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Names and Rank.

Names and Rank,

Brevets and for

mer commis-

Brevets and for

mer commis sions.

Benj Fitch 25 July 14

T.Blackston 15 May 14 Jacob Brown, 1 Sep Qr master Jacob Tipton 5 July 16 Byt 3 Nov John Mansfield

14 30 do

F. S. Gray 18 Sep Henry Taylor 17 Feb 17

Micajah Crupper

15 Oct Surgeon.

J. W. Allston 20 Dec 16 T.G.Mower 30 June 14

Granville Leftwich

30 Apr 17 Adjutant Surgeon's Mates.

Richd W. Scott Wm Sterne 11 Mar 14

30 Apr 17 Wm H. Nicoll

Lewis Lawstre 19 Feb 17

30 Apr 17| Qr master

Second Lieutenants

Benj B. Christian SEVENTH INFAN

31 Oct 16) TRY

Jas H. Roan 19 Feb 17)

Chs Betts 19 Feb 17
David Brearley Byt 12 Marl Surgeon.

30 Apr 17 13 Ths Lawson 21 May 13

Lieutenant Colonel.

Surgeons Nates. Matthew Arbuckle

R.C.Walmsey 1 July 13 9 Mar 14

Isaac W. Snowdon

19 Feb 17) Major. John Nicks 1 June 16.Byt 9 Oct

13 Captains.

EIGHTH INFANFrancis W. Armstrong Maj bvt 26 TRY.

6 July 12 June 13
D. E. Twiggs 6 do Maj byt 21 Colonel.

R. C. Nicholas 4 Sep 14
Rd H. Bell 15 Aug 13
Geo Vashon 29 Nov

Lieutenant Colonel. Elijah Montgomery Maj bvt 8 W. A. Trimble Byt 17 Sep 1 May 14 Jan 15

30 Nov 14 14 J. S. Allison 25 Junc Geo Birch 31 Aug 16

Major. J.R.Corbaly 18 Sep Byt 28 June W. Lawrence 19 Apr 14 Lt col but 14

15 Sept 14 Wm Bailey 15 Oct

Bvt 19 July


J. Dorman 9 Nov 11 Maj byt 28 John H. Mallory

June 14 30 Apr 17!

White Youngs 5 July 12 Maj byt 11

Sept 14


Sep 14

First Lieutenants. Wm Bee, jr. 14 Aug 13 J. J. Clinch 15 do

W.Davenport 28 Sep
Willis Foulk 20 June 13
A. Brownlow 7 Sep


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J. N. M Intosh 4 ipf Moses Porter 1. art B G bvi Alexr Cummings

4 inf Thomas A. Smith rifle B G byt James Dorman 8 inf M bvt Hugh Brady

2 inf
Daniel Baker

3 inf M byt John Miller

3 inf
James Reed

art Daniel Bissell 2 inf B G bvųAngus M.Dowell

1. art William King 4 inf

F. W. Armstrong

7 inf M byt James Miller 5 inf B G byt Robert Gray

2 inf M byt Henry Atkinson 6 inf

Luther Leonard 1. art R. C. Nicholas 8 inf

J. B. Crane

art M byt David Brearley 7 inf

R. Jones

art L C byt

Alexander S. Brooks l. art M byt LIEUT. COLONELS. Nathan Towson 1. art L C byt John R. Fenwick 1. art C byt S. B. Archer

art M byt Geo E. Mitchell art C bvt

Sounders Donoho art Jarnes House


Thomas Biddle, jr. art M bvt Joseph L. Smith 5 inf

John Sprouell 2 ipf M byt Wm Lindsay


Josiah H. Vose 5 inf M byt Duncan L. Clinch 4 inf

Wm Bradford

rifle M byt J. Snelling

6 inf

Samuel D. Harris 1. art L C byt Matthew Arbuckle 7 inf

John A. Burd

4 inf M byt Ninian Pinkney

2 inf

Joseph Selden rifle L C byt Wm Macrea


Turner Crooker 6 inf M byt Wm A. Trimble 8 inf byt J. T. B. Romaine

art James V. Ball

1 inf
G. G. Steele

2 inf M byt S. Chambers


David E. Twiggs 7 inf M bvt Thomas S. Jesup 3 inf C byt Alexander Gray

1 inf White Youngs

8 inf M byt MAJORS.

