, 7 Feb., 1834. cf. R. pp. 19.

Polwhele's Reminiscences, ii, 147; Gent. Mag., The teaching of the divine judgments. A ser

ii, 324-27, (1834); The Athenæum, 1834, p. mon (on Isaiah, xxvi, 9,] preached in St. Andrew's

340; Annual Biog. for 1835, pp. 147-68; Chapel, on Sunday evening, Nov. 6, 1831, on

Quarterly Rev., xxxix, 143–83, (1829); Literthe establishment of the Plymouth Board of

ary Gazette, 1834, pp. 211, 315; Poluhele's Health. By R. Lampen, M.A. Plymouth, Rowe,

Biog. Sketches, ii, 20–21; One and All, (PenWhimple-Street, 1831, 80., pp. 15.

zance, fol.), Dec., 1868; Didot Nouvel. Biog. Unity in the Visible Church the Ordinance

Univ.; Biog. Univ.; Rose. of God. A Sermon [on Eph., iv, 11-13,] preached at the Triennial Visitation of the Rt. Rev. Henry, Journal of a second expedition into the inteLord Bishop of Exeter, at St. Mary's Church, rior of Africa, from the Bight of Benin to SocTruro, Aug. 10, 1842. By R. Lampen, M.A., catoo. By the late Commander Clapperton of the Vicar of Probus, Cornwall, and Minister of St.

Royal Navy. To which is added the Journal of Andrew's Chapel, Plymouth. Published by com

Richard Lander, from Kano to the Sea Coast, mand of the Lord Bishop, and at the request of partly by a more eastern route. With a portrait the Clergy present. Truro, printed and published of Captain Clapperton, and a map of the route by E. Heard ; Lond., J. Burns, 1842, 80., pp. 20. ... Lond., J. Murray, 1829, 4o., pp. xxiii and 355. A Discourse delivered on the opening of the

NOTE.-The “ Journal of R. Lander, Servant to the Plymouth Athenæum, Feb. 4, 1819. By R. , late Capt. Clapperton," occupies pp. 255-327. Lampen, M.A. Trans. Plymouth Instit., 1830, pp. 1-18.

Records of Captain Clapperton's last expedi

tion to Africa. By Richard Lander, his faithful LAMPLUGH, Rt. Rev. THOMAS, D.D., Lord attendant and the only surviving member of the · Bishop of Exeter, 1676-88; Archbishop of

expedition, with the subsequent adventures of York, 1688-91. b. 1615. d. Bishopthorp, 5

the author. Portrait of R. Lander. Lond., H. May, 1691. bur. York Cathedral.

Colburn and R. Bentley, 1830, 2 vols., 120., 21/-. Note of Benefices held by Bishop Lamplugh

Travels and Discoveries in Northern and

Central Africa, in 1822, 1823, and 1824, by in commendam. Tanner MSS. 141, art. 46. Letter to Archbishop Sancroft on the annex

Major Denham, F.R.S., Capt. Clapperton, and

the late Doctor Oudney. With a short account ation of the deanery of Buryan to the See of

of Clapperton's and Lander's second journey in Exeter, with some account of the Deanery, 29

1825, 1826, and 1827. Plates. Lond., John Sept., 1683. ib., 141, art. 40; 34, art. 113 and

Murray, 1831, 4 vols., 160.

NOTE.-The Account of Clapperton's and Lander's LANCASTER, T.

second journey occupies iv, 187-279. Meteorological summary from Registers kept

Journal of an expedition to explore the course by T. Lancaster, Queen-Street, Devonport. Rep.

and termination of the Niger, with a Narrative R.C.P.Soc., 1852, p. 115 ; 1853, p. 49.

of a voyage down that river to its termination. LANDER, JOHN (twin son of John and Ann By R. and J. Lander. Illustrated with engravings

Lander). b. Truro, 29 Dec., 1806. bapt. 3 and maps. Lond., John Murray, 1832, 3 vols.,
July, 1807. d. Wyndham St., Bryanston Sq., 120., 5/- a volume.
London, 16 Nov., 1839. cf. Gent. Mag., xii,

Note.--The Address to the Public is signed "R. 662, (1839).

and J. Lander, London, Feb., 1832." The Introduction Poems by J. Lander, the African Traveller. is signed " A. B. B”[echer.] There are portraits of the Lond., printed by John H. Batty, 6, Red Lion

Brothers. These volumes form Nos. xxviii, xxix, and

xxx, of The Family Library. The brothers received Court, Fleet St. n.d., (1870,] 8o., pp. 33.

1,000 guineas from Mr. Murray for their Journal. Note.-The Address to the Reader is signed Mary Elsom (late Lander) and dated London, May, 1870.

Journal of an expedition, etc. New York,


LANDER, RICHARD LEMON. (Con.). LANGDON, ROBERT, of Keverell, in St. Martin'sHarper and Brothers, 82, Clift Sq., 1844, 2

by-Looe (son of John Langdon ?). vols., 120.

The Boke of comfort called in laten | Boetius

de consolatione philosophie | Translated in to NOTE.- This is a reprint of the previous work. It

englesse tonge by John Walton, Canon of forms part of Harper's Family Library.

Osney. ] Emprented in the exempt monastery of Lander Africanus. A musical drama. By T. F. Tauestok, in Denshy re, By me, Dan Thomas Barham, (1834), 9.v.

Rychard, monke of the sayd Monastery. | To The Travels of R. and J. Lander, into the the instant desire of the ryght Worshypful interior of Africa, for the discovery of the

esquyer, Mayster Robert Langdon. Anno D, course and termination of the Niger; from un

MDXXV, 40. Bod. Lib. ; Ex. Coll. Lib. published documents in the possession of the NOTE.—On the last page is an heraldic shield, with late Capt. John William Barber Fullerton, em “Robertus Langdon" underneath. The name “Wal

twnem” is found in an acrostic at the end of the work. ployed in the African service. With a prefatory

This book, which is very scarce, was the first book analysis of the previous travels of Park, Denham,

| printed at Tavistock, Clapperton, Adams, Lyon, Ritchie, etc., into the hitherto unexplored countries of Africa. By LANGDON, WALTER (2nd son of Walter LangRobert Huish, Esq. Illustrated with plates. don). b. 1599, d. Keverell, 16 Feb., 1676. Lond., published by John Saunders, 25, New bur. St. Martin's-by-Looe. gate St., 1836, 80., pp. x and 782.

W. May... W. Langdon and other CommisNOTE.-Contains Portrait of R. Lander and View

sioners for Cornwall to E. Walker, (1644). See of R. and J. Lander proceeding down the Niger. Coryton, W. Narrative of an expedition into the interior

LANKESTER, EDWIN RAY (son of Edwin of Africa by the River Niger... in 1832, 1833,

Lankester, M.D.) Fellow of Exeter College, and 1834. By Macgregor Laird and R. A. K.

1872. b. 22, Old Burlington St., St. James', Oldfield. Lond., Bentley, 1837, 2 vols., 80. Westminster, 15 May, 1847.

On the discovery of the remains of cephalasNote.-Richard Lander accompanied Messrs. Laird and Oldfield on this expedition. A letter from him de

pidian fishes in Devon and Cornwall. Quart. Journ. scriptive of the wound he received from the natives is Geol. Soc. Lond., xxiv, 546–47, (1868). given in ii, 282-84.

LANYON, SERGEANT HUGH. d. Lawton, Diario de Ricardo Lander desde Kano a Cheshire, June, 1846. cf. Connolly's Hist. of Sackatu. In “De Nemesio Fernandez Cuesta's Sappers and Miners, (1855), i, 289–90, ii, 2, Nuevo Viajerio Universal. (Madrid, 1859),” i, 23 note, 307. 709-27.

Note.-H. Lanyon was one of the Miners who as. Extracts from the journal of an expedition

sisted to rescue the crew and passengers from the “ Kent, undertaken by order of his majesty's govern East Indiaman." ment, to determine the course and termination of the Niger, more properly named Quorra from

LANYON, JOHN, of St. Feock ? Yaoori to the sea. Journ. Geogr. Soc. of London, A Collection of letters ... including ... many i, 179–91, (1831).

letters from Thos. Yeabsley and John Lanyon,

of Plymouth, contractors for the victualling of LANE, RALPH.

Tangier, 1664-65. Bod. Lib. Rawlinson MSS., Mr. Ralph Lane to Lord Burghley, concerning

class A, 174, art. 1. a silver Mine, near Penryn, in Cornwall, Nov. 8,

Statement of the defects and breaches in the 1589. Lonsd. MSS. 61, art. 75.

harbour of Plymouth, by J. Lanyon. ib., A, 174, art. 57.

Two Letters to Samuel Pepys from J. Lanyon. LANE, THOMAS.

Plymouth, Jan. and Nov., 1666. ib., A, 174, art. Description of an instrument invented by T. 78. Lane for extracting the broken parts of borers. Letter to S. Pepys from J. Lanyon. Plymouth, Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1848, p. 34.

24 March, 1664. ib., A, 174, art. 81.

Two Letters to S. Pepys from J. Lanyon, comLANGDON, MICHAEL, M.D., Naval Surgeon. plaining of Commanders in port, &c. Plymouth,

Admitted Extra Licentiate of Coll. of Phy- | Aug., 1673. ib., A, 191, art. 15. sicians, 21 Sept., 1677. d. 3 Aug., 1709. bur. | Copies of various letters on navy business Launceston. cf. Munk's Roll of Physicians, i, written by S. Pepys to J. Lanyon, from Oct., 372.

| 1664, to Dec., 1666... ib., A, 193, art. 6.


LANYON, CAPT. JOHN (son of John Lanyon).