William J. Adair 3 inf Abraham Eustis 1. art LC byt William 0. Allen

art George Armistead art L C byt John T. Chunn 3 inf M byt James B. Many art

George W. Melvin 4 inf J. Hindman

art C byt Thomas Stockton art M byt James Bankhead

C. Larrabee

3 inf M byt Hy Leavenworth 2 inf C byt William Davenport

8 inf J. M'Neal, jr. 5 inf C byt Thomas Ramsay

rifle William Lawrence 8 inf L C byt William Whistler 3 inf George M. Brooke 4 inf L C bvt Thomas Murry. art 2. Taylor 3 inf C byt William Gates

art Johe Nicks

7 inf A. C. W. Fanning art M byt Gad Humphreys

6 inf
John M. O'Connor art

! W. Morgan


William S. Foster 6 inf M but Richd Wartenby

I inf
S. Burbank

5 inf M byt
Stephen W. Kearney 2 inf
J. L. Baker

1 inf M byt Ch Woolstoncraft art M byt

J. Roach, jr.

art John B. Walbach art L C byt Thomas M. Read, jr. 6 inf Moses Sweet


T. F. Heileman art William Wilson


George Bender 5 inf Enoch Humphreys art M byt John Bliss

6 inf E. Cutler 4 inf M byt Hopeley Yeaton

art P. Muhlenburg 4 inf M byt James H. Hook 4 inf James Dipkins 4 inf M byt Willis Foulk

8 inf

Thomas Bennett art

William Christian M. Marston

5 inf M byt J. Fowle, jr. John Jones

I inf

J. S. Allison J. L. Eastman 1. art

G. D. Smith R. H. Bell

7 inf

E. A. Allen S. Churchill


W. L. Duphey Benjamin Watson 6 inf M byt W. J. Worth George M.Glassin 6 inf M byt ilenry Whiting A. Brownlow

8 inf

David Perry Daniel Ketchum 6 int M byt John Green B. K. Pierce


George Gray John Biddle


Jarnes Pratt H. Chotard

1 inf M byt N. N. Hall W. L. Foster

5 int

Newman S. Clarke George Vashon 7 inf

John R. Bell H. K. Craig

1. art

M. P. Lomax William Laval

1 inf M bvt Milo Mason Thomas Hamilton 6 inf

James Hackley George P. Peters art

Lewis B. Willis Peter Pelbam

5 ipf James Bailey M. M. Payne


George Birch J. J. Miles

1 ipf

John R. Corbalay Anatole Peychaud

1 inf

Wi. Bailey Ferd L. Ameiung 1 inf

Adrian Niel Joseph Kean


Wm. Neilson W. Martin


David Riddle John G. Eallon rifle

Wm. F. Hobart Benjamin Birdsall rifle M but Thos. Mountjoy Henry Shell

2 inf

George N. Morris H. Bradley

3 inf

Henry Whiting L. Austin

8 inf M byt Jas S. M'Intosh G. H. Grosvenor 3 inf

Otho W. Callis Elijah Montgomery 7 inf M byt Elijah Boardman Alex. R. Thoinpson 2 inf Robt Houston Edmund Ship


John H. Mallory

1 inf
5 ipf
7 inf
2 inf M byt
2 inf M byt
2 inf
5 inf
3 int
3 inf
5 inf

1. art
3 inr
8 inf
2 inf
7 inf
7 inr
any inf
4 inf
8 ipf
It. art
8 inf
It. art
5 inf
4 inf
6 inf
8 inf
7 inf




Dr. Bollman has transmitted to a correspondent here, a description of a new experiment of sir Humphrey Davy's which is so curious and amusing as to deserve to be better known. Hitherto it is unpublished. It is a kind of invisible combustion.

Put two or three tea-spoonsful of ether into a wine-glass. In the blue or lower part of the flame of a candle heat some very

thin platina wire coiled up in two or three folds at one end. The coiled end must be heated. While rod hot, hold it at about an inch distance over the ether, moving it slowly about. The incandescence will continue while any pure ether remains. Should the ether take fire, cover it immediately for an instant with your hand, to extinguish it. If this be done dextrously and the wire again brought immediately over the ether at the same distance, the incandescence will be renewed, and so on repeatedly, till all the pure part of the ether be consumed.

Gold, silver, or steel wire will not answer. The platina wire must be about the thickness of the finest harpsichord wire. Platina produces the effect, because it does not oxyd; and because it radiates heat slowly. The flame of the ether while the wire continues red hot over it, and before the ether actually takes fire in the glass (which can always be avoided by a thin wire, and a small quantity of ether) is not visible even in the dark.

The wire must not be so near the ether, as to be enveloped in an atmosphere of ether alone, nor so far above it as to be en. veloped in an atmosphere of atmospheric air alone. The presence of air, together with the vapour of ether is necessary to the success of the experiment, which requires very little management to be performed with uniform success.



FLECKNO. Why Dryden was so severe upon Fleckno does not appear in any of the literary annals of that time. Fleckno had endeavoured to propitiate his kindness by an epigram; but it is probable that the resentment of the poet was excited by his inrectives against the licentiousness of the stage, to which Dryden contributed. But Fleckno is by no means the despicable writer that we might suppose him to be from the niche in his onemy has placed him, as the following verses will amply prove:

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