LATEY, GILBERT. (Con.). 6. Germoe, Apl., 1832. Drowned Sarawak, 31

of several worthy Friends concerning him. Com. Dec., 1871.

piled for publick benefit, by R. Hawkins. Lond., Notes on the mining district of Sarawak. | printed by J. Sowle, in White-Hart-Court, in J. H. Collins' Western Chron. of Science, i, 169- | Gracious-Street, 1707, 12o., pp. 156, with pre72, (1871).

face and preliminary Testimonies unpaged.

A Brief narrative of the Life of Gilbert Latey; LANYON, PHILIP. ? Mayor of Penzance, 1650. comprising some account of the first settlement

Warrant from the Commissioner of Prizes to of Friends' Meetings in London. Compiled by Lord Ashley, to pay 2001. to Philip Lanyon,

R. Hawkins, and first printed in 1707; Lond., Deputy Treasurer and Commissioner of Prizes

printed and sold by William Philips, 1821, 120., at Plymouth, 27 Mch., 1667. Br. Museum, pp. 94.—Reprinted in The Friends Library, ed. Addit. MSS., 5752, fol., 164.

by Wm. Allen, vol. 9. Lindfield, 1834, 160.

Reprinted in The Friends Library, ed. by W. LANYON, RICHARD, M.R.C.S. (son of Tobias

and T. Evans. Philadelphia, 1837, 16o. Lanyon). b. Camborne, circa 1810. d. Cam

A brief narrative of the Life of Gilbert Latey, borne, circa 1845.

etc. Lond., Edward Marsh, Friends' Book DeOn the diseases of Miners. Rep. R.C.P.Soc.,

pository, 84, Houndsditch, 1851, 80., pp. 84. 1836, pp. 35-53, 1837, pp. 36-63, 1838, pp.

To all you Taylors and Brokers who lyes (sic) 35-67.

in Wickedness; and to all you Tradesmen, of

what Trade, Imployment, or Office soever. This The statistics of Camborne. ib., 1841, pp. 99-118.

is to you all from the Lord, that you may return from all your evil Wayes, Words, and Works...

Lond., printed for Robert Wilson, at the sign LANYON, RICHARD, M.D., F.A.S. (son of Rich.

of the Black-Spread-Eagle and Wind-Mill, in Lanyon). b. Lostwithiel, 1799. d. Lostwithiel,

Martins, 1660, 40., pp. 7.-Reprinted in his 10 Sept., 1852.

Life, pp. 36–48. Case of pleuritis. Lond. Med. and Phys. Journ., xli, 134-36, (1819).

NotE.--Signed Gilbert Latye. On a seal found near Fowey. Rep. R.I.C., 1847, p. 47.

A Declaration from the People call'd Quakers On the prevailing Symbolical figures in Lost to the King, and both Houses of Parliament. withiel Church. ib., 1848, p. 66.

Then sitting at Westminster, What they can say

instead of an Oath, 1660, 40. LANYON, WILLIAM.

Truth vindicated or an Answer to a Letter

sent from John Perrot out of Jamaica into Eng. Arthur of Bretagne. Helston Gram. School

land... Lond., written in the year 1665, 4o., 2 Mag., pt. i, p. 34, (1852).


A Salutation or Testimony of True and LARKING, REV. LAMBERT BLACKWELL (son of

Brotherly Love, as it did arise in our Hearts, John Larking, of Clare House, Maidstone). d.

Unto all who are concerned therein. From our Ryarsh Vicarage, Maidstone, 2 Aug., 1868.

Meeting in London, the 25th of the 1st moneth, Copy of a Grant of the Manor of Ridwri. 1672. Broadside, 1672. n.p. or printer's name. i Journ. R.I.C., Mch., 1864, pp. 29, 35–36. sheet.—Reprinted in his life, pp. 81-88.

Good Council and Advice unto the MagisLATEY, GILBERT (youngest son of John Layety). trates and People of Norwich ; with a brief Re.

bapt. St. Issey, 20 Jan., 1626. d. 15 Sept., lation of some of the Sufferings of the People 1705. cf. Sewels Hist. of Friends, (1834), i, of God, called Quakers, in the said City, 1676, 340–41; Maria Webb's Fells of Swarthmoor 4o., 1 sheet. Hall, (1865), pp. 207–208, 217, 226, 234. A Brief Narrative of the Life and Death of

NotE.-The above four works are signed by Gilbert

Latey and others. that Antient Servant of the Lord and his people, Gilbert Latey; shewing his Birth and Parentage, his coming up to London, and how he was brought

LATEY, MARY (only dau. of John Feilder, of to the Acknowledgment of the Truth, with some

Kingston-upon-Thames, and wife of the preceding). account of Antient Friends, and of the first A Testimony concerning my dear and wellsettlement of Meetings in London and other beloved Husband, Gilbert Latey. In “A Brief parts, etc. To which is prefixed the Testimonies | Narrative,” etc., 1707, pp. 6.

